SCP-008 "Zombie Plague" description of object and game based on it

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SCP-008 "Zombie Plague" description of object and game based on it
SCP-008 "Zombie Plague" description of object and game based on it

In the virtual world of SCP, there are many fascinating objects. Among some of the most interesting elements of this universe is SCP-008. In addition, a computer game was created based on his motives

About SCP-008 "Zombie Plague"

This SCP is of medium severity called "Euclid". This means that the "Plague of the Zombie" is not fully understood, and it is impossible to predict exactly how this object will behave. SCP-008 is a malicious virus that poses a significant biological threat to the world, which forced it to be placed under the fifth level of security measures. Thermal or radiation treatment with a preparation containing this virus is performed in the event that any military or political events occur in the world that can damage the complex with this SCP.

scp 008
scp 008

For workers at the complex that contains the virus, there is a quarantine period rule that lasts a full four months. In case of violation of this quarantine, heat or radiation treatment measures will be applied to workers. The SCP-008 virus is extremely dangerous, as it has 100% infection efficiency and bringsdeath to any of the infected people. Fortunately, airborne transmission of this virus is not possible, but infection can occur through the mucous membrane or body fluid of an infected citizen.

Signs of infection

Signs of exposure to this malicious virus are visible as early as three hours after being infected and include:

  • Increased body temperature and mental dullness.
  • After 20 hours after the virus enters the body, a coma begins, which is a harbinger of death.

It has also been determined that this virus is of extraterrestrial origin, because its existence could damage the balance of our planet's ecosystem.

SCP-008 based game

You are given a room that contains a case with a virus. To get into this room, you must have a special card with access to level 4. Also next to the room is a room for monitoring this object.

scp 008 zombie plague
scp 008 zombie plague

If you try to go to the container with the virus without any protection, you will be infected. To prevent this, you can use a chemical protection suit and move around safely. In the event that you get infected, you will need to go through all the stages of the disease, of which there are 91, 5. Each time you will get worse, and at the end the screen will darken, and you will end the game.

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