Storing passwords on the computer and on the network

Storing passwords on the computer and on the network
Storing passwords on the computer and on the network

Living in today's world, among other things, means actively using the Internet and its endless resources. Sites with films, games, news, weather, new technology, cosmetics, various social networks, forums, portals, chats - the list of what a modern person may be interested in online is endless, but the main thing is not this.

The main thing is that most portals, sites and pages require registration on them, that is, you need to come up with a login and password for each page in order to save personal information. Of course, you can use the same username and password everywhere, but each user must understand that his password can be cracked sooner or later, and if it was the same for all visited resources, then the attacker will, accordingly, gain access to all your information. on websites.

password storage
password storage

To avoid trouble, it is recommended to come up with a unique password for each site, but then the Internet user will have to keep in mind a hugethe number of combinations of letters, numbers and other characters that he chose as passwords. Storing passwords on various pieces of paper and in notebooks is not safe, because the likelihood that your passwords will not become the property of a large number of people is rapidly approaching zero. Yes, and these pieces of paper are lost extremely often.

If you are a regular visitor to the Internet, a big fan of Internet surfing, a very sociable person or just a lover of visiting new sites, then some online services and offline programs can provide you with secure storage of passwords.

secure storage of passwords
secure storage of passwords

Which of these services provides the best password storage? Disputes on this issue have been going on for more than one year, but there is still no final answer. In general, attackers can access both your computer and the Internet service you use, so there is not much difference. However, storing passwords online is a bit more convenient in that they can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet. In the case of offline methods, additional synchronization of computers will be required.

To be more specific, the KeePass program provides the most secure and convenient storage of passwords on a computer. It stores all passwords in encrypted form, and several methods can be used for encryption at the same time. In addition, it makes it possible to automatically insert logins and passwords into forms on websites, which greatly simplifies the process of Internet surfing. And mostmost importantly, with its absolute reliability and convenience, the program is absolutely free.

storing passwords on the network
storing passwords on the network

From online services, the KeyMemo service is quite convenient. In addition to the main function - storing passwords - the service boasts a good password generator, connection protection and the ability to back up data. In addition to this, there is such an interesting function as sending backup password databases to specified email addresses.

With the help of these or other services and programs, you can ensure that passwords are stored with the highest possible reliability, and you can also not worry about their safety.

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