How to block a website so it won't open?

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How to block a website so it won't open?
How to block a website so it won't open?

Everyone has their own reasons to block the site. Someone wants to improve their performance and limits themselves to viewing the social network feed. Often there are questions about how to block sites from children. The desire to avoid certain sites is very popular, today there are so many tools to do this.

DNS blockers

DNS blockers filter traffic and work as follows. The user specifies the selected DNS server in the connection settings. Outgoing traffic is redirected to the specified address, and a response is returned, processed taking into account the selected user package. The web service accepts incoming data, blocks unwanted pages, sends it to the client over the network.

DNS blockers
DNS blockers

Convenience is that the database of allowed and prohibited sites is formed by a remote computer. Accordingly, it is impossible to change the filtering order from the device from which requests are received without entering your personal account.

How to block a site in "Yandex. DNS"?

One of these services is provided by YandexDNS. It's a fairly simple toolwith him there will be no questions about how to block the site. To use this method, you need to open There are three packages:

  • basic;
  • safe;
  • family.
Yandex DNS
Yandex DNS

"Family" is the most reliable mode. It blocks suspicious and adult content sites. The "Safe" package only protects against scammers and viruses. The "basic" package is the simplest and only provides DNS. After selecting a package and registering in the settings, you must specify IPv4. It can be found on the official page. Open DNS works in a similar way. Blocks unwanted resources and in addition offers a wide range of additional features. Some features are only available to advanced users.

The DNS server is specified in the Internet connection properties. It is necessary to register two values: preferred and alternative DNS. After that, in the "Settings" section of the site, the IP address assigned by the provider is entered. When using dynamic IP, you need to connect additional programs. If you can find your IP in the "Connections" field, then everything is configured correctly. Now you need to create a list of blocked URLs. It also provides protection against malicious files and viruses.

Via browser

The easiest way to restrict yourself from some content is in the browser. For example, "Opera" by default provides the ability to block pages. You can turn off javascript, plugins, set styles globally or separately for eachwebsite.

Blocking in Opera
Blocking in Opera

The way to find out how to block a site is in the following instructions:

  • open settings;
  • move to the last tab "Advanced";
  • click on the bottom button "Blocked content";
  • enter the desired addresses.

Other popular browsers do not currently offer this feature. Additional applications from the extension store may be used to limit traffic. If the question of how to block a site in Opera or another browser is not resolved, you must use other methods.

Third Party Addons

How to block a website on your phone or computer? For each browser, there are additional applications that can significantly expand the functions. There are 7 popular applications for blocking websites and protecting against objectionable content. This is:

  • Todobook;
  • Strict Workflow;
  • timeStats;
  • Trackr;
  • StayFocusd;
  • Go Fucking Work.

Todobook is solely for blocking Facebook.

Todobook to block facebook
Todobook to block facebook

When you install this application, the social network feed is blocked, instead of which a to-do list appears. The program offers to go to the store, finish the article, etc. Each item can be marked as completed, or a new one can be added. All notifications that may be of interest also stop appearing. The app runs onEnglish, but all the settings are described quite simply, so everything is clear without knowing the language.

Strict Workflow helps fight temptation by breaking time into chunks. The extension works according to the Pomodoro technique. How to block a site with it? After downloading, an icon appears, when clicked, the countdown of working hours starts. The add-on prohibits any resources, Facebook and YouTube are included in the list by default. Unlike other programs, this one does not block addresses for a long time. Each working period lasts 25 minutes, 5 minutes are allotted for rest using the Pomodoro technique. This is enough to check incoming messages and news.

The StayFocusd extension works very simply. After it has been downloaded, a special icon appears on the right side of the address bar. By being on the web site and clicking on this button, you will set the ban period. In this case, entire sites, subdomains, individual pages can be filtered. If they want to reduce the time, the user will be met with a pop-up window asking them to change their mind and wait for the set time to expire.

Go Fucking Work is quite an aggressive program. Its goal is to help the employee stop visiting sites with entertaining content and contribute to improved performance. It differs from similar applications because it communicates with the user in a non-standard way. The app sends offensive messages to get back to work.

Avast Antivirus

The site is blocked by means of the usedantivirus.

Avast antivirus
Avast antivirus

Avast has a pretty simple ban system. It works like this:

  • first you need to open the web screen settings;
  • on the left side of the menu, select "Block sites";
  • now you need to allow blocking, check the box next to the corresponding text;
  • enter address.

You can use the wildcardto specify a URL mask.

Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky uses the configuration extension. It allows you to restrict access selectively on weekdays or weekends. Sets the number of hours allowed to visit during the day.

Kaspersky Lab
Kaspersky Lab

User can create groups with sites to fine-tune access to them. There is an option to block file uploads. Separately, downloading of media files or programs, archives is blocked. For all changes to take effect, you must enable control. To do this, you need to find a special icon at the top right of the screen.

Windows Firewall

How to block a site with a firewall? The built-in Windows Firewall provides an efficient way to filter traffic. To configure it, follow the instructions.

  1. Open the "Security system" section and move to the "Advanced settings" tab.
  2. Now create a connection rule. A window appears with a choice of actions - select "Blockconnection", click "Next".
  3. To simplify future search and change of the rule, specify the name.
  4. Double click, select "Region" tab.
  5. In the bottom field called "Remote IP address" check the box next to "Specified IP addresses".
  6. Enter the website address.

COMODO Firewall

How to block a site in a browser? The popular COMODO Firewall is also good at protecting sites with suspicious content. This is a free app, downloaded from the official website.

Comodo Firewall
Comodo Firewall

After starting the Firewall, select the item "Manage system components" and click on the very first item Firewall. If the switch on the right is marked in gray, then protection must be activated. We click on the switch and watch how the color changes. A drop-down menu opens with the following items:

  • Firewall settings;
  • global rules;
  • rule sets;
  • network zones;
  • port sets.

Open "Global Rules", create a new one. In the "Destination address" tab, select the host name and add the sites that you want to block. If everything is configured correctly, the name of the new rule will appear in the window, click "OK".

Internet filter

Looking for a way to block a site so it won't open? Here he is. There is a way to prevent access to certain sites, not only with the help of additional programs andapplications. It is much faster and more convenient, because there is no need to download an antivirus or Firewall. This universal method is just as working as all the previous ones. It blocks social networks and other unwanted sites.

To deny access to any resource, a separate host file will be used. It is available in the Windows operating system of any version, located in the root directory, the /system32/driver/etc folder. Any changes must be made exclusively under administrator rights. The file can be opened in any convenient text editor. The user may notice that this file does not exist in some OS versions. In this case, you can enter the word host or etc. If this method also did not help, you will have to create the folder and file manually.

host file
host file

When changing the content, you need to take into account that the user can access the site in two ways. The example of "VKontakte" shows that you can access your page through and Before the address, you must specify the loopback address. By default it is Thus, when trying to open the specified web service, the user will be redirected to their local machine. In a similar format, all unwanted sites are indicated. Unlike third-party applications, this method works without failures. It is noticeable that the answer to the question of how to block a site on a computer is quite simple.

With all the simplicity of this method, the site can be restored. If the person they are trying to block from visiting a web resource knows wherelook for the reason for blocking, it will remove the rules specified in the host file.

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