Infographics: how to do, templates, examples

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Infographics: how to do, templates, examples
Infographics: how to do, templates, examples

Infographics is a technique that has become more and more popular lately. If the text lacks visibility, a diagram or infographic will help. How to make images using this method of transferring information? You will find the answer to this and other questions by reading the article. So how do you learn how to make infographics?

how to do infographic
how to do infographic


Infographics are a great way to present information. Especially for modern users who are very reluctant to spend their time reading bulky texts, but they perceive graphic media well. Saving time and effort of the reader - all this can be achieved by infographics. In which program to do it, we will tell below.

Infographics are easier and faster to understand, easier to share, easier to make. In addition, according to statistics, more users pay attention to information in the form of a picture. A nice bonus is that creating infographics is not that difficult. If desired, it can be mastered without a significant investment of time.

Tips for Beginners

Creating infographics is not easy, but if you are a beginner who has never done anything like this before, you will find the following tips helpful. So, what is the principle of such a method as infographics? How to make understandable and informative pictures?

Step 1. Decide what exactly you want to convey to the reader, and what goal you are pursuing. Highlighting the fundamental points in all information - this is infographics. Templates or picture frames will be based on this.

Step 2. Next, you should simplify the submission of information as much as possible. If the data array is too large, break it into sections, each of which is supplemented with a separate image or graph.

creating infographics
creating infographics

Step 3. The simplest presentation of information is an infographic. How to make it visible? Choose the best visualization format for each resulting data array. Differences between the two will only help reinforce the information presented to readers. In addition, infographics, the templates of which are available on online resources in great abundance, are better remembered if their colors are correctly chosen.

Step 4. When compiling an infographic, always indicate the sources of the data, as well as your authorship. It is important to note that there are no limits to creativity and no limits to fantasy, but it is better to study what types of infographics exist, which is what we will do.

Infographic types

So, all infographics are divided into 4 types.

Infographic-instruction. With this type, you candisplay a sequence of actions to explain a process or for the purpose of teaching something. Symbolic diagrams or graphic images help to present the entire array of information. In any kind of instructions, this type is used quite widely.

Dynamic infographics. This view is intended to display the dynamics of a process or development. Most often it is used to visualize social or economic indicators.

infographic templates
infographic templates

Static infographic. How to make clear numerical data and scientific facts, as well as their relationship relative to each other? Create a static infographic. As a rule, they take the form of graphs, charts, diagrams and other simple forms.

Video infographics. It is one of the latest modern trends in the direction of infographics, which helps to visually present complex multi-level information to the viewer. It can combine almost all the variety of data visualization directions, fixing them in the human mind due to their reading. As a rule, about 80% of the information is remembered from the first viewing. This type of infographic is one of the most effective in terms of perception and understanding by the viewer.

It should be noted that often several types of infographics can be intertwined at the same time. How to make infographics readable?

Basic Rules for Readable Infographics

  1. It is necessary that the infographics be dominated by large, solid and solid elements.
  2. It is better to avoid elements that do not carry any information, butserve only for decoration - they can mislead the reader.
  3. The picture should have an "anchor" - this is such an infographic element that will make it noticeable and understandable.
  4. It is better to limit your palette, as the variety of colors will confuse the reader and prevent the eye from focusing on any one element.

So now it's time to look at the main online resources with which you can create competent infographics without special knowledge in this area.

how to learn how to make infographics
how to learn how to make infographics

Service 1 -

This service is designed to simplify the creation of infographics using ready-made templates. It works on the principle of "drag and drop": you drag blocks of information into the working field, giving them the necessary shape and size with the cursor. The only “but” is that the information will not be displayed in the form of graphs and charts, the user will need to enter obviously structured data.

Also, you can add your own images, photos, icons, and more. Each of the site templates is nothing more than a starting point in your project. All elements of the future infographics - that the background, that the graph, that the block of information - are interchangeable. Which project can be saved in a convenient format - JPEG and PDF. Registration on the service is optional.

infographic in which program to do
infographic in which program to do

Service 2 -

This service is one of the most user-friendly. No wonder its name resembles a well-known brandInstagram: the creators of the site proceeded from the idea of a simplified interface.

In order to create infographics on this service, you must either go through a quick registration procedure or log in with your Twitter or Facebook profile. Next, you need to choose one of the six templates offered by the service.

Even though the interface of this resource is in English, even a beginner will be able to figure out the algorithm of actions. In the process of creating infographics, you can add the necessary photos, videos, graphs and charts to a ready-made template. It will be necessary to edit the data in a table that resembles an Excel document in structure. To make it appear, double-click in the chart field.

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