Portal is What is an Internet portal?

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Portal is What is an Internet portal?
Portal is What is an Internet portal?

With the development of the World Wide Web, new types of sites come into circulation. Creators maximize resource efficiency to reach more users. One of them is Internet portals. What are these sites and what are they used for?


An Internet portal is a site that contains a large number of links to third-party resources and sites on the World Wide Web. You can find information of interest on it and easily follow the link to where you need to.

portal is
portal is

An Internet portal is a convenient resource that serves as a kind of compass on the Web. It consists of more than just navigation. Unique content is also posted here (news from around the world, stock reports, various reviews) and services with services (mail, weather, announcements, games, forums).


The services provided by the portal depend on the activities of the site owners, their interests and capabilities. The purpose of this or that service is to satisfy the needs of users and attract new ones. For this reason, they haveunits.


Universal portals. This is a type of resource that is designed for a wide audience. The latest and most diverse content is posted here. Service services are also selected for consumers, the choice is large. Such portals adapt to search engines.

internet portal is
internet portal is


Niche portals. These are specialized services aimed at a thematic niche of interaction or a specific task. It can be entertaining, educational, educational, technical, financial and even religious portals. Regional resources (city, region, district) are especially common. Here groups of people are formed, united by some direction, who can communicate in chats or on forums.


There are also isolated species that can be implicitly classified as vertical:

Information portals are services that provide users with real-time information. Here data are laid out in certain areas - medicine, the media, science, laws and rights, historical events

information portal is
information portal is
  • State electronic portals are the resources of municipal institutions. Here, enterprises and government agencies publish news in their field of activity. Structure portals are gaining popularity, where you can apply for paperwork or make inquiries about questions.
  • Corporate portals are sites that are used by employees of one company. Herecompany information is located, discussion of working issues. Only a certain circle of people has access to portals of this type.
  • Mobile portal. What it is? These are websites designed primarily for information retrieval. That is, navigation through the mobile resources of the Internet is carried out here. Links to information and relevant websites are provided. Also, reference services in the main areas are developed here. Such portals are popular both in corporate companies and among ordinary users.

Differences from websites

There are also mixed Internet portals and general purpose resources. They focus on a broader mass of people and combine various functions.

What, then, is the difference between a simple website and an Internet portal? Is it possible to associate them with each other if they have a voluminous structure and place a sufficient number of direct links to other resources?

mobile portal what is it
mobile portal what is it

Website - documents and materials of an individual or legal entity that are combined on the Internet at one address (domain). There are a huge number of sites.

  1. Online store - a site with a description of all the goods of the store, indicating their cost. Such a site provides services for the organization of the trading process for the outlet. Here you can order any product by browsing the multi-page catalog.
  2. Game services are sites where gamers from all over the world spend their time. Online games are very popular at the moment, they bring together people of the same interests fromdifferent parts of the world.
  3. Promotion sites - a small site about a specific event, meeting, exclusive product, competition, lottery. Such sites do not exist for long, only for the duration of this event or advertising.
  4. Corporate website - a catalog of services and products of a certain company, the company's assortment, promotions, prices.
  5. Business card - the site of a firm, company, which contains all the information about the owners, the history of creation, the type of activity performed, vacancies, services, contacts for communication, legal acts.
  6. Forums and chats - sites where various topics are raised, events or people just chat. The forums provide a more global discussion of topics broken down by interests. Chats are simple, real-time conversations between people.
  7. A blog is a personal resource of an individual or company. The author is engaged in filling in content available to all users. As a rule, blogs post posts of their own composition concerning the direction of the author's activity. You can also leave comments here if the author does not block this feature.

It turns out that a website is a specialized resource aimed at reviewing one's activities or product. Certain issues are discussed here, there is no search engine, and links are also aimed at narrow topics. The task of such a resource is to attract a user by advertising their services to him.

electronic portal is
electronic portal is


The Internet portal aims to expand the profile, it combines what is viewed on several ordinarysites. It has a local search engine, resources and services for performing various operations, entertainment, a lot of news on all topics. The portal is a guide that helps you find individual sites (profile, specialized, corporate).

Of course, the general structure of the site and the Internet portal is similar. They provide information and services. But they have different ways of conveying this data, which makes them different resources in their intended purpose.

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