Griefer is Who are griefers and why are they dangerous

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Griefer is Who are griefers and why are they dangerous
Griefer is Who are griefers and why are they dangerous

Griever is a player who tries to cause moral or material damage to other users. Such people periodically appear in any games where such interaction is in principle provided for, and in each they are fought in their own way. The game in which the concept of "grief" is most common is Minecraft.

How does it manifest itself?

griefer it
griefer it

Basically, griefing is the destruction of various buildings or making any changes to them. Also, a griefer is a user who senselessly kills other players for his own pleasure. It is worth noting the fact that in Minecraft this is a fairly widespread phenomenon, and at the moment even a lot of teams have been formed, specially sharpened for griefing and worsening the game on various servers.

Any griefer is an extremely serious threat to a normal gaming community. After all, one by one or together, they are an extremely serious problem for server administrators who are trying in every possible way to support builder players.

Why are they doing this?

minecraft griefer
minecraft griefer

There are several reasons why the griefer works in Minecraft:

  • trying to get richthrough robbery;
  • moral pleasure from destroying someone else's property;
  • attempting to appropriate things or blocks that are the property of others;
  • trying to change the scenery to your liking;
  • ignorance about the basic rules of behavior on a particular server.

Among other things, some people try to retaliate in this way for blocking or griping other users, and also do it for the purpose of blackmail. The latter can manifest itself, for example, in the fact that a certain player is forced to join a certain group, and otherwise they threaten to destroy his property or block him altogether.

Special servers

minecraft servers for griefing
minecraft servers for griefing

Over time, specialized Minecraft servers for griefing began to appear, which unite players with this focus. In some cases, administrators use a similar tool to ban griefers by simply sending them to a similar server (sometimes even without their knowledge).

It is worth noting that in Minecraft, in principle, various "legitimate" mods are widely used that allow you to modify the client and make it more enjoyable to play, but attackers often use special "cheat" mods, with which they greatly facilitate their actions. In particular, cheating is the most common reason why griefers are sent to an "evil" server for the same users.

What do they give?

evil server
evil server

The advantages of such cheats are provided mainly by the following:

  • Flight. May not be used for a specific act of griefing, but is often used to locate potential locations for such a procedure.
  • Scanner. Makes some surfaces transparent, making it much easier to find hidden chests and ores.
  • Night vision. The player sees everything perfectly even in completely dark caves and other places completely closed from light.
  • Ste alth. The player can walk while seated, meaning the nickname overhead becomes more transparent, but the player's speed does not slow down.
  • Speed mining. The rate of extraction of ore from blocks is greatly increased.
  • Force field. Deals a large amount of damage to anyone around the griefer if they are in range.
  • Immortality. The user does not take any damage. Almost all variations of cheats of this kind on modern servers have been completely blocked.

There are many more cheat options that griefers can use to achieve their goals. Each of them has its own features and benefits, and most importantly, availability on certain servers.

In this regard, it can be said without exaggeration that in Minecraft the griefer can cause serious damage to his victims, and for this reason their appearance is an extremely serious problem for administrators and other players. That is why most servers install the mosta variety of restrictions that may restrict such activities. First of all, of course, this refers to providing effective protection against cheats, and only then to limiting the possibility of "legitimate" griefing in relation to other players.

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