More on how to repost "VKontakte"

More on how to repost "VKontakte"
More on how to repost "VKontakte"
how to repost in contact
how to repost in contact

Have you repeatedly heard about reposts on the VKontakte social network, but don't know what it is? It doesn't matter, in this article we will talk about it in detail. We will also analyze how to repost “VKontakte”.

First things first

Every day in the news feed we see a lot of interesting, funny or informative posts that we would like to save on our wall. Also, our friends often ask to repost any news. But we do not understand them and often blush for it. So, let's find out what a "repost" is. This is copying someone else's post to your wall. The post can be taken from the page of another user, group or public page. Why do people copy records?

  • For interest (I got a funny picture or a smart idea).
  • For the purpose of advertising (for example, if your friend opens a store and wants to generate leads through a social network).
Cheat reposts in VKontakte
Cheat reposts in VKontakte

How to repost "VKontakte"?

Copying someone else's entry is done in one click. Namely: we find an interesting post,then go down and click on the "Share" button. In the pop-up window, we have to choose whether to send the post to the wall or private message to another user. In the first case, select "Friends and followers", in the second - "Send by private message".

There is another way to repost "VKontakte". Again we find an interesting entry and hover over the heart located below it. A small dark window pops up in which we need to click on the "Tell Friends" link. The post will appear on our page instantly. In fact, both methods lead to the same result. Which one to use is up to you.

Cheat reposts "VKontakte"

In order for a record to be popular and fulfill its function (as a rule, it is an advertisement for something: services, companies, goods, and so on), it must be distributed to as many users as possible. How can this be done?

  1. Ask your friends. Tell them how to repost VKontakte and ask them to copy your post to their page. The more friends, the more likely the post will reach potentially interested people.
  2. how to make a repost in Vkontakte
    how to make a repost in Vkontakte
  3. Start collaborating with another community, group. You can write a letter with an offer to place your post on the page of some popular public. Of course, some of them may refuse you, but others, on the contrary, will gladly accept your offer (not the fact that it is free of charge).
  4. Useservices of SMM agencies. The cost of the work of such specialists will be higher, but the effectiveness will be higher.
  5. If you own a group or public, then your own subscribers or group members can help you with advertising. It will be most effective to announce a competition, the meaning of which will be to place a certain entry on the page of each of them. You can give a gift to a random user or send several votes (site currency).

Now you know how to make a repost on VKontakte. We hope this information will be useful for you and your activities in the social network.

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