Virtual life: definition, features, implications for real life

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Virtual life: definition, features, implications for real life
Virtual life: definition, features, implications for real life

Imitation of life, virtual life or reality - these words belonged to science fiction until recently. Many groups of people opposed the process of creating VR, guided by moral or ethical considerations. Nevertheless, this is exactly what will mark a new round in the development of the entire civilization and dictate the conditions of all spheres of life.

What is virtual life?

Today, an increasing number of people are beginning to be interested in this issue. And not casually! Many products of mass culture were created, in which the theme of virtual reality, the relationship between real life and virtual life, was touched in one way or another. Interest is fueled by an increase in the global level of education of citizens and modern technologies. So what is life in the virtual world like?

Man in virtual reality
Man in virtual reality

Virtual Reality (VR, Virtual Reality) is a complex technical tool that provides the user with a complete immersion in the virtual world. Its essence lies in the artificial creation of an environment that can completelycopy all the properties and subtleties of the real world. Among its functions, the transmission of impulses to the human brain is also noted, ensuring the work of all sense organs. A person in virtual reality can see, hear, smell and feel everything that happens on his own body. Particularly advanced systems are able to demonstrate everything that happens in real time.

How does the virtual world work?

Construction of the virtual world
Construction of the virtual world

Everything that happens in VR (virtual reality) is constructed based on the real laws of logic, physics and mathematics. Gravity in space, the movement of water, or flames are all configurable and are used to create virtual reality.

However, some entertainment projects may defy the laws of physics. This allows a person in virtual reality to interact with the outside world at their discretion. So, some versions of VR provide the ability to fly or create objects through user control.

It is also worth noting that the virtual world is in many ways similar to the concept of "augmented reality". In fact, this is just an early version of VR, the first attempts at the pen of scientists in the invention of virtual life.

Virtual Reality System

The main aid in creating virtual reality is usually called the device with which this project will be implemented. The program is registered in a special tool for working with virtual life. If we talk aboutresources, this is an extremely costly procedure, since a large amount of RAM and electrical energy is required. Virtual reality using tactile senses is significantly different from the same computer games like The Sims and the like, interacting directly with the human brain.

Visualization of the virtual world, VR helmet

VR helmet
VR helmet

Today, the most used device in VR immersion is the VR headset. Modern samples of this device are increasingly using the image of glasses in their structure, although the original parameters have not changed for a long time. The apparatus is one or more displays. They are very close to the eyes, blocking the real world from the user. These screens transmit any impulses to the human brain - visual, auditory, olfactory and others. Each screen or part of the screen is designed for the right or left eye. A similar system is used in augmented reality, excluding the ability to see real objects around.

The device is also able to locate the user in space (both real and virtual). To do this, the program uses technical means: magnetometers, accelerometers, gyroscopes, and others. Thus, the virtual reality helmet is able to capture the slightest head turns, movements, and even body temperature, warning of the possible danger of further use of VR. Most of these features are only available for the latest and greatestexpensive models of devices for virtual reality. Cheaper options only interact with the human visual senses.

3D VR Motion Parallax Displays

BP in "CAVE"
BP in "CAVE"

An interesting type of device, the essence of which is to try to recreate the volume of virtual objects of the real world. Three-dimensional displays are used in a variety of devices, ranging from ordinary smartphones to the "CAVE" (cave) virtual reality room. Motion Parallax is able to respond to head movements in the shortest possible time, which makes it increasingly difficult to notice the difference between reality and the program.

If we talk about the system on smartphones, then it involves only a part of the optic nerves. With more advanced technologies, everything is much more colorful. The range of recipes in augmented reality rooms is extremely large. In such places, everything does not end with a helmet or virtual reality glasses. Devices are attached throughout the body that read information from the human body. They can simultaneously imitate the breath of the wind, the smell of the forest, the light of the sun - everything that surrounds people in the real world.

Retinal Virtual Reality Display

retinal display
retinal display

The best and most technologically advanced way to immerse yourself in VR today. Devices that use a retinal display in their structure can directly affect the retina of the human eye, "creating" certain objects that are prescribed in the program. The user of such devices sees three-dimensional objects floating in space, and the tactile senses simulation system can allow them to be touched. Everything that was created in such a program can be superimposed on real world objects. Can be very similar to mixed or combined reality under certain conditions.

For the effect of complete immersion, a room is usually used in which there is no light source. Before immersing yourself in virtual life, you should carefully prepare. It is also worth remembering that all virtual reality helmets can put pressure on the head and bridge of the nose, causing a feeling of being lost in space.

Augmented reality

augmented reality
augmented reality

Augmented Reality, mixed or augmented reality, is a scientific technology whose purpose is to place any sensory information in the field of human perception. The purpose of this process is to provide additional information about the world and increase the level of perception of all information.

The essence of augmented reality is to combine the real world with additional elements created on the computer. This technology is widely used in many areas of life. So, for example, you can see the arrows showing the trajectory of the ball when watching a football match.

The main characteristics describing augmented reality are:

  • combination of real and virtual;
  • real-time action;
  • three-dimensional perception.

This is the onefuturistic technology that was used in the creation of science fiction. Popular culture also uses augmented reality. In one of the episodes of the series "Sherlock", this technology was used - the villain's glasses had the property of reading all the information about people by using the Internet. All information that is in open or closed access was broadcast to these same glasses. This way of using augmented reality already exists today.

The main disadvantage of using augmented reality glasses is usually called harm to he alth. After a whole day of wearing such a device, users notice pain in the eyes, blurred vision and incorrect focusing of perception. Among other points "against" are: the price of the device and their size. The more powerful the AR technology, the more it weighs and costs.

Google Cardboard - budget VR option

Cardboard VR
Cardboard VR

Today, this is the easiest way to plunge into the world of modern technology and learn all the secrets of virtual life. Google Corporation provides this opportunity without trying to hit the average user's pocket.

The structure of Google Cardboard Virtual Life Points is incredibly simple. It can be repeated even at home if you use ordinary cardboard, your smartphone and a pair of lenses. Among other things, you need to find a stereoscope and fasteners for convenience. All devices used in expensive counterparts are already present in all latest generation smartphones. Glasses do not require a large amount of operationalmemory or power consumption.

Google Cardboard glasses are attached to the user's head. On them, you can adjust the distance of the lenses in relation to the central part of the pupil. This allows the device to be used by people with poor eyesight. Also has built-in headphones.

Harm from diving into VR

It is impossible not to say about the influence of virtual reality on the human body and brain. In the media, stories about teenagers or quite adult people who could not tear themselves away from an exciting game are increasingly popping up. They died from lack of sleep, exhaustion or dehydration, but is the developers to blame?

There is a certain group of people who tend to get too carried away. Mental, manic disorders can aggravate the situation of the user of virtual or augmented reality. When you first connect to the virtual life system, you should spend no more than 15-20 minutes in it. Otherwise, most people may experience nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and many other unpleasant consequences. Disorientation is the biggest negative in the VR piggy bank. The user can stop orienting in space up to 24 hours. It is not recommended to drive a car for 2-3 days.

VR theme in popular culture

The futurists of the mid-twentieth century spoke about the invention of virtual space, virtual life and the whole world. Ideas about it were very different and with the passage of time they evolved into creativity. This topic has been brought up for discussion in films, books and anime. Virtual simulators have been mentioned in suchfamous works of cinema, like: "The Matrix", "Beginning". In the anime, virtual life also has a large list of works: "Sword Art Online", "Log Horizon", "King's Avatar", "Alternative Games of the Gods", etc.


The future of all mankind depends on the discoveries that are already being made. This is exactly what the next generations will do, improving the technology of their ancestors. But why do we need virtual life simulators? The use of this system will help prevent the mistakes that humanity makes. That is why VR exists and develops. The person in virtual life is the person of the future.

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