File format .spl7: how to open?

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File format .spl7: how to open?
File format .spl7: how to open?

Someone sent you an unknown.spl7 file? In this article, we will tell you how to open.spl7, the main and all alternative methods.

Format description

The.spl7 file format is the format created, opened and edited by sPlan 7.0 (developed by ABACOM).

Important! We are talking about sPlan 7.0. Earlier versions of the program worked with.spl.

The software is designed to create schemes of various directions, for example, electrical and hydraulic, in the extension.spl7.

What to open?

On Windows:

  1. Download the Russian (or English, if it doesn't matter to you) version of the sPlan 7.0 software on the official website.
  2. Install the program in the normal mode (run as administrator the file "program name".exe or setup.exe in the root folder).
  3. Wait for the installation wizard to finish.
  4. Start the program.
  5. Click "File" - "Open" and select file.spl7.
spl7 than open
spl7 than open

How to open in Mac or Linux? Unfortunately, nothing. The developers provide sPlan 7.0 for Windows only. To open, try this option:

  1. Install onyour Mac or Linux virtual machine.
  2. Install the Windows operating system in the virtual machine.
  3. Follow the above instructions using the virtual machine.

Despite the fact that this is an effective option, it is very expensive for those who are not going to work in sPlan 7.0, but are only looking for how to open the.spl7 file.

Alternative options below.

Alternative 1: convert to another format

Instructions in case the previous method than opening.spl7 did not work and if you only need to view the file (not edit it):

  1. Search the Internet for an online service to convert.spl7 files to-j.webp" />
  2. Convert the diagram to the appropriate format.
  3. Download the resulting file.
  4. Open normally through Windows Photo Viewer, any PDF Reader or browser.
spl7 extension than open
spl7 extension than open

Alternative 2: export

Ask the person who sent you the file to export it from sPlan 7.0 to a more common format than.spl7. How to open this other format will depend on the format itself. sPlan allows you to export schemes to BMP,-g.webp" />

Advantage over conventional conversion: exporting directly from sPlan 7.0 will allowdo not lose quality.

Alternative 3: portable version

Many programs have a portable version besides the regular one. sPlan 7.0 is no exception. Open and edit.spl7 files in their "native" program with one big advantage - the steps in the above installation instructions can be omitted.

how to open spl7 file
how to open spl7 file

Also, if you transfer the portable program to a flash drive, you will be able to run it and open and edit.spl7 from any computer.

Disadvantage: portable versions are unofficial and released by third parties. You can find them on torrent trackers (which are regularly blocked). When downloading, you need to be sure about the product, check the list of files manually (trackers have such a function) and antivirus for the presence of malicious code embedded in the program. Also, read the description of the program carefully, as a particular version may not be compatible with your operating system.

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