Error installing "Windows 10": error codes, causes, ways to solve the problem

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Error installing "Windows 10": error codes, causes, ways to solve the problem
Error installing "Windows 10": error codes, causes, ways to solve the problem

Microsoft is increasingly trying to popularize its latest operating system, Windows 10, by hook or by crook forcing users to install it on their desktop PCs and laptops. The installation process, either when upgrading an existing system or when performing a clean install, is quite simple, but sometimes accompanied by errors. When installing Windows 10, this happens solely for the reason that not every computer system can switch to a new OS. Usually, almost all known failures are eliminated using not very complicated methods, which will be discussed later. But even when using them in each specific case, one should take into account the type of error that occurred, for which you will need to know the decoding of their codes.

Common types of Windows 10 installation problems

Let's start by describing the general situations in which the appearance oferrors and failures are unavoidable. If during installation Windows 10 gives an error, first of all, pay attention to the compliance of your own computer configuration with the minimum requirements of the OS being installed. This applies to a very high degree when performing a so-called clean install.

If you are upgrading an existing OS (seventh or eighth modification), please note that without installing all available updates for systems that are supposed to be upgraded to the tenth modification, the new version will not be installed.

However, problems with hardware, drivers or important components of working systems cannot be ruled out either. This may be due to malfunctioning of the same USB ports or the use of an outdated version of the interface, damage to boot media or images written to them, incorrect start settings in primary systems, non-working hardware or lack of control software, problems with hard drives, memory sticks and etc. All this can lead not only to errors, but also to the fact that the installation at a certain stage simply freezes tightly.

Error codes when installing Windows 10

So, it’s worth saying right away that it’s impossible to consider absolutely all possible situations and errors that occur during the installation process purely physically. Nevertheless, from all that can happen, failures with the most common codes can be singled out separately, among which users usually receive the following errors when installing Windows 10:

  • 900101-2000c;
  • 0xc1900101-0x20017;
  • 0x8007025d;
  • 1900107;
  • 80240020;
  • 1900101-20004;
  • 0x80070002;
  • 0xc0000428;
  • 0x80070570;
  • 0xc0000005.

Based on the above list, let's look at each failure or group of errors more specifically, and then figure out what techniques can be applied to fix them.


This group of codes identifies most Windows 10 installation errors that usually occur when upgrading existing operating systems, when the installation media was created using Microsoft's native program called Media Creation Tool. Roughly speaking, the files necessary for installing the system were written to the drive incorrectly. Unfortunately, this happens, although the utility itself does not signal this in any way.

Fixing such failures can be quite simple by downloading the image file from some trusted source on the Internet, after which you will need to create a Windows 10 installation USB flash drive in another program.

Rufus bootable flash drive software
Rufus bootable flash drive software

Most experts agree that the fully automated Rufus application looks best in this regard, in which you just need to specify the path to the desired image file, and the program will set all other parameters on its own.


Codes in this group usually refer to driver errors. When installing Windows 10, for reasons known only to her, she refuses to work with somedevices that are directly involved in the installation process. As a rule, such failures occur when upgrading existing systems, so it does not hurt to remember which equipment you have recently updated the control software for.

Driver Rollback
Driver Rollback

If you remember, in the "Device Manager" (devmgmt.msc) roll back the driver. However, it is best to disable all unnecessary peripheral and network equipment (on laptops, it is advisable to disconnect even the mouse, and leave only the touchpad), and then repeat the installation.


This error when installing Windows 10 is usually issued due to the detection of problems with RAM sticks, hard drives or logical partitions that do not have enough space to copy the required amount of information.

Checking RAM
Checking RAM

You can test the RAM on a running system with its own tool, but it's better to use programs like Memtest86+. A non-working bar will have to be replaced. If there is simply not enough memory, buy another bar of the same standard that is currently used on the motherboard (of the same DDR generation).

Pay special attention to the sizes of partitions that will be used as system partitions. "Ten" even in the form of a stripped-down version on a disk with a capacity of 16 GB simply will not get up. The same goes for a regular build if you're trying to install the system on a partition that only has 32 GB free. The best solution would be to combineseveral partitions into one with a corresponding increase in free space. This can be done either using the system tools in the disk management section (diskmgmt.msc), or in programs like AOMEI Partition Assistant or similar developments from Acronis.


The appearance of an error with this code directly indicates active protection that prevents the installation of unlicensed copies of Windows.

Disabling Secure Boot
Disabling Secure Boot

To fix it, use the BIOS / UEFI settings, where you will need to disable the Secure Boot feature. If the primary system itself has a tool to remove all installed security keys (Clear All Secure Boot Keys), use it additionally.


This crash occurs when the system Download directory in the SoftwareDistribution folder located in the main directory of the system becomes too full.

SoftwareDistribution directory cleanup command
SoftwareDistribution directory cleanup command

To clean up, run the command console as an administrator, then run wuauclt.exe /updatenow.


Errors with codes of this group can also be partially related to the overflow of the download folder described above, but in addition to clearing it, you also need to get rid of the $Windows.~BT directory, which is located at the root of the system partition.

Removing the .~BT Directory
Removing the .~BT Directory

If you can't just delete it, first rename it to something elsename, or use the Unlocker utility to perform the operation, in which, as the final action in the list, select the removal. Additionally, go to the primary system settings and change the boot mode from Legacy to UEFI.


This failure occurs when some services on an existing system are deactivated. Most often this is due to the "Update Center". Go to the services section (services.msc) and start the main process by pressing the corresponding button, setting the startup type to automatic.

If that doesn't work, disable the service and then completely clean up the contents of the DataStore subdirectory in the SoftwareDistribution directory.

Disk cleanup with removal of system files
Disk cleanup with removal of system files

If it is not possible to manually delete files and folders, use the Disk Cleanup tool to remove system files, and check all components present in the list.


This failure is related to driver errors, but the main problematic component is usually the oem-drv64.sys file that starts with the system (it is located in the drivers directory, nested in the System32 directory). He needs to be disposed of.

Revert to a previous build
Revert to a previous build

But this can be done when booting from removable media in recovery mode, where, after navigating through several partitions, it chooses to return to the previous build.

Note: after performing the return, just in case, check the system components using the command line (naturally, you need to run it fromadmin name) and sfc /scannow. If the system refuses to boot, start from removable media, switch to using the command line and repeat the operation.


Error 0x80070570 when installing Windows 10 most often indicates problems with RAM and hard drives. In the case of RAM, use the methods described above. If the hard drive began to “crumble”, the best option would be to check and restore it using the most powerful HDD Regenerator program. Just in case, it does not hurt to check the flash drive on which the installation distribution was recorded.


Finally, when installing Windows 10, error 0xc0000005 usually does not occur, but makes itself felt when updates are being installed. In principle, you can remove problematic packages in the already installed "top ten" using the programs and components section, in which you select to view installed updates. You need to delete HF applications with the following numbers:

  • 971033;
  • 2882822;
  • 2872339;
  • 2859537.

As an additional action, it may sometimes be necessary to completely deactivate the DEP service.

Disable DEP command
Disable DEP command

It is better to run it through a command console running as an administrator, by using the command shown in the image above, and then rebooting the computer system.

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