How to get Root on "Android 4.4.4"

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How to get Root on "Android 4.4.4"
How to get Root on "Android 4.4.4"

It's pretty funny to hear someone who just recently got a new mobile device confidently say that he will never install apps to get root access. In most cases, very little time passes, and the carefully guarded gadget is not only rooted, but also configured in every possible way. Of course, in this case, we are talking about a system from Google, not iOS. What is root on "Android 4.4.4", as well as any other version?

What not everyone knows about

Many people think that the operating system from Google, which received the sonorous name "Android", is something radically new, which was not on the market.

root on android 4 4 4
root on android 4 4 4

In fact, it is based on Linux, popular in some circles, on top of the kernel of which the so-called Java virtual machine runs. It is easy to guess that some features of the basic system "migrated" to the solution for mobile devices. In particular, this happened with access rights to certain sections of the drive. So, in order to ensure integrity and improve security, a user working innormal mode, it is forbidden to make any changes to the file structure of the root directory. Inside any gadget is a flash drive containing the operating system. If the owner wants to change something in these internal sections, then he must first obtain Root-rights for Android 4, which will unlock this feature. All of the above applies to any version, from the very first to the latest 6.0. Linux users know this feature very well. Now the owners of "Android" gadgets have to comprehend it.

Hidden Opportunities

At first glance, it may seem that you do not need to make changes to the system yourself. However, it is not. Root rights to "Android 4.0.4" allow you to remove "extra", according to the owner, applications. These include manufacturer-preset links to various stores; optimizations that do more harm than good (Battery Doctor); inconvenient mail clients and so on. Not only do they take up precious storage space, but they often run automatically, running "in the background" and, as a result, consuming some computing power.

get root rights on android
get root rights on android

Root on "Android 4.4.4", in addition to all of the above, makes it possible to correctly run most anti-virus programs and, importantly, work with the Titanium Backup program, which can save any user applications and their data, restoring if necessary.

The nuances of obtaining root access rights

This operation,regardless of the version of the operating system, it is based on the installation of a special file - an exploit that unlocks the required functions, in fact, granting the user administrator rights, if we draw analogies with Windows. Such a file and the program that installs it may be perceived by some anti-virus systems as a threat, with all the ensuing consequences. Therefore, when getting Root on Android 4.4.4, protection should be prudently turned off.

It often happens that trying to use a new version of the rooting program leads to a negative result, but the previous ones work fine. This feature should always be remembered.

root permissions on android 4 0 4
root permissions on android 4 0 4

After obtaining access rights due to the application of official updates received "over the air", it is recommended to refrain, as in some cases there may be subsequent problems with the device's performance.

You should not completely remove system applications, even "extra" ones. It is better to “freeze” them with Titanium Backup. In this case, you can always return to the original state of the system by doing a factory reset from the menu. However, "Root" cannot be deleted in this way.

And finally, it is impossible not to point out that sometimes an attempt to root leads to the need to flash the device, restoring its performance. The percentage of "lucky ones" who have this happened is quite small, but they still exist.


Having decided to get Root on "Android 4.4.4", you mustdetermine how the problem will be solved. So, if you have an official firmware for the Flash Tool program, which includes the Recovery.img file, you can flash its custom version (created by craftsmen specifically for this device). Then, holding the volume rocker down and the Power button, go into the "Recovery" shell and use it to install the file previously placed on the SD card. After the reboot, the gadget will be rooted.

The next way is to use the KingRoot program. You need to connect Wi-Fi, install the specified program and run it. If the application finds an acceptable exploit on the Web, then rooting will be performed. The user only needs to press the confirmation button twice. Everything else happens automatically. If the result is negative, you can try Root360 and KingoRoot, the use of which is practically no different from the above program.

Another powerful harvester worth mentioning is the Framaroot. After installation, you need to select the SuperSu mode and any of the proposed methods. It's okay if you can't guess the first time - if the algorithm works, then a message is displayed about successful rooting with a request to reboot. Framaroot does not need web access.

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