Setup for TH 10 in Clash of Clans. Best base options

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Setup for TH 10 in Clash of Clans. Best base options
Setup for TH 10 in Clash of Clans. Best base options

Proper placement of all the buildings at your base will allow you to protect expensive resources from the enemy or score the maximum number of cups. It is not necessary to think over the location of all buildings to the smallest detail, you can use ready-made options, of which there are a huge variety.

Collect Cups

If it becomes more important for you to save cups in order to reach higher arenas, then you should take good care of a good defense. It will be necessary to find the best placement for TX 10, aimed at effectively countering the enemy.

Below is the most successful version of the base, aimed at preserving the cups. This formation has been tested by many players and proved to be the most effective in real battles.

th 10 arrangement
th 10 arrangement

Conserve resources

If you want to preserve your important resources as much as possible, such as elixir, black elixir and gold, then you need to design the base in such a way as to block access to mines, collectors and warehouses for enemy units as much as possible.

To secure resources, you can take extreme measures and put the town hall in the corner of the map so that the enemy destroys it and does not touch your other resources. Belowpresents the best base for this purpose, tested by a large number of players.

th 10 best arrangement
th 10 best arrangement

Some tips for placing on TX 10

The last levels of TX in Clash of Clans are extremely difficult to develop. Just like at the 10th level of the town hall, you will have to accumulate resources for a very long time, build new buildings and improve old ones. In this case, it is especially important to make a good defense of the base in order to save resources as much as possible during the attack.

Below are a few tips for TX 10 placement.

  • At the tenth level of the town hall, you will open one of the most highly effective buildings called the "Infernal Tower". Her exclusivity lies in the fact that she is able to hit both one and several enemy units with her destructive beam
  • If you, having moved to a new level of TH, have not yet managed to improve your warriors, then you should do it even before you start updating the laboratory, as it will take a very long time
  • At the previous level of the Spell Factory, a potion like "Freeze" was revealed to us, which is a counterattack for the infernal tower. The fifth level of the building adds another potion slot. It is worth remembering that while upgrading the spell factory, any potions will not be available to you during the battle. That is why you should take care of upgrading this building as early as possible.

Follow these rules and choose the most suitable TX 10 formation to reach the highest heights in this game.

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