Beeline: how to find out your number

Beeline: how to find out your number
Beeline: how to find out your number

The free encyclopedia "Wikipedia" reports that Beeline is a trademark of VimpelCom, under which its constituent branches provide services in the field of telecommunications. The most important of them are services of mobile (cellular) communication, fixed communication, wired (cable) and wireless high-speed access to the global Internet network.

In 2010, Beeline was the second in Russia in terms of the number of subscribers after MTS.

In 2011, Beeline, according to InterBrand, was the most expensive brand (brand). And together with MTS, he entered the top 100 most important global brands.

beeline how to find out your number
beeline how to find out your number

Mobile operator "Beeline" is one of the most reliable operators and the most demanded of all operating operators in Russia. He also works in several post-Soviet countries. In the sphere of its service are the following categories of individuals and legal entities and organizations: private clients-citizens of the country; business clients who receive corporate services, etc. Beeline works with partner mobile operators. Beeline's coverage area is not only the whole of Russia, but also many other countries.

Beeline, as a multifunctional system, provides all its customers with nine tariff plans. To become a client of this mobile operator, you must conclude a service agreement with it. Such an agreement for the client is the purchase of the so-called "sim card", that is, in fact, you buy your individual telephone number in the cellular network.

Beeline mobile operator. How to find out your phone number

One of the most frequently asked questions among Beeline users is how to find out your phone number.

There are several ways to do this:

1. First of all, you will be able to see it in the contract, i.e. on the branded packaging of your SIM card.

2. You can visit the nearest Beeline network service office. Employees of the company will tell you how to find out your number.

3. You can dial the command 11010 on the keyboard and by pressing the "call" key, you will receive an SMS from Beeline, from which you can find out your number.

4. Another way from Beeline. You can find out your number by using the USSD command. Dial 10018 and "call" or dial free number 067418.

5. Consider another "unofficial" version of Beeline, how to find out your number. This method is used by many mobile subscribers. It is suitable for determining the SIM card number of any mobile operator. If you have two mobile phones available, the numberone of which you know, then by calling the number you know, you will see your number highlighted.

beeline find out your number
beeline find out your number

In addition, for users of mobile phones and smartphones, information on how to find out your IMEI will be useful.

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) - international identification code for mobile equipment. This is usually a 15 digit decimal number. It is unique and allows you to identify each device using it.

beeline your number
beeline your number

Assigned to IMEI when each phone is manufactured at the factory. It is designed to identify the device and is flashed in the device. You can usually see the IMEI in these places:

  • by dialing 06 on your phone, you can see it on the screen;
  • looking under the battery;
  • carefully reading the packaging of the phone;
  • by reading the text in the warranty card.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated.

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