System optimization: tweaking visual effects in Windows 7

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System optimization: tweaking visual effects in Windows 7
System optimization: tweaking visual effects in Windows 7

Windows 7 fell in love with many users precisely for the somewhat unusual design of the system interface, in which for the first time visualization was applied based on a combination of translucent elements in one style, called the Aero theme. However, the new interface had two mutually exclusive points that concerned computer configurations that only minimally met the requirements of the OS itself. Many users have a rather vague idea of how exactly the visual effects are configured in Windows 7, because they prefer to use standard schemes. Meanwhile, such actions are not always relevant.

UI design and its impact on resource loading

But what are these two mutually exclusive factors that were briefly mentioned above? Yes, indeed, the new interface looked likethe release of the "seven" is very unusual, because earlier Microsoft did not particularly decorate the appearance of its systems (for the first time this manifested itself only in the XP version). But the use of such visualization brought to naught all attempts to make the system work normally on those terminals, the configuration of which corresponded to the minimum declared requirements back to back. Absolutely all the default Aero-theme effects loaded system resources too high, which directly affected the RAM and graphics adapter. Roughly speaking, there were simply no resources left to execute additional system and user processes, which very often led to system freezes, emergency shutdown of installed programs, etc.

Thus, the visual effects settings in Windows 7 had to be changed.

Changing transparency and color saturation
Changing transparency and color saturation

Everything would be fine, but after all, among the standard schemes, and when using personalization, and when using additional tools, it is impossible to turn around too much (you can only change the transparency or saturation). Let's try to consider setting the optimal parameters that will help the owners of the "seven" and not spoil the appearance, and optimize the system in terms of its performance.

How to customize visual effects in Windows 7: standard templates

If we talk about the standard customization of the appearance of interface elements, by and large, you should not use personalization options for this. Doesn't matter when the theme changesor choosing color options, you won’t be able to get rid of those effects that most strongly affect the RAM and video card. Basic configuration must be done in a dedicated performance section.

To access it, you need to use the system properties item from the right-click menu on the computer icon, and then go to advanced options.

Ensuring the best view
Ensuring the best view

Here, as applied templates for quickly setting up visual effects in Windows 7, you can use three main points:

  • ensuring the best view;
  • setting optimal performance;
  • restore default settings.

The first option is suitable mainly only for those computers that are initially equipped with sufficiently large amounts of RAM and powerful video cards.

Windows 7 Visual Effects: Tune performance to the max

The second option is suitable for weak machines, however, when setting such a scheme in which absolutely all effects will be disabled, you can get the appearance of the interface a la Windows 98, which many users do not like.

Ensuring the best performance
Ensuring the best performance

Yes, indeed, it is possible to optimize the system in this way, but even when working with text, serious problems can occur when it is displayed on the screen in an unreadable form due to disabling font smoothing. In principle, this pattern can only be used in cases where you want to squeeze out of a weakconfiguration maximum.

Custom settings

But after all, many have noticed that in the settings of visual effects in Windows 7 there is one more item that allows you to enable or disable certain options selectively. What can be disabled so that the appearance does not suffer, and the system works as expected?

Disabling Unnecessary Effects in Windows 7
Disabling Unnecessary Effects in Windows 7

Most experts involved in optimizing Windows 7 recommend deactivating the following options, the use of which is not particularly noticeable visually, but which just load the computer's resources to the maximum (and unnecessarily):

  • desktop composition;
  • Peek Aero element;
  • transparency effects;
  • all components related to the animation of windows, buttons, lists and menus;
  • smooth scrolling of lists;
  • shadows cast by UI elements;
  • button and icon styles;
  • show thumbnails and a transparent selection rectangle.

But anti-aliasing of screen fonts, despite the recommendations of some users, is better left. This is especially necessary for those users who work a lot with texts or have vision problems.

How useful is it to use third-party programs?

Now let's briefly look at how to enable visual effects in Windows 7 or deactivate them as unnecessary using third-party applications that allow you to optimize the system in order to install, if not maximum, then at least increasedperformance without much change in the attractive appearance of the system.

Controlling effects in the ASC program
Controlling effects in the ASC program

In this case, you can use either optimizer programs (Advanced SystemCare, Windows 7 Manager), in which there are a few more options and standard templates available for modification, or completely change the appearance of the interface due to narrowly focused programs like WindowsBlind or changing the theme downloaded from the Internet.

The first type of software looks more preferable, because it is focused specifically on improving performance by turning off unnecessary effects. But the second type of programs, although it changes the "face" of Windows, nevertheless contributes to an increase in the load on resources, since they usually function exclusively in the background and start with the system. The only plus in their use is the ability to completely deactivate the built-in effects of the OS with a complete replacement with your own. It is difficult to judge how necessary this is.

Mac OS X Theme for Windows 7
Mac OS X Theme for Windows 7

But it is quite obvious that such embellishments, for example, with the transformation of the Windows interface into the appearance of "apple" systems, can only be played on powerful PCs and laptops.


Of course, this is just a summary of how to customize the visual effects used by Windows 7. It's best to experiment with these settings yourself, turning on or off one element at a time and checking how the system reacts to it. Ultimately, it will be possibleto ensure that it will be convenient to work with the interface, and resources will be slightly freed.

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