How to check a link for a virus: methods and services

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How to check a link for a virus: methods and services
How to check a link for a virus: methods and services

Here you are, traveling through the Internet, stumbled upon a site with the file you need. They followed a link, downloaded a file, or simply visited a site that had a virus. Very dangerous if you don't have an antivirus. After all, this infection can start on its own and create a very unpleasant situation.

Dangers on the Internet

All data can be blocked or erased, the ransomware virus requires money, on devices on the Android operating system, the program deducted money from the account. In addition, hidden miners are now especially common. The list is endless. How to check a link for a virus? Use content checking sites and antivirus.

How to check a link for viruses
How to check a link for viruses

How to check a link for a virus?

List of online services for checking links:

  1. Virus Total.
  2. Metadefender.
  3. Antivirus-alarm.
  4. Dr. Web.
  5. virusdesk.kaspersky.

They will help prevent device infection by checking scripts, analyzing files before downloading,redirects to other sites. They also report file corruption, error content, or password protection. Some services have restrictions on checking both files and websites.

The reputation system consists of three main points:

  • Bad reputation. The link is classified as malicious or phishing. Should be avoided.
  • Good reputation. Safe, still included in the category of parental control (Kaspersky anti-virus).
  • Unknown reputation. Missing link information due to insufficient data or database error.
  • Dr. Web Link Check
    Dr. Web Link Check

To automatically check the link address for viruses using the browser, there are special add-ons that will automatically warn you about the site's threat level. For example, go to your browser store, in Chrome you need to click on the three dots in the upper right corner, go to the "More tools" tab in the extensions. There, find the link to the Chrome Web Store. If it is not there, then click on the three bars at the top left.

As an example: the WOT application and AdGuard. In addition, AdGuard also blocks ads. There are a lot of such programs, you just need to look.

The functionality of anti-virus programs when interacting with dangerous links

Many antiviruses already provide protection against web threats. For example, Nod32, Avast, products of Kaspersky Lab., Dr. Web and many others. In addition to simply checking sites for viruses, they may include a special feature called Secure Browser or SafeZone. These are"sandboxes" that protect against data transfer to the left parties and protects against infection.

Dr. Web 2 Link Check
Dr. Web 2 Link Check

How to check the link for "Nodom 32" viruses:

  • install;
  • activate in browser
  • surf.

The principle of operation of services for checking links and "sandboxes" in antiviruses

During the transfer of data to the service, the database checks the information from the site with its own data, and then displays the result on the screen.

Safe Browser avast for protection
Safe Browser avast for protection

"Sandboxes" are designed to create a special environment for web browsing, which includes protection against phishing, data transfer to third parties. At the same time, it protects against ads, although this is not very pleasant for site owners, and protects against malicious code. This is not as convenient as using a regular browser, but if you think that installing add-ons on your main browser will not be enough for you, then use the safe browser from the antivirus program provider. Again, you can find everything in the webshop of the browser you are using.

An example of how to check a link for Avast viruses. Install an antivirus package that includes a secure browser or browser add-on.


Do not forget that the service may be wrong about the site, because the notification of a threat to personal data or device security may be false.

And as notifications can be erroneous, so they can be completely absent. Suchcases, see the view of the link itself. If you need a specific site, then check for any underlining or distortion in the link text. Please verify the location of the administration.

Avast Online Security example
Avast Online Security example

Try to use antivirus programs only from official sites, otherwise you can aggravate your situation, and then you will have to install a real antivirus. In the worst case, you will have to reinstall the system. Mobile devices are not as much threatened as devices running the Microsoft Windows operating system.


We hope you find this article useful and that you won't have to worry about viruses that can be found on the Web, or because of sites that are fraudulent. From which it follows that the most important method of checking links and sites for the ability to cause harm is to ask yourself: how to check a link for a virus? Just check it for all safety rules.

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