Snow elves, The Elder Scrolls - review, walkthrough and interesting facts

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Snow elves, The Elder Scrolls - review, walkthrough and interesting facts
Snow elves, The Elder Scrolls - review, walkthrough and interesting facts

The race of snow elves is one of the most mysterious in the Elder Scrolls universe. Since their footprints are visible throughout the most popular fifth part of the line called "Skyrim", fans are interested in these people. To find out a brief history and basic information about him, you should read this material.

General information

Before installing a snow elf-related mod on Skyrim, the player should learn more about this race. Even in ancient times, this people separated from other measures and created their own authentic culture. His empire occupied most of the northern province of Tamriel, the island of Solstheim, and extended as far as High Rock. In terms of power, the culture of the race competed even with the legendary Altmer. The people got their nickname "snowy" because of their bright white appearance. Only the eyes could have a gray or blue tint. Representatives of this people were inferior to people in the ability to handle weapons, but compensated for this with excellent magical skills.

snow elves
snow elves

Culture part 1

Players should understand that snow elves have been defeated when competing with humans forsettlement in the province of Skyrim. They had certain difficulties in handling weapons, although some organizations within the race such as the "Order of Paladins" were focused on this. In most cases, representatives of the people used magic. They were especially strong in restoration and spellcasting using frost (one of the schools of destruction).

Now it is difficult to talk about what exactly the culture of this people was. The only small structure left is the Temple of Auri-El, which can be found in the Forgotten Vale. It is difficult to assess the splendor of the empire of a separate elven race from it. We can say for sure that their language was incredibly difficult to master. At the time of the dragon adventures in Skyrim, the player could meet only a few people who were able to master it. Among them is the former head of the thieves' guild Gallus, as well as Kolselmo, who serves as a sorcerer at the court in Markarth.

snow elves mod
snow elves mod

Other cultural information

It would seem that elves with snow-white skin did not know how to handle weapons, they were bad blacksmiths, and therefore snow elves' armor will not be popular. It turned out quite the opposite, because their armor was light and beautiful at the same time. This people skillfully compensated for the shortcomings with pluses, and therefore the armor was created exclusively by magical abilities. The material was specially processed and inlaid with expensive details.

The architectural skills of the snow elves are almost entirely shrouded in mystery. From one existing temple, players can see the beautiful decoration of the stones, butto confirm, you need to look at ordinary houses that no longer exist. The race was also famous for being able to create special paragon platforms. These are devices that allow you to teleport between them. How exactly they were created is unknown, the technology has been lost over the years of oblivion.

Blood story

If players think that the Snow Elves were undeservedly wiped out by the native Nords of the Atmoran mainland, then a closer look at history should be taken. Initially, it was the Mer, who separated from their people, who occupied the province of Skyrim. After the arrival of the Nords, there were small local conflicts, but it was the future Falmers who unleashed a real war. At the end of the Merethic Era, a tragic event called the Night of Tears occurred. Snow elves in the dark attacked sleeping people in Saarthal, the first settlement in Skyrim.

Because of this massacre, Ysgramor gathers half a thousand of his followers and begins hostilities against the elves. How exactly the campaign went is unknown, but it was a great success. The enemies of the people were defeated, many fell into slavery. It was they who were used to build stone cities and the first of them was Windhelm. The battle of Moesring was the last attempt of the elves, but they again received a crushing defeat. Race leader Snow Prince was killed.

skyrim snow elves mod
skyrim snow elves mod

The fate of the remnants of the race

In the game "Skyrim" mod for snow elves adds them to the world of this project. In fact, they are almost impossible to meet without the addition of an additionalcopyright content. The war with the people greatly weakened them, and therefore the elves decided to take refuge with the Dwemer.

The high-tech race agreed to take them in, but with apprehension. They drew up a contract under which their current "friends" must regularly take narcotic mushrooms. They were artificially created in order to greatly weaken the elves. The idea of the Dwemer was 100 percent successful. Once a great race after the defeat of the Nords became slaves. The Dwemer used them as free labor, and poisonous mushrooms became part of their diet. This food caused addiction, without it it was impossible for elves to live. It was at this stage that they began to turn into Falmer - blind and ugly creatures that are often found in the various dungeons of the province of Skyrim.

snow elf armor
snow elf armor

Last try

By installing a mod on the race of snow elves, the players pay some tribute to this people. Even when the Dwemer almost completely conquered them, they decided not to give up. Representatives of the huge people of Mer were already half transformed under the influence of those very mushrooms, but at one moment they managed to rise from their knees. The slaves remembered the glory of their ancestors and decided to take revenge on the Dwemer for what they did to them.

It is not known exactly when the uprising took place, but the event gained a large scale. In history it has been dubbed the War of the Rock. It all ended with the fact that in 1E 700 the Dwemer simply disappeared somewhere. Before that, there was a battle near Red Mountain, but the story does not tell how the battle ended. Falmer anywayleft alone in the ancient settlements, completely addicted to poisonous mushrooms.

skyrim snow elf armor
skyrim snow elf armor

Surviving Representatives

If you want to look at the armor of the snow elves in Skyrim, the player should go to Nirn. It was there that the living representatives of the race remained, who did not mutate into the Falmer. In this settlement, users will be able to chat with Gelebor and his brother Virtur. The first will report that not all snow elves went to the Dwemer for salvation. Some simply hid in the far reaches of the northern province of Tamriel. This happened due to the fact that there was no faith in the Dwemer, and therefore the choice to settle in the Forgotten Vale was more attractive.

From the brothers you can also learn the story of why they were left alone, and where the order of Auriel disappeared, although initially there were more of them. Gelebor suggests that other snow elves are also hiding somewhere, waiting to show themselves to the world.

snow elf race mod
snow elf race mod


If the player does not install any modifications that are associated with the snow elves, then you will have to find information bit by bit in the Skyrim world. To understand more about the nature and origin of the Falmer, the museum in Markarth is the best source. The small number of exhibits is a premise that people really have little information about them.

In fact, information about the Falmer is considered almost invaluable to scientists in Skyrim. That is why a wide variety of theories are put forward about the existence of snowelves. One of the most plausible is that they mixed with the other measures and simply dissolved as a race. In any case, the universe is developing, there is an online version of The Elder Scrolls, where developers can fully reveal the history of this people.

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