Nickname for a guy: interesting ideas and tips for choosing

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Nickname for a guy: interesting ideas and tips for choosing
Nickname for a guy: interesting ideas and tips for choosing

Many people are increasingly replacing their real names with pseudonyms and network nicknames. Someone wants to express their bright individuality in this way, others need original nicknames to register in all kinds of browser and online games, blogs, forums, social networks, e-mails.

Tips for choosing cool nicknames

alias for a guy
alias for a guy

How to come up with a pseudonym for a guy? This question should not be approached spontaneously, because the nickname will probably be used for a long time. It is recommended to put a little creative energy and imagination into it, so that later you don’t pass for an ordinary user with the login "Vasya2209" or Boy1998.

You should not take your last name or first name as the basis of your nickname, and also add to them the city of residence, date of birth, passport details, phone number. First of all, it's not cool at all. Secondly, such an option is unlikely to satisfy the requirements of uniqueness. Third, it is not very wise to post personal information anywhere and everywhere.

Besides, the nickname for the guy should not contain complex and rare characters. After all, their use will make the network name unreadable and difficult to remember. Some portals do notnon-standard characters are allowed. And it will be extremely inconvenient for other users to communicate with a person whose name is "Angel%!~+]$)/". However, you can highlight the nickname on both sides with symmetrical signs "" or "". If two words are selected as a login, they can be linked with an "&" sign or an underscore.

How to come up with the best nickname

cool aliases for guys
cool aliases for guys

Cool aliases for guys should not contain more than twenty letters or symbols. This is either prohibited on Internet resources, or difficult to read. If the virtual name you like is already taken, then you do not need to get out of the situation by adding numbers to it. The nicknames "Racer2017" or "Turbo2" sound gray and ordinary.

Where do you get good ideas for your unique nickname? All kinds of thematic reference books, dictionaries, literary works, movies, animated films, games are perfect for this. A nickname for a guy can be a favorite car brand, character trait, hobby item, and so on.

It's not a good idea to change your network name frequently as it will be difficult for other people to keep track of it. It is better to choose the best option once, and then work on its promotion and reputation. It is also important to remember that before setting a nickname, you need to look up information about it in a dictionary or translator so as not to get into an awkward situation.

Interesting ideas

best nicknames for guys
best nicknames for guys

Best aliasesfor guys usually consist of English letters and words. For example:

  • Nelson;
  • Farriman;
  • Street;
  • Hargus;
  • Game_over;
  • Shooter;
  • Robin;
  • FireStorm;
  • Black_Wold;
  • DragonFighter;
  • Neytron.

If you want to use the Russian language, then you can choose some mythical creature as a nickname. For example:

  • Homunculus;
  • Nephilim;
  • Abaas;
  • Abraxas;
  • Baku;
  • Baggain;
  • Vouivre;
  • Cleaning;
  • Dubovik;
  • Vampal;
  • Ayustal;
  • Shilikhan;
  • Makeup.

A frightening or creative pseudonym for a guy will surely attract attention, will be remembered by users, will cause admiration and envy. An ordinary or overly complicated nickname will worsen the opinion of a person and his intellectual abilities.

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