T-44: World of Tanks. T-44: characteristics, photos

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T-44: World of Tanks. T-44: characteristics, photos
T-44: World of Tanks. T-44: characteristics, photos

World of Tanks is a unique game that is interesting not only for men who idolize weapons, but also for ordinary women. After all, not only the arms race of several countries is intertwined here, but also the art of a strategist and tactics inherent in each player. In addition, with this online game, you can learn the history of domestic and foreign military equipment. For example, the Soviet medium tank T-44 is quite mobile in combat, has a number of significant advantages, but also has some disadvantages. At the same time, its effectiveness directly depends on the weapons used.

World of Tanks Story

T 44
T 44

This game is almost a complete online reenactment of tank battles. In its arsenal one can see, and most importantly, evaluate, the results of the century-long arms race of the leading countries of the world: the USSR, England, Japan, America, etc. Light, heavy and medium tanks, such as KV-1, T-15, T-21, M-44, V-1 and T-44, enter into almost full-fledged battle here. World of Tanks for several years of its existence has broken almost all records of online games, and was also awarded a separate nomination in the Guinness Book.

And it all started at sunset in 2008, in Belarus. It was then that the idea of creating the first such a large-scale game took shape. It took about a year to create a preliminary version. Of course, the arsenal of tanks was too small - 5 units, and only one combat map was developed, and there were also a lot of other shortcomings. But already in mid-August 2010, users waited for the official release of the game. And even after so many years, interest in this project does not fade away.

Gameplay Features

The meaning of World of Tanks is that two randomly selected teams of 15 people fight for a fairly short time on a certain map. In this case, players are selected randomly, with the exception of specially created associations.

Each player has their own garage, where you can initially find 5 main tanks: MS-1, T-1 Cunningham, NC-31, Leichttraktor, Vickers Medium Mark I, Renault FT and Renault Otsu. Subsequently, by gaining experience and silver in battles, you can purchase about 300 more combat vehicles, including, for example, the Tiger, Ferdinand, Sherman, T-44 and others.

World of Tanks has five units and 10 levels. This is a conditional division of existing tanks according to purpose and capabilities. Specifically, these are light, heavy and medium tanks, artillery and anti-tank self-propelled vehicles. In this case, you can play any of the presented instances.

In the process, you can earn experience and money that are spent on the development of a certain type of tank or crew. You can improve any of the branches of Soviet, English, American, Japanese, French and Chinese cars, or several directions at once.

For the entire time of the game, statistics are kept, which indicate the number of defeats and victories, trophies and awards. With good results, you can get into any elite squad.

T 44 World of Tanks
T 44 World of Tanks

Tank lines

If at the dawn of World of Tanks there were only a few tanks, now the creators have bothered to include almost all existing or existing tanks in the world. In total, at the moment there are about 300 of them. 6 world leaders present their models. They cover the period from the 30s to the 60-70s of the last century.

Practically all countries, with the exception of China and Japan, are represented by 5 types of tanks. The US arsenal in World of Tanks has 82 items. The main disadvantage of this branch of vehicles is rather weak armor. However, it is fully compensated by a mobile and powerful turret, as well as a rate of fire, in comparison with foreign counterparts, such as the T-44.

French tanks have a loading drum, which allows them to deal good damage. They also have good speed. However, these vehicles suffer from a lack of proper armor.

British tanks do not enjoy special respect and popularity of the players. This directly depends on the complexity of management. In addition, their development branches are completely unpredictable, because. as a result, you can getthe fastest, and, for example, a tank with powerful armor.

Chinese and Japanese models have fairly strong armor and good weapons that deal maximum damage.

Soviet tanks in World of Tanks

Russian cars are especially popular due to the fact that they belong to the main audience. They are easy and comfortable to use. They have fairly good armor, deal significant damage, and are quite mobile, even the heavy KV and medium T-44. World of Tanks almost completely reflects the entire lineup of the USSR.

It should be noted that most experienced players advise starting with Soviet cars. Strong armor allows beginners to make a lot of mistakes without much damage. In addition, the guns used, for example, on the T-44 and other Soviet models, are characterized by significant one-time damage.

But their disadvantage is inaccuracy. They are significantly inferior to the French, Americans and even Germans. Also, a lot of “blind” zones can be called a minus, when it’s even difficult to determine who and where you wounded or defeated.

Pumping T 44
Pumping T 44

Rating of the best tanks

The criterion for selecting combat vehicles for the title of "the most-most" is rather conditional. Firstly, each line and each level has its own preferences. For example, among medium tanks, it would be correct to compare the American T-69, the French D2 and the Russian T-44. The World of Tanks is constantly evolving, and more and more advanced models appear in each new update. In addition, you can choose according to individual characteristics, such aslike aiming, damage, armor, etc.

It should also be noted that for a person who is not inherent in risk, and for those who rely solely on luck, the rating will be completely different:

  • KV - 1С. This Russian tank will outdo all peers in terms of damage and armor, and will also be able to quickly move to the right place.
  • AMX 50 Foch 155. This anti-tank vehicle can deal massive damage to the maximum number of enemies.
  • Waffentrager auf E100. This German has purely national traits, such as speed and accuracy.
  • T57 Heavy Tank. Despite being lightly armored, it often ricochets and collapses quickly.
  • M18 Hellcat. Fast enough, and the rotating turret allows you to significantly expand the area of fire.

T-44: creation history

This new generation tank, as well as its upgrades, served the army until the 1970s. It was created in 1943 under the leadership of Alexander Morozov. This model is very similar to the T-34-85 version, but with a shorter hull and improved armor protection.

WoT T 44
WoT T 44

Until 1947, only 1823 tanks were produced. Although the T-44 model was produced during the war years, it practically did not participate in battles.

The impossibility of modernizing or re-equipping the legendary T-34 prompted the designers to create a new tank. Even the experimental combat vehicle T-43, designed on its basis, did not meet all the requirements of wartime.

Then it was decided to completely change the layout of the elements and the verytank design. But, despite the many positive aspects, these new products also had some shortcomings and shortcomings. Therefore, it was not allowed into mass production for military needs. But it began to be actively used as a training tank in educational institutions.

Design and features

The Soviet medium tank of the eighth level in World of Tanks is designed mainly for close combat. Due to its small size, it can measure speed with almost any opponent.

Players who often sit in the World of Tanks, the T-44 is called a helicopter because of its ability to quickly circle its opponent and deliver pinpoint strikes.

If we talk about game characteristics, then the T-44 is in many ways inferior to similar machines. But it costs only 2,390,000 silver. Strength, even with top performance, is no more than 1300 HP. The strongest and most impenetrable place, at the same time, is the face of the tower and the front of the car. With a maximum weight of 34-35 tons, it can move at a speed of about 50 km / h. Visibility in the tank is 370 m, with agility of 42°/s.

From all of the above it follows that it is better to use passive combat tactics. Even if there are no worthy opponents, one should not rush headlong, because even a weak tank can knock out a “cardboard” hull from the stern or side.

Research and improvement of the tank

All newly bought cars are not impressive with their features and capabilities. Therefore, the creators of the game gave users the opportunity to slightly improve the tank. Buthere it is necessary to take into account such moments as the discrepancy between the purchased expensive elements and the general state of technology. Because of this, you may not get the desired result until the entire structure is evenly explored.

T 44 Which gun is better
T 44 Which gun is better

T-44 is upgraded in several directions: gun, turret, radio and radio, engine and tracks.

Firearms can be researched up to level 8. The top copy allows you to achieve damage of 390 units, with an average rate of fire of 3.13 shots every minute.

Players are also provided with two types of towers: the 8th and 9th levels, directly from the T-44 and its modification T-44-100. The only difference is in the increased armor to 100 from the stern and side.

During the game, you can also improve your own engine: upgrade it from level 8 to level 9. The power of the latter is 680 hp. s.

You can also slightly improve the characteristics of the running gear: the top version will withstand a load of up to 35.3 tons, and the turning speed will increase to 44°/s.

And the last thing to improve is the power of the radio station, from 525m to 730m.

Ammunition and weapons

Of course, the main characteristics that are paid attention to when buying are the equipment and capabilities of the tank. Initially, the T-44 is armed with an 85 mm gun and 64 units of ammunition. The rate of fire and penetration leave much to be desired.

Therefore, the first thing you should spend your own money and experience on is replacing guns, ammo racks, andalso stabilizer and rammer. At the same time, you need to think about a good repair kit and first aid kit.

When researching a tank, beginners often have the same thought: for example, which gun is best for the T-44? Here you need to take into account the features of existing modules and equipment. It is better to pump everything evenly, and not immediately buy a top gun, which will be absolutely useless and slow.

Combat effectiveness

This is a complex indicator, which often determines the outcome of the game. The 100-mm gun used makes it easy to deal with weaker tanks, as well as adequately resist the same type of opponents.

However, frankly weak armor puts the car under attack even from competitors with a much lower level. At the same time, low weight allows you to perfectly maneuver in close combat and, literally, circle around the opponent. But if the caterpillar breaks, the tank immediately loses all advantages and turns into an excellent target.

So how to play the T-44? Adding up all the advantages and disadvantages of the model, you can build your own battle tactics. It is better to act in coordination with other T-44s. Together they are able to defeat even such a top tank as the IS-7. Such a group can also be quickly transferred to priority areas of the map to create a certain local superiority.


Series P 44 T
Series P 44 T

The T-44 tank has a standard team consisting of a commander, loader and radio operator in one person, gunner and driver-mechanic. In World of Tanks, it should also be taken into account that this crewcompletely transplanted to subsequent models T-54 and T-62A.

One of the most important things is the constant training of the team. The speed and maneuverability of the vehicle, as well as the quality and efficiency of shooting depend on their knowledge and skills.

But for each tank model, you need to choose the most priority areas of training. For the crew of the WoT T-44, this is brotherhood and repair. At the same time, together with ventilation, you will get a great team.

The loader needs to acquire the non-contact ammo rack skill. The driver-mechanic must ensure the dynamics of the car, so the off-road king will suit him. The gunner should master the sniper skill, and the radio operator, respectively, skills that enhance visibility.

Main advantages and disadvantages

Each tank has its own characteristics. Some of them make up the advantages and disadvantages of the model. The P-44 T series boasts the following features:

  • Good maneuverability and speed. This is the main feature of the tank, which is why it is called the "helicopter".
  • Good enough weapon. The pumped cannon provides 1221 HP damage every minute, and the rate of fire is about 3 shots.
  • Low silhouette. This helps to avoid hitting the opponent.
  • Dense layout allows the use of the maximum number of repair kits and first aid kits.
T 44 World of Tanks
T 44 World of Tanks

Among the obvious advantages of the T-44 model, there are some problems:

  • No telescopic sight hole. Instead, just a dummy is visible on the armor.
  • Quite bad and unevenly distributed armor. Compared to other models, this tank looks like cardboard. It's easy enough to hit from the side.
  • Due to the inconvenient location of the ammunition rack in the front right side of the tank, shells often hit it.
  • The crew here cannot disconnect the tracks by knocking out the connecting pin.

The main inconsistencies of the T-44 (World of Tanks) with its historical prototype

As you know, the game is, to a greater extent, fiction and exaggeration. But the creators of World of Tanks tried to accurately reflect all the features of the tanks used. This is one of the main reasons for such a frenzied popularity and love of users. But there are some moments that do not fit into the overall plot. So in the T-44 World of Tanks:

  • The gun. In serial production, instead of 85 mm S-53, ZiS S-53 was installed.
  • Speed. In real life, the T-44 model accelerated to 60 km/h.
  • Installation of weapons. The D-25-44 gun was installed in a specially designed first turret.
  • Ammunition. The 122mm gun has a total of 24 rounds.
  • The serial D5 was installed on the T-44-85 model (instead of the modified one).

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