Automatic pagination in InDesign

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Automatic pagination in InDesign
Automatic pagination in InDesign

For the convenience of using any multi-page publication (book, magazine, technical and business documentation, etc.), it is necessary that the sheets be numbered. Adobe InDesign is currently the most widely used layout tool for such literature.

You can enter numbers on each page manually, but InDesign's automatic page numbering has a number of advantages. In addition to the unconditional acceleration of the process, reducing labor intensity, reducing the likelihood of errors, numbering flexibility is added. When rearranging, inserting or deleting sheets, the numbering will be recalculated. The article below describes how best to do pagination in InDesign.

Using a MasterPage for pagination

The easiest and most convenient way to set page numbers in InDesign is to use templates. In this case, all insertion and formatting actions are performed on the template, and the customizednumbering will be applied automatically.

  • In the "Pages" palette, you need to select the template that you want to apply to the required pages.
  • In the selected location of the number, place a text block large enough to fit the number and related information.
screenshot of the template page
screenshot of the template page
  • In the case of spread layout, it is required to provide separate frames for the numbering of the left and right pages.
  • Add a special character to the created frame: "Text" - "Insert special character" - "Markers" - "Current page number". English version: Type - Insert Special Character - Markers - Current Page Number. Second method: you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Cmd + "Image" + Shift + N.
screenshot of insert menu
screenshot of insert menu
  • Change the format of the text according to your design, i.e. choose the size and style of the font, color, alignment, etc. The numbering on all pages of a document with a similar template will therefore be formatted the same.
  • After editing the templates, go to the document. Now the sheets of the document will be numbered automatically.

Remove the number of the first page of the document

If the first page of the document is the cover or title page, the page number is usually omitted. The numbering starts from the second. In order to delete a number, you can use any of the two methods:

  1. Set the page to a new template (without numbering). Canuse the "No Pattern" property.
  2. Unpin a text frame with Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + Click on the page number. Then delete it.

Setting the numbering style

In InDesign, pages are numbered with Arabic numerals by default. It is possible to change this setting in the menu section "Layout" - "Numbering & Section Options" (Layout - Numbering & Section Options), for example, selecting the style A, B, C, D … or I, II, III, IV … Here it is possible to set any character as a prefix. If you want to start numbering not from the first number, you can specify any starting number.

screenshot of numbering style change
screenshot of numbering style change

We have considered the question of how to put pagination in InDesign. The program allows you to automate this process and thus avoid time-consuming manual work, make the publication logical, beautifully designed, flexible and adapted for further editing. The main thing is to follow the sequence.

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