How to Create GIFs: The Ultimate Guide

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How to Create GIFs: The Ultimate Guide
How to Create GIFs: The Ultimate Guide

When a friend sends a funny animation with animals, I want to show him the same short funny excerpt from the life of animals. But the video is much longer and "heavier" for Internet traffic. What is the name of such documents resembling a cartoon? Silent animated images, excerpts from favorite moments from videos and TV shows - this is-g.webp" />

how to creates
how to creates

The-g.webp" />

Jars of-g.webp" />
how to creates vkontakte
how to creates vkontakte

When talking about expressing emotions in messages using GIFs, you need to know where you can get the most effective and interesting images from. There are sites that can be called banks of gif-animations, from where a huge amount of materials is taken, imported by users, for example, to the popular social network VKontakte. With the help of these moving pictures, you can express your emotions, mood, share the beauty of nature, funny moments from movies and TV shows. GIFs are silent, but often when creating them, the author indicates the source text or phrase on the image. Where can I get these gifs? Convenient navigation and hashtag search help the user find pictures of interest. Here is a list of-g.webp" />

  • Tumblr.
  • Pinterest.
  • GIPHY.
  • Reddit.
  • ReactionGifs.

How to create GIFs "VKontakte"?

how to create a from a photo
how to create a from a photo

In order to create GIFs and send them to your friends on VKontakte, you will not need special knowledge and skills. It's extremely simple! Using sites filled with-g.webp" />

  1. Select or create an animation. How to create GIFs, the article will tell a little later. Afterchoose to save the image to your computer's memory.
  2. Upload image. On the left side of the main menu is the "Documents" button. After switching to the context menu, you must click the "Add document" button and select a file.

Obviously, there is nothing complicated in this sequence of actions. You can simplify the path and upload GIFs directly to messages using the "Attach" button. Next, you also need to select a file on your computer, and the-g.webp" />

How to create a in Photoshop
How to create a in Photoshop

How to create a-g.webp" />

How to make your own-g.webp" />

Despite the vastness of the collection of animated pictures on the global network, sometimesI want to create something unique, for example, turn part of my own video into animation. There are a number of programs that help the average person quickly and without unnecessary nervous costs understand how to create gifs from various videos or a collage of photos. For example, a program such as Active-g.webp" />

  • Loogics program will help you create a small animation from videos posted on Youtube.
  • Make-g.webp" />
  • GIFPal, among other things, can decorate the finished animation with various effects.

Creating a-g.webp" />
how to create a
how to create a

Often people are interested in how to create a-g.webp" />

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