What does "account" mean: neologism word

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What does "account" mean: neologism word
What does "account" mean: neologism word

In the era of the development of the Internet, a lot of neologisms appeared in the Russian language - new words, perhaps even borrowed from other languages. For example: a blogger (a person who maintains a blog), a copywriter (a person who writes business texts), a hashtag (a special symbol for social networks), an account (account) … Of course, each of these and similar neologisms deserves personal attention. In this article, we will dwell on the word "account" in more detail.

So, what does "account" mean?

Registering an account is easy
Registering an account is easy

What is an "account"?

We previously defined the word "account" as "account". It's not clear, really.

In simple terms, an account is something like a personal document, but on the Internet. You may have an account on a social network - your personal page, where no one but you,does not have access, only if you yourself do not allow, and if the scammers do not break in.

You may have an account on any email service. An account on a site with ads or a dating site, or a freelance site - anywhere. Important note: "account" is a purely Internet concept. Therefore, your account in a nearby hotel or the nearest store is not and cannot be. But VKontakte, Odnoklassniki or Mail.ru - easily.

Account allows you to be multitasking
Account allows you to be multitasking

Where does it come from

Understood what an account means. Now a question from childhood: where do they come from… no, not children, but accounts.

You may have seen the phrase "Create an account" when logging into some sites. What it means to "create an account" is easy to understand: it means just register on this site and activate it (confirm the fact of registration in the way indicated on the site).

It is worth noting that the word "account" has many synonyms. In particular, on the Internet they often write "my profile", "my page" or even "my passport" - all this still remains an account.

Usually used to activate an account:

  • Email. An email arrives containing a link or an activation code. Either click on the link or copy the code and paste it into the specified section on the site.
  • SMS message. An SMS message with a code is sent to the specified number, which must be entered in the specified on the sitesection.
  • Phone call. A robot calls your number, which pronounces the code with a voice. You already know what to do with the code.

What does "signed in" mean? When you have registered and activated, you can log in to your account. That is, now you can use the site to the full, because many sites restrict unregistered users in some way.

You can confirm your registration using your phone
You can confirm your registration using your phone

How to use it

What does "your account" mean, you already understood: this is your profile, your personal page on any site on the Internet. Other users have accounts too. There are many of them, and therefore the site lives and develops. The account involves the use of any of your personal data, but within reason: the name or surname that you indicated on the page, date of birth, photo, etc.

In social networks, you can chat with friends, applications, read publics, post photos and much more.

Information sites with an offer to create an account will allow not only to read articles like unregistered users, but also to leave comments and likes on them.

An email account makes it possible for you to receive and send emails. In the case of a Google account, more opportunities open up: tracking the statistics of visiting your site if it is available and connecting the appropriate Google tool to it, using the Internet version of the Microsoft Office package, placing data on Google Drive andmuch more.

The account can be on different gadgets
The account can be on different gadgets

How to log out

You need to find the "logout" button in order to log out of your account. It is posted in different places on different sites. Most often, you can find it in the menu or near the "your account" icon (variations: "my account", "my profile", "my account", "your account", "your profile" and so on). Also, the exit button can be designed in the form of a familiar picture.

Press this button and you're done.

If you saved your password and login in your browser, it will be easier for you to sign in next time.

How to delete an account

There are situations when an account needs to be deactivated. What does it mean to deactivate an account? This is account deletion. Different sites have different requirements, and some do not even have the option to deactivate an account.

For example, on "VKontakte" just go to "Settings" and select "delete page". This social network will even offer some funny reasons why you decided to deactivate the page, among which you can choose one or write your own and post it on the already deleted page for friends to see. You can also leave no comments. Even within a certain time the page will be available, you can restore it. Then it is deleted forever, along with all data.

Deleting an email account is nearly impossible. But youyou can delete all data and stop using this mailbox, change it to another one, or simply stop using email services.

In some cases, if not many, you will need to write to technical support. Do not be afraid to do this: perhaps even if there is no button or link on the site like "delete account", the administration can deactivate it themselves.

Tell a friend about the account
Tell a friend about the account


We figured out not only what an account means, but also how to use it correctly and how to deactivate it if it is not needed. Almost everyone who actively uses the Internet, in particular social networks and e-mail, needs an account.

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