The Psijic Order from The Elder Scrolls - who are they?

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The Psijic Order from The Elder Scrolls - who are they?
The Psijic Order from The Elder Scrolls - who are they?

Not all Tamriel organizations can boast the level of ste alth and mystery that members of the Psijic Order possess. For a long time they were considered missing, and their sudden return brought with it only anxiety and numerous questions that needed answers. Where have they been for the last 350 years? What brought them back? Why did the whole island disappear with them, which is still not found?

And perhaps the most important question that worries many - what do the Psijic Order and the mysterious organization that threaten the High Elves have in common? Answers to these and many other questions can be obtained during the passage of the new chapter of "The Elder Scrolls: Online" called Summerset. It is in "Summerset" that players have the opportunity not only to get to know the Order better, but also to become one of its followers. Recall that in Skyrim the Psijic Order was only a part of the lore, and it was impossible to join it as a regular organization.

What is known from early history?

The Psijic Order from The Elder Scrolls
The Psijic Order from The Elder Scrolls

According to the ancients andmystical explorers, the Psijics were pioneers in exploring the secrets of mysticism or the "Old Ways". Thanks to this direction, the Order was able to learn unique knowledge and powers. It was even rumored that his followers gained the ability to manipulate time.

For several centuries, the Psijics pursued their explorations while choosing complete isolation from the rest of the world. They remained on their native island of Artaeum, located south of the province of Summerset. The fact that the Psijic Order does not want to talk about their discoveries outside the island is far from a secret. Even the few followers found throughout Tamriel preferred to keep their knowledge secret.

However, not all members of the Order shared this desire for privacy. One of those who disagreed was Vanus Gallerion, a powerful mage who believed that Psijics should share the secrets of their knowledge and abilities with others. Gallerion left the ranks of the Order and became the founder of the Mages Guild, an organization whose main principle was to share and promote the mysteries of magic.

Disappeared Island

Quests for the Psijic Order
Quests for the Psijic Order

350 years ago, the home of the Psijic Order - Artaeum - went missing. Along with the whole island, the Psijics themselves disappeared, as well as all the results of their long experiments. Why this happened is unknown. Even the sudden return of the Order could not shed light on the mystery of their disappearance.

They returned to Tamriel after beingA Royal Decree is passed allowing wanderers to freely cross Summerset's borders. At the same time, the location of Artaeum, the home island that disappeared with the Psijics, remains a mystery.

Philosophy of the Order

The followers of the Order have always followed the philosophy of the Old Way. This is the name of the process of meditation and learning, which helps to awaken within the student the ability to submit and control the forces of nature. The Psijics are engaged in research on such phenomena as the divine creation of the world, the variability of Sithis, and the concept of the Whole World. One of the main goals of the Order is to prevent power from falling into the hands of evil people. That is why the Council of the Order has repeatedly influenced the political situation within Tamriel.

Now representatives of any race can join the Order, which is rather unusual, since only Altmer could join it before.

Skyrim: Psijic Order
Skyrim: Psijic Order

Psijic Order Quests

In order to unlock the skill line available to all members of the Order, you must complete the first task "The Queen's Decree". Recall that access to join the ranks of the Psijics, and therefore to all the accompanying quests, appears only for owners of the Summerset add-on for The Elder Scrolls Online.

Let's go to Arteyum - there, in the Tsepor's tower, we will meet with a lormaster named Celarus. Joining the Psijic Order comes with a unique skill line. We equip any new ability and start its development. To move up in rank within the Order, playerswill have to complete special quests.

Main abilities from the Psijic skill line

How to join the Psijic Order?
How to join the Psijic Order?

Followers of the Order will have access to completely new unique abilities. Below is an example of the main skills that are available for all Psijics to learn:

  1. Time control - allows you to freeze the passage of time in a certain place. All enemies caught in this zone lose their speed and gradually freeze in place.
  2. Meditation - the ability restores the level of he alth, stamina and magic. Meditation takes time, so it's best to use it after the battle, when there are no irritants nearby.
  3. Cancel - This ability turns any Psijic into a true Time Lord. Together with the ability, you can return to the past (a few seconds ago) and replenish the spent he alth, mana or stamina.

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