Music gluing software: the best choice for every device

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Music gluing software: the best choice for every device
Music gluing software: the best choice for every device

What to do if you urgently need to find a program that can glue and cut music tracks without unnecessary trouble and nerves with the installation? Probably, almost everyone has encountered this problem. When cutting was not required, such services could be found very easily, literally in a matter of minutes. A completely different story now, when "the case smelled of kerosene" - scrolling through site after site, a person cannot find a program that suits him, the antivirus now and then notifies about dangerous software that this or that service is fraught with. Urgently need a program for gluing music! There is no problem with that.

Program Requirements

Music gluing software
Music gluing software

There are countless programs for editing a music track. What requirements does the user usually place on it?

  • Ease of use: a person who has not previously worked in such programs and wants to quickly get the desired result is interested in spending time learning the functionality as much as possibleless.
  • Easy to install. There are two types of programs: online services for processing music tracks and programs installed directly on a computer. Here the user must decide on his own preferences, although, of course, online services are usually easier to manage.
  • Accessibility. If one-time gluing of several music tracks is necessary, naturally, there is no desire to pay big money for this. Ideally, there should be a free program for gluing music and editing it.
  • No "pitfalls". In this case, it means that when starting the program, there should be no such "surprises", such as the presence of viruses and "worms".

Online music processing services

music cutting and pasting software
music cutting and pasting software

The online music gluing program is certainly very easy to use, and is useful when you need to perform the most elementary manipulations, for example, cut a small passage to create a call to a mobile phone or create a track for musical accompaniment to a performance. One of the most famous is the mp3cut service and its online applications Audio Cutter for cutting music and Audio Joiner for joining tracks. In addition, the service has such features as converting files, extracting an audio track from a video, in addition, this function is available when you provide the service with a working link to the file, without downloading the video to your local computer and furtherloading into the service window. The program for gluing music will definitely come in handy for those people who do not want to spend a lot of time downloading programs, moreover, it is available on all devices that support the mobile Internet function: tablets, smartphones.

Programs for installation on a laptop

free music merging software
free music merging software

One of the most successful in this niche is Audacity music cutting and pasting software. The main advantage of the program is the simplicity and accuracy of processing the music track. The program is free and available for download, just enter its name in the search bar. The service can process a wide range of the most popular audio formats, it can also apply various effects ("echo", "increase in volume", "fade out" and others). This program for gluing music can also work with the volume of the original track, editing is available to the user using the equalizer. At the end of the work, you must save the resulting file using the "Export" button.

Mobile phones: services for Android

For smartphones, such a program is useful when the user wants to cut the chorus of their favorite song for use on a call, or for quick work with tracks when necessary. So, one of the most famous is the MP3 Cutter program, which is available for download directly from Google Play. The program has a very simple navigation and the basic necessary functionality. In addition to it, you can also try the Ringtone Slicer application. Despite the fact that the software is still under development and testing, a great future is predicted for it: the creators decided to give users the opportunity to have a wide range of track editing functionality. Ringtone Slicer is a music cutting and gluing program that allows you to instantly add various effects, and can also support major audio file formats.

Mobile phones: services for iOS

Music cutting and pasting software
Music cutting and pasting software

With the iOS operating system, everything is somewhat more complicated: Apple has its own view on the fight against constant copyright infringement, so you can only cut music using the previously mentioned mp3cut online service by opening it in the Safari application. Of course, programs such as Total AudioConverter, "Ringtonium Light", iRinger are available in the AppStore. With their help, you can edit a file from the iTunes library, and then, using a laptop, synchronize devices and save a new version of the track in the library. In the future, this track can be set to ring a mobile phone.

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