How to get root rights to "Android" through a computer?

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How to get root rights to "Android" through a computer?
How to get root rights to "Android" through a computer?

Companies that assemble portable devices running the Android system are striving by all means to achieve high reliability of their solutions. Of course, there are exceptions in the form of Chinese models sold at bargain prices, but in general this is exactly the case.

root rights on android via computer
root rights on android via computer

One of the conditions for stable and continuous operation is to block any attempts to make changes to the structure of system files from the user. At the same time, such a limitation does not allow the full potential of a mobile device to be fully revealed, so a way to bypass it has long been found.

Working principle

Before we look at how to root Android through a computer, it makes sense to recall the structure of the system. Inside any gadget is a drive based on solid-state memory cells that contain Linux files. It is this system that liesbased on Android. In fact, this is the same Windows folder, if we draw an analogy with the solution from Microsoft.

get root rights on android through computer
get root rights on android through computer

In normal operation, the user can only view what is recorded on this drive, and that is at best. And there is no question of making any changes to the system partition - requests are blocked by the settings. To get around this limitation, you need to install a special program that provides the so-called Root rights.

Abundance of solutions

There are a huge number of programs that provide root for Android. The owner of the gadget, through the simplest selection, must choose among them the one that will work correctly. It is worth noting that some of these programs are installed directly on the device, while others are installed via a computer.

set root rights on android via computer
set root rights on android via computer

Each solution has its own characteristics. It is believed that installing root rights on Android through a computer is more universal, since this method works on any version of the system, and the probability of successful rooting is quite high.


One of the simplest and most effective ways to root Android through a computer is to use a solution from Chinese programmers. The King Root program exists in two versions: for a gadget and a computer. In the second case, you need to prepare a USB cable that allows you to connect the device to the system unit or laptop, and download the application (version3.1) after completing the installation. To root Android through a computer using this application, you need to open the “For Developers” item in the gadget itself by following the menu to the “About Phone” section and quickly tap “Build Number” several times in a row.

getting root rights on android through a computer
getting root rights on android through a computer

In the developer options, enable USB debugging by checking the appropriate checkbox. After that, you need to run the application on your computer and connect the gadget to the port with a cable. After the device is detected, you need to press the blue button in the application. At the same time, a request will be displayed on the gadget’s display, to which you should answer in the affirmative. In the program running on the computer, it remains to select Try it and wait for the result, watching the running interest.

Getting root-rights to Android through a computer in a couple of "clicks"

No less interesting is the method offered by SuperOneClick. To use it, you need to make sure that USB debugging is disabled and the cable is connected. Then install the application on the computer, run it and click "Root". Wait for the connection pending message to appear on the screen, enable debugging in the gadget. That's all. Sometimes it may be necessary to change the USB debugging mode several times in a row to correctly determine. It is possible to automatically reboot the mobile device during the rooting process.


As mentioned earlier, despite the abundance of programs that allow you to get root access, not all of them are effective. Yes, amongOf all the abundance, VRoot is especially popular. There are a lot of positive reviews about this app. True, it was not without some features. Among them, performance with Android versions not lower than 4.4 ("Kit-Kat"), as well as the installation of the KingUser block, which opens access to Root, and not so beloved by many alternative SuperSU. To get root rights to Android through a computer using VRoot, you need to install and run this application on your computer. Connect gadget. Allow debugging. Wait for the device to be detected in the program and press the ROOT button in the interface. If everything went well, the gadget will reboot, and root rights will be obtained.

remove root permissions on android through computer
remove root permissions on android through computer

Further, at the initial launch of any program that requires the appropriate permission in Android for its work, the user will be presented with a dialog box asking whether to allow or prohibit actions with system files.

Kingo Root Android

The list of Chinese programs for obtaining root access rights in operating systems from Google, of course, is not limited to the above-described KingRoot. No less interesting is an application with a similar name - KingoRoot. In many cases, it is this that allows you to successfully modify the protection mechanism of the operating system. In order to use it to get root rights to Android through a computer, you must first allow the installation of programs obtained from unknown (unverified) sources in the gadget's security settings. In addition, you should allowdebugging mode via USB bus. The principle of operation is similar to alternative solutions - a search is made for the desired exploit (microcode that unlocks the capabilities of Android) on the developer's website and further installation when it is detected. Using KingoRoot will not cause any difficulties even for a beginner: after connecting the gadget to the computer, you should launch the application and press the ROOT button. It remains to wait for the reboot of the mobile device and a message about the successful completion of the operation.

install root rights on android through a computer
install root rights on android through a computer


So, it's not difficult to root an Android through a computer, although it requires the use of additional devices. At the same time, it often happens that where a regular APK application turns out to be powerless, it is they who make it possible to successfully root the device. If you decide to use this method, it is important to understand that the computer itself must have access to the global network, since it is from there that the exploits are downloaded. But some "mobile" applications, such as Framaroot, work great "by themselves". This should be considered.

Rejecting root access

Sometimes you need to remove the root-rights to "Android" through a computer. This may be necessary in order to return the gadget to its original state, for example, before contacting a service center or selling it. The method that gives 100% result is to use the base firmware obtained from the manufacturer or pre-saved using MTKDroidTools andFlashTools (in the case of devices based on Mediatek processors). Flashing restores all system partitions and information on them, resetting any Root. However, this is a rather radical solution, so it is rarely resorted to, using the ability to remove root access rights using the application itself that provided them. For example, if the root is obtained through KingRoot, then there will be a corresponding label in the list of gadget applications. Having opened it, you can completely remove all changes by simply moving the switch to the appropriate position (prohibition). A similar mechanism is used in almost all other solutions.

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