Classes of WoW and their varieties

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Classes of WoW and their varieties
Classes of WoW and their varieties

This article will focus on choosing your character class in World of Warcraft. The strongest of the proposed classes will also be presented and considered.

General Description

The Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Game or MMORPG called World of Warcraft from Blizzard Entertainment has been the best in its genre for many years, and also has an international multi-million audience.

wow classes
wow classes

The gameplay is based on the development of your own character in this fantasy world, where you have to unite with other players or conduct inter-faction wars. Gamers are divided into two different and warring factions, each of which has six races, and there is also a nation of pandaren, which independently determines its belonging to any group.

In addition to choosing a race for the character, you need to decide on his gender and appearance, as well as give him a name. In the future, the player will have a long and hard way of developing not only skills, but also equipment. In order for the gameplay to be varied, there are WoW classes that make the characters different from each other and determine their role: tank, fighter or healer. Similar divisionallows players to gather in groups and combine their skills as efficiently as possible when fighting monsters or hostile gamers. The next section, we will devote to the topic - the choice of the WoW class.

wow classes
wow classes

Select class

This question is very interesting and diverse. WoW classes currently have eleven titles, however, a fresh update is expected soon, which will bring a new, legendary class to the game. When creating a character, each player will need to decide on the choice of the group - this can be helped, first of all, by choosing the role that the gamer will have in single-player as well as group Warcraft. Characters often act alone, sometimes uniting in groups or crowded raids, as well as facing each other in full-scale battles.

First of all, the player should decide what role he wants to play, as well as choose the type of activity that is most interesting for him. WoW classes are very diverse, interesting and multifaceted, so to choose them, you should consider all the options in more detail.

WoW Classes

As mentioned above, there are eleven different group roles in the game. For this reason, it is worth considering the top WoW classes:

wow classes
wow classes
  • Warrior is a melee soldier who takes on the role of a tank or fighter. Wears heavy armor, can use two-handed and dual weapons, as well as a shield. In addition, it has projectiles and skills that allow you to quickly close the distance.
  • Mage is a magician who has destructive spells of various schools in his arsenal. Takes on the role of a ranged fighter, however, can provide support to comrades by supplying them with magical food, as well as opening teleports.
  • Warlock is a sorcerer who uses fel magic and also summons various demon minions to his side. Is a ranged fighter, provides support in the form of resurrection and teleportation stones to the group.
  • Paladin is a melee fighter who uses light magic. In many ways it is similar to a warrior, with the only difference being that instead of rage points it uses magical energy and can be used as a healer.
  • Monk - is a melee fighter, tank or healer. Uses powerful martial arts and mists to heal.
  • Shaman is a very versatile class that uses the power of the elements and totems. Can shower elemental spells on enemies from afar, attack with melee attacks with a dual weapon or defend with a shield, and heal allies with healing waters. Can transform into a wolf to travel the world.
  • Death Knight is a fallen hero who uses death and ice magic, as well as summoning undead minions to his side. Takes on the role of a tank, as well as a melee and medium fighter.
  • Druid is a versatile class that practices all three roles. A distinctive feature is the ability to take the form of various animals and magical creatures.
  • The Rogue is a purely melee fighter who uses dual wielding, deadly poisons, andtechniques of ste alth and invisibility. A very agile and fast fighter, indispensable in battles with other players.
  • Priest - can be a healer using light magic, or a ranged fighter using dark magic.
  • Hunter is a ranged fighter who also tames animals as pets and uses ingenious hunting traps.
  • wow classes
    wow classes

The strongest class

Based on the above, each player will be able to understand which role suits him best and the features of which group he likes. Some may think that there is the most powerful class in WoW. There are discussions about this, and opinions sometimes differ. But nevertheless, this is an incorrect statement, since the developers in the game provide for a balance between groups, which to a certain extent equalizes all WoW classes. Yes, it is possible to note the temporary dominance of a certain category over the rest within a separate addon (add-on), however, this situation is quickly eliminated by the creators by changing the game files, which entail strengthening some classes and weakening others, until a balance is reached. As such, the strongest classes in the game are rather short-lived and unstable.

wow classes
wow classes

Specializations and talents

You need to know a lot of nuances to play Warcraft effectively. Characters, for example, not only have a class and a role, but also certain specializations and talents that define them. These are special in-game features of the hero thatare a set of bonuses distributed by the player independently. Depending on the division of talent points, even within the same specialization, the effectiveness of a hero can vary quite significantly. Thus, you can experiment with this and from time to time, if necessary, reallocate points.

WoW Legion

At the moment, another large-scale update of the game is being prepared, which will introduce a new heroic class into it. They will be a certain demon hunter, in many ways similar to the mentioned class of robbers, but with a number of unique features.

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