How to activate Windows 10 by phone: instructions, procedure. Windows 10 activation key

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How to activate Windows 10 by phone: instructions, procedure. Windows 10 activation key
How to activate Windows 10 by phone: instructions, procedure. Windows 10 activation key

As you know, all the latest Windows operating systems are not enough just to install on a desktop computer or laptop. In order for the system of the same tenth version to work in full force and without any restrictions, as an option, you need to activate Windows 10 by phone. We will consider the procedure for exactly this method of confirming the license code you have. There is nothing particularly complicated here, but you still have to take into account some important points, since you may not have a key, and the activation process itself for some reason may not work correctly or not start at all.

Why do I need to activate Windows 10 and below?

Before we figure out how to activate Windows 10 by phone, let's take a quick look at what it's all about. It is generally accepted that such actions are necessaryexecute solely in order to gain access to absolutely all the tools of the operating system. It's no secret that even changing the background of the lock screen in a non-activated system is not available.

Unactivated Windows 10
Unactivated Windows 10

Besides, on the "Desktop" in the lower right corner there is always a watermark with a message that Windows is not activated. But the most unpleasant thing is that the operating system can spontaneously reboot at the most inopportune moment, which very often leads to the fact that when working with some documents, important changes are not saved in them. Accordingly, the system may not accept changes to some important settings and parameters.

How to find out the Windows 10 activation key: the simplest method

Now we should say a few words about some preliminary steps that relate to the activation key itself. The fact is that it is not enough just to know it and enter it into special fields (blocks) of the instrument activating the system. The key itself must be activated. This, if you will, is a guarantee that your copy of Windows is officially purchased, and not some kind of pirated assembly, the installation of which, by and large, is illegal.

Assume that you really bought the installation disk from an authorized dealer.

License codes on the Windows 10 box
License codes on the Windows 10 box

The key is usually indicated on the back of the packing box. It should be used for confirmation.

How to find out the sewn keyactivation?

But how to activate Windows 10 by phone if you don't have a box with a key? In principle, even in the system itself, one can usually find a so-called hard-wired key hidden from the user's eyes.

Determination of a "wired" key in the ShowKeyPlus program
Determination of a "wired" key in the ShowKeyPlus program

To find out, regular system tools are not suitable, so many experts recommend using a small application called ShowKeyPlus. It can "fish out" built-in keys without user intervention. Simply run the program and wait for the scan result to appear.

Preliminary removal of old keys

Now let's go directly to how to activate Windows 10 by phone. If you have doubts about the legal origin of the system or the official activation has failed for some reason, it makes sense to delete all old keys, which theoretically can cause conflicts when you re-enter the required code.

Removing Old Windows 10 License Keys
Removing Old Windows 10 License Keys

To do this, you need to run the command console as an administrator, in the simplest case, use the RMB menu on the start button for this, then enter the command slmgr.vbs /upk.

Is your key suitable for activating the system by phone?

Immediately note that using the described activation method looks somewhat irrational, so if you have a key and after deleting all old codes, you can activate the system directly by executing in the same command lineconsole combination slmgr.vbs /ato. But executing this command may not give the desired result, so let's move on to the next step.

Now you need to make sure that the key you have is suitable for activating the system using the selected method. To do this, without leaving the command console, you need to execute the slmgr.vbs /ipk command, adding your key containing 25 characters (five blocks of five characters each) after a space after it. You need to enter the key with all the hyphens between the blocks.

Installing a key in Windows 10
Installing a key in Windows 10

If the key is suitable, a message from the Windows Script Host utility will appear stating that it has been successfully installed into the system, and it will be possible to confirm activation by phone.

How to activate Windows 10 by phone: instructions

Now the most important thing is to directly make a call and complete the procedure for confirming the key installed in the system. Immediately note that you can use not only a landline or mobile phone. The notorious Skype program looks just as good in this regard (especially if you have to call a paid number). Just in case, prepare a sheet of paper and a pen, because the confirmation code will be dictated to you quickly enough, and you simply may not have time to enter all the combinations in the activator fields.

In the command line, execute the combination slui 4, after which you will need to select your region. Then the same activator window will appear with the installed key, but with empty blocks that will be used to enter the confirmation code. In the same window will be indicatednumber to activate Windows 10 by phone.

Windows 10 activator window
Windows 10 activator window

As you can see from the picture, you can use both paid and free calls. In the case of landline and mobile phones, of course, it is better to prefer the second option. But if the number is busy, you can either call back later or make a paid call on Skype.

If you dialed successfully, you will be answered by an answering machine (robot), after which you will be asked to press the number 1. If you do not want to listen to additional information, you can interrupt the broadcast by pressing the hash sign (). Next, you will be asked to enter the code of the existing key (ID). After it is reported that your data has been accepted, you should return to the activator, and then sequentially enter into the empty blocks all the numbers reported by the operator (robot). In principle, you can first write them down on a piece of paper, and enter them later. No buttons need to be pressed to confirm. After entering the last digit, if the code is entered correctly, a message will appear stating that the confirmation of the Windows 10 license key by phone was successful.

Actions in the MsAct program

Also, to confirm the keys, you can use the MsAct program, the current version of which will first need to be downloaded from the Internet. In this application, you can also use unofficial keys that are freely available on the Runet, although this is illegal. How to activate Windows 10 by phone using this app? Even easier than using the system!

Windows 10 activation inMsAct program
Windows 10 activation inMsAct program

In the program, simply enter the existing key and click the button to install it into the system (Install Key). If it is working, a notification will appear at the bottom of the window stating that you can confirm it by phone. After that, call from your phone or Skype to +3728002230, enter the key, write down the confirmation code or immediately paste it into the program, and then click the "Apply Code" button. Again, if the code is entered correctly, it will be reported that the system has been successfully activated.

How to make sure the system is successfully activated?

To make sure that the activation has actually been completed, you can call up the options menu, go to the security and update settings. Select the activation item and look at the system status on the right.

Windows 10 activation check
Windows 10 activation check

In the Windows block and it will be indicated that the system is in an activated state.

How secure is it to activate the system by phone?

Despite the simplicity of the actions performed, many experts agree that this method is far from always safe. Usually, problems can only relate to the fact that your official key simply leaks to the Internet through viral channels, and after using it for a long time by other users, you may be denied activation (the activator will consider that your Windows 10 is pirated). Therefore, immediately after installing the OS on your computer, do not forget to install the antivirus and update its databases.

What to do if activation is not possible?

Finally, let's seeHow to get rid of some problems when activating Windows 10 by phone. If the toll free number is busy or does not answer, call back a little later or use Skype to make a call to a paid number (if you have unlimited traffic, or there are funds on your account in the program itself). You can also use the popular Viber app.

Sometimes the problem may only be that the existing key simply does not fit your system modification, for example, if you are trying to activate the Pro version with a key intended for Home modification. Quite often you can encounter problems with the computer ID, which is automatically determined “on the other side”. In this case, it is advisable to first disable the sound and network adapter using the "Device Manager" for this (after activation, they can be enabled again).

Sometimes the problem may be in the activation system itself, so you should wait for Microsoft to fix it. If the activation process does not give the desired result and none of the proposed methods fixes the problem, you can activate the system using utilities like KMSpico or KMSAuto Net (despite having an official key, there is simply nothing else left). It's both easier and faster.

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