How to open a port in Windows?

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How to open a port in Windows?
How to open a port in Windows?

Today we'll look at how to check if a port is open or not, and describe how to activate it in a Windows environment. Most of the servers and computer programs are used to access the global network, they interact with each other. These operations are possible due to the activation of ports. They allow access and establish a connection.


open port
open port

You need to know for sure if the port is open, because if it is temporarily unavailable, invitations in transit are lost and not received. To activate, you need to follow a series of steps, which will be discussed below. Today we will describe in detail how to open ports on Windows. First of all, open the Control Panel. Change the content view option to "Small Icons". Go to the "Windows Firewall" function. There are several items on the left side of the window, among them we find and apply "Advanced Options". Go to the next dialog box.

Connection Rule Wizard

is the port open
is the port open

To check if the port is open, use the functionassociated with enhanced security. In the new window, select "Inbound Rules". Next, we turn to the development of the algorithm. A special “Wizard” will help with this, the purpose of which is to create connection rules. This tool will guide you on how to proceed. At the same time, a number of important questions will come from him. Answer options are also provided in advance. We carefully read the tips on the pop-up windows and, if necessary, click the "Continue" button.

Incoming connection

how to open ports on windows
how to open ports on windows

If the port is not open, we have to go through all the steps of the wizard. First of all, we are offered to choose the type of rule to be created. Put a tick in front of the item "For the port", click the "Next" button. Select "Incoming connection". Let's move on to the next step. Next, to open the port, select its number or range. In this way, you can ensure unhindered access to various servers. We will see a line in which we are talking about certain local ports.


If a port is already open, but you need to do the same with others, separate them with hyphens and click the "Next" button. At the next stage, we will be offered all kinds of connection options. Go to the next step and check the box "Allow connection". Thus, the presented connections will become available for the PC. We press the "Next" button. The created rule is applied to the domain, private and public profile, so we mark them when opening the port. When allactions are completed, click the "Finish" button. The wizard will finish. We, in turn, will be able to establish connections or receive messages through the new available port.


port is not open
port is not open

This device allows you to connect several devices to the Internet at once without much difficulty, while its configuration also directly relates to our today's topic. Such a device acts as a router, provides access to network resources, and also allows you to open ports. First of all, we need to open the router itself. Launch the browser and go to the router. Next, we will see a line in which we enter the internal IP. Most often it looks like this: If an error occurs, enter

At the next stage, we pass authorization in the system. For this purpose, fill in the next window with the necessary data. This is a username and password provided by the provider. Most often, it is enough to specify the word admin in both fields. If this data does not fit, look under the router. Below we find all the necessary information. A window with a special navigation bar will appear in front of us. Let's move on to the Advanced Setup section. After that, we find and use the NAT function. Then click on the Add button (in the Russian version of the interface, the path is as follows: "Settings" and "Add"). In the next window, we will find a number of special fields: username, PC address, external and internal port. The combination that needs to be included in the first paragraph, we have to come up with our own. At the same time, sheshould be as memorable as possible. You can also select a title using the provided list. Enter the internal IP in the address bar. In the fields of the external port, specify the following numbers 25565. As a result, the internal port will be specified automatically. Next, click the "Save" button and open the port through the firewall of the operating system. Any computer connected to the network has 65535 ports. We are talking about a kind of “doors” that open access to data. Thus, the interaction of several devices is possible. However, for this, the port must be opened, otherwise access to the contents of the PC will be limited. Speaking of routers: thanks to them, data packets that come from the network are distributed through the local network between devices. A wireless connection can be established not only between PCs, but even with cameras and home appliances.

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