Cheat on Just Cause 2 Playground

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Cheat on Just Cause 2 Playground
Cheat on Just Cause 2 Playground

Gamers have a lot of respect for the Just Cause 2 project for what it has brought to the genre - there are still a huge number of people fighting among themselves or going through an open world campaign, because this game is unlikely to ever get old. However, it is worth paying attention to the fact that if you need a cheat on Just Cause 2, then you will be a little disappointed. Unlike most computer games, where you can enter special cheats provided by the developers for the players (or at least open the console and enter certain commands), there is nothing of the kind in this project.

However, do not get upset ahead of time, because gamers will always find a loophole, and this time everything went without exception. If you still want to make your character stronger, more durable, and so on, then there are trainers for you. They perfectly replace any Just Cause 2 cheat, so you obviously will not lack abilities and opportunities. So, first you need to download the trainer, unzip the contents of the archive directly into the game folder, then run the program, and then turn on the game itself. In most cases, success is accompanied by a beep. After that, you need to press the corresponding keys to activate specificfeatures, which will be discussed in more detail later.

cheat on just cause 2
cheat on just cause 2


When you press the F1 key in the game Just Cause 2, the cheat for immortality is activated instantly. What does this mean? But only that your character will not be able to die now - he will receive any amount of damage of all kinds, but his he alth will not be taken away. This cheat makes life a lot easier and allows you to either have fun without risking death, or go through a certain plot point in which you constantly die, which is why you cannot advance further in the game. Such a cheat on Just Cause 2 will be useful to absolutely everyone, and if you get bored and want to return mortality to your hero, you just need to press the key indicated above again. Other cheats work the same way.

Endless air

Sometimes gamers don't want to activate a powerful cheat like immortality for no reason, so they use other commands that are more specific. For example, this cheat on Just Cause 2, activated with the F2 button, will allow your hero to breathe underwater. Usually, if you don't have scuba gear, and your character is under water for too long, he starts to suffocate and lose he alth, this command will neutralize this effect. But you should pay attention that your hero will continue to receive other damage (from firearms, from explosions, from falls). This Just Cause 2 cheat code is less powerful than the previous one, but can also be useful in some cases.

cheatcode for the game just cause 2
cheatcode for the game just cause 2

Infinite ammo

All shooter fans know the unpleasant situation when you run out of ammo at the most inopportune moment. In this game, this is also not uncommon, so you should know not only Just Cause 2 Playground cheats that allow you to survive, but also those commands that give you a chance to take the life of your opponents. Accordingly, if you press the F3 key, then your hero simply will not run out of ammo, and you will be able to fire from any weapon for an unlimited amount of time.

Shooting without reloading

Just because you have unlimited ammo doesn't mean it can all fit in one clip. And often this very moment, when the ammo in the clip runs out and you need to reload, is decisive. So that this never bothers you again, press the F4 key - and your character will start shooting from any type of weapon without reloading, that is, without stopping at all. By combining this cheat with the previous one, you can get a real death machine.

cheats on just cause 2 playground
cheats on just cause 2 playground

Endless Grenades

As you perfectly understand, cartridges are exclusively for small arms, which means that your explosives, such as grenades, will not be affected by the cheat described above. But if you like to blow everything up, then there is the right team for you. You need to press the F5- key and the supply of grenades will become inexhaustible, that is, you can throw them without interruption. Given the destructible environment, largely thanks to whichthis project has become so famous, it can be both extremely effective and incredibly effective.


Of course, you can not ignore the cheat for money in Just Cause 2 (F6) - it is very important, because here your funds will decide a lot. Their number will determine what weapons you can buy for yourself, how you can equip yourself, and much more. Accordingly, the more money you have, the better for you. And if earning them honestly is quite difficult and long, then with the help of a cheat you can get rich in a couple of seconds.

cheat for money in just cause 2
cheat for money in just cause 2

Weapon Parts

As with many modern computer games, you can upgrade your weapons. To do this, you will need spare parts here, and getting them is not so easy. You can search for them all over the world, or you can buy them from merchants with the money you earn. But if you do not want to waste time or money, then you can use this cheat (F7) - and all problems will be left behind. You will be able to upgrade your weapons quickly and effectively to deal with opponents.

Car Parts

Another noteworthy element of the game is the ability to travel by car. Just like with weapons, you need to upgrade your vehicle so that it has more durability, faster speeds, and better maneuverability. And again, parts cost money or take time to find them, so the cheat (F8) is a quick and effective solution to the problem.

just cause 2 immortality cheat
just cause 2 immortality cheat

Time in mini-games

Everyone knows that this game is full of various mini-games that arise in a given situation, for example, when you need to pick a lock. However, almost always you are given a limited amount of time to solve the puzzle, and if you do not have time, then nothing happens - you have to try again, and sometimes this is not so easy to do, as all progress is reset. That is why this cheat (F9) can be very useful if you are having difficulty with any of the many mini-games.

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