How to advertise on Instagram yourself?

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How to advertise on Instagram yourself?
How to advertise on Instagram yourself?

One of the most effective methods of website promotion and business development at the moment is advertising on social networks. Social networks, where people actively communicate, are more willing to pay attention to useful posts, join groups, like posts and make reposts, are an almost inexhaustible source of traffic. A properly built advertising campaign will allow you to get new customers, keep the attention of existing ones and again win over those who were dissatisfied with the service.

how to advertise on instagram
how to advertise on instagram

Advertising is often set up by SMM (social media promotion) specialists or in-house marketers. But for a small business or aspiring entrepreneur, spending on the services of specialists at the start is too burdensome. How to make advertising on Instagram, for example, cheaper? Effective advertising in mostsocial networks, including Instagram, you can set up yourself in just 10-15 minutes.

Why run ads on this platform?

September 30, 2015, Russian businessmen have a chance to publish advertisements on Instagram, which means that companies with a wide reach can now promote themselves and their products on this social network. Currently, the audience of Instagram users from Russia has crossed the mark of 9 million people. Most of the users from Russia are young people from 15 to 23 years old.

how to run ads on instagram
how to run ads on instagram

With such a large number of active users, it creates a fertile ground for placing advertising campaigns on Instagram, so adding them to your marketing strategy will be a smart decision for your business. This significantly saves time that was previously spent looking for partners with sometimes terrible cooperation conditions.

Instagram advertising allows you and only you to choose who to show it to and spend your finances and time only on the target audience. Now let's learn how to set up ads on Instagram.

Step-by-step advertising campaign setup

Official Instagram ads have three key user actions:

  • go to website;
  • watch video;
  • download app.
how to advertise on instagram
how to advertise on instagram

How to advertise on Instagram yourself? Aboutthis - next.

Step 1. Preparing the advertisement

How to advertise on Instagram? To begin with, it is worth preparing your advertisement in all respects. Advertising on this platform can be of three types: photo, video or photo slideshow. Now let's turn to the requirements that must be taken into account when creating advertisements of various formats.

Photo Advertisement

How to make an ad in the Instagram feed in the form of a photo? Photos for the social network are advised to take in the form of a square. This form is more familiar to users, so it looks more natural and advantageous compared to vertical or horizontal photo images. Try to portray your product in the photo as naturally as possible, because the less the photo looks like an advertisement, the more it attracts users.

How to advertise on Instagram? Specifications for promotional photography:

  1. Minimum image size - from 600 pixels, maximum - 1936 pixels. It is recommended to use the standard size for the social network - 1080 × 1080 pixels.
  2. Format file --j.webp" />
  3. Use no more than 20% text per image. Users respond better to photos with minimal text information.
  4. The text of the post can contain a maximum of 2, 2 thousand characters, but the user will see up to 125 characters in his feed. Further text is opened by clicking on "Read more".

Video Ads

How to make an ad on Instagram in the formvideo ads? With the help of video, you can clearly demonstrate your product, convey the style of your brand to the public. On the Instagram network, you should pay attention to the fact that the video should be understandable to the user without sound, since it is turned off by default and not everyone turns on the sound when watching videos.

how to advertise on instagram through facebook
how to advertise on instagram through facebook

Video specifications:

  1. Videos must be between six seconds and one minute long.
  2. File type -.mp4.
  3. File size - up to 4 GB.
  4. There is also a minimum of information on the preview video.

A call-to-action can be placed under a video or photo and will be displayed across the width of the ad. Clicking on a call to action will take the user to that site. If no call to action is selected, a "Read More" button will appear below the post to go to the website.

Slideshow (carousel)

How to create an ad on Instagram as a slideshow? This slideshow consists of three to five photos. It allows you to show different products or a single product from different angles. Technical requirements are similar to photographs. Such advertising is suitable for large brands or online stores.

Step 2. Launch ads

How to run ads on Instagram? The creation of advertising and the launch of an advertising campaign are carried out through Facebook. To launch advertising, you will need to link the project's Facebook page to your Instagram account. Like thisimplement?

  1. Go to the Facebook page in your business project. In the top menu, select "Settings".
  2. In the "Settings" section in the menu on the left we see "Advertising on Instagram", go to this section and click on the "Add account" icon.
  3. Enter the login and password of your Instagram account and confirm the attachment to the Facebook business page. If you wish, you can always unlink your page from your account.

Step 3. Authorization in the advertising account and setup

How to advertise on Instagram through Facebook? There are several ways to log in to your Facebook ad account: select Ads Manager in the left menu or click on the white triangle in the right corner and select "Create ad".

how to advertise on instagram
how to advertise on instagram

In the office you can create advertising campaigns for various purposes. Thus, the "Engagement" goal will be useful for those who intend to attract users to their Instagram account for promotions or contests, or simply seek to increase the activity of subscribers on the channel.

Traffic's goal is based on placing a link and a call to action in your ad. This direction is suitable for those who intend to send people to their site and increase sales through this.

Did you decide on your goals? Now we give the name of our advertising campaign. Try to adapt the name to your audience, if at this stage it is difficult to decide, do not worry, the name is always possiblechange.

Audience setup is the most important part of creating an advertising campaign. The most important part in creating advertising is working with the audience. How you set up your ad will directly affect who finds it.

First of all, you need to set the location in the settings: select the country, city or several places where you will sell your goods. In the "Places" section in the settings, you can specify how users relate to the place you have chosen: live, sometimes visit or travel in this place.

Targeted advertising on Instagram

A special advantage of advertising on Instagram is that it is targeted. This means that you yourself will be able to set up for your advertising, to whom the advertisement will be shown, to what gender, age, in which country and many other factors. How to advertise on Instagram? Try to choose among the interests those that are typical for your potential audience. Interact with people, find out what is interesting and important for them in order to build a list and fine-tune ads.

how to advertise on instagram feed
how to advertise on instagram feed

How to make targeted advertising on Instagram effective? After all, for example, by selecting females from 18-30 years old in the audience settings, you can still get a couple of likes from men or teenagers. Additionally, you can use the "Recommendations" section. Here Facebook will tell you what else should be included in the settings so that advertisingmatched the audience.

Placement and its types. What is included in the budget?

Standard in the advertising account is "Automatic types of placement", i.e. "Facebook" itself determines where it is more efficient to show ads. In the "Ad group" section, go to the "Types of placement", then select "Edit placements" and check the boxes where your ad will be shown.

How to make advertising on Instagram financially profitable? It is worth paying attention to the section "Budget and Schedule". In this section, you can specify both the daily budget and the entire duration of your advertising campaign. On the right, the approximate coverage of people per day will be indicated in accordance with the selected budget.

Creating an ad

How to create an ad on Instagram? After successfully setting up the target audience, it's time to move on to creating the ad itself. You need to do this in the "Ads" section of Ads Manager. In this section, you can create a new publication or use an existing one. In the tab for creating a new ad, you will be prompted to add offer text and product photos. As soon as the ad is compiled, click on the "Check order" button, all the ad settings will appear in front of you. If everything is correct, click "Place order".

how to make targeted ads on instagram
how to make targeted ads on instagram

After placing an order, Facebook will prompt you to select a payment method. When you link your bank card, about 40 rubles will be debited from your account, which will immediately be returned to yourcheck. The specified bank data will be contained in the "Billing and payment methods" section, when setting up the following advertising campaigns, you will not need to enter your payment data again. In this section, it will be possible to change payment methods: connect others and delete existing ones.

Next, you need to send the ad to the moderators for verification. This will be done automatically after paying for the advertisement. On average, the check is carried out in an hour. The moderator will check the text and attached images for compliance with the rules of advertising. Upon completion of the verification in your advertising account, you will see the line "Your ad is approved", and a green circle will appear in front of the post. And in the activity feed, you will find likes and comments to your ad.

With these instructions, you can set up your advertising offer on the social network "Instagram" in 10-15 minutes.

Official advertising will help promote your social network account, attract new customers and retain existing ones, significantly expand your reach and target your audience.

And remember the main rule when launching an advertising campaign - test your texts and videos, improve your skills every day. None of the experts will be able to accurately determine which text will deeply affect and affect people, this can only be seen after publication. As a recommendation, you can advise you to create several different ads for your audience at once, analyze the reactions and choose the best among them. Only in this way can you find an approach to the audience,find the right text style, the right video and the right ad format, which will make it possible to interest as many customers as possible with the minimum budget for you.

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