Black Star Skyrim: Quest Walkthrough

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Black Star Skyrim: Quest Walkthrough
Black Star Skyrim: Quest Walkthrough

Skyrim game is distinguished by its atmosphere, and especially by quests and bugs. Let's get down to business, to the passage of the mission for the extraction of a rare artifact. First, let's look at what needs to be done in order for the quest to start.

Great Soul Gem
Great Soul Gem

As a result, we will be waiting for a special artifact called "Black Star of Azura" with an infinite amount of use, as well as the ingredients - the heart of the Daedra in the amount of three pieces.

What is Azura's Star

Azura's Star
Azura's Star

This is an ancient Daedra artifact, an infinite soul gem, that can hold any souls of different sizes, while it does not disappear, it just becomes empty.

Passing the quest: "Black Star" in Skyrim

  • First you need to reach the eighth level, look often at the taverns of different cities, we need to ask the bartenders about new gossip.
  • At some point, one of the owners of the inn will tell about the dark elves who arrived from Morrowind and built the temple of Azura in Skyrim.
  • The quest has begun, go to the marker and find Azura's shrine. In addition to this method, there are two more.
  • Meet the dark elf-pilgrim.
  • Search for the statue on my own.
Azura Statue 2
Azura Statue 2
  • Let's go to the mountain, it is very high and strewn with snow, next to Winterhold. There you will see the priestess Arania Ienith.
  • Go up to the statue and talk to the priestess Arania Ienith. She will say that she will have to return to Winterhold to speak with an Altmer named Nelsar. It can be found in the Frozen Hearth Inn.

You can use the method described at the end, where the Skyrim "Black Star of Azura" id is already specified: you can enter it and get it safely without completing the task.

We'll have to get information from Nelsar. Fortunately, Skyrim is a role-playing game where you can convince or intimidate. In this case, we select one of the options for extracting information, after which it will mark the dungeon on the map - Depths of Ilin alta

Azura Statue
Azura Statue
  • We pass the mission "Black Star Skyrim" further. We will defeat a lot of aggressive inhabitants in the indicated place, and there will be a large number of necromancers, we need equipment to protect against magic.
  • At the end of the location, we will encounter the skeleton of Meilyn Varen who will have the Star of Azura, aka the Black Star of Skyrim.
  • The next step is to complete the quest with different endings. In one case, we can return to the nun or go to the magician in a tavern. In the case of choosing a priestess, we will get the Star of Azura, which will not have a functional. In the case of Nelasar, we get a working version of Azura's Star, the Black Star.
  • For the sake of the ending, you will need to go through the ritual. Ourthe hero will be moved inside the stone. Inside there are very strong Dremora markinases - without elixirs that reduce damage, and other protection is indispensable. Our target is the soul of Meiling. Kill him or not, it's up to you. If you kill, then we will get the heart of the Daedra, but this will not affect the passage of the quest.


  • Sometimes there will be attacks by necromancers. On their bodies will be an explanation of these attacks - revenge for the murder of Meilin Varen.
  • Better choose the ending where you get the Black Star. Useful for enchanters.
  • You can cheat by attacking Meilyn Varen after the conversation.
  • Meilin Varen's soul can be swallowed into a black soul gem, which will imprison his soul, but in the end Nelasar will say that she has found peace.
  • "Gate of Oblivion" to increase the destruction skill is on the table next to two necromancers.
  • Look for books, there are usually a lot of interesting things, one of them tells about the search for this artifact. Spoiler: everything ended badly.

Getting the Black Star bypassing the quest

When too lazy to complete the quest, you can use the command to call the item in inventory. To do this, click on the "tilde" or Russian "e" button, and then enter the command to receive the item. In Skyrim Black Star id: 00000193, for Azura Star id: 00063B27.


Sometimes there is a message that the soul gem no longer works or has fallen apart, but it doesn't.

As is usually the case, there may be problems when passing or startingtasks. Download the unofficial patch to get things working.

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