The best video processing software: review and reviews

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The best video processing software: review and reviews
The best video processing software: review and reviews

Modern computers with hardware and software installed on them today offer any user the broadest possibilities for working with multimedia.

In the material below, we offer a brief review of the best video editing programs, focusing on both beginners and professional users. You can find a lot of applications in this direction, it will not work to consider all the developments, so we will focus on the most popular packages, including the simplest applications, professional and semi-professional programs in their list. But first, let's talk about some conditions and recommendations of specialists that it is advisable to follow.

Introduction, or What you need to consider before choosing a program for processing photos and videos

So, you have decided to start creating your own video or film, and you want to feel like a clip maker or director. It seems thatthere are enough programs for video processing on a PC, and there is a desire. But which of all that is offered in the software market for the film industry today, which one to choose? Each user should understand that this is far from the most important question, because a person who knows perfectly some simple program is able to do much more than a layman in the most sophisticated professional-level application.

In addition, professionals recommend decomposing the process of creating a video of any level of complexity into several main stages, for each of which not one software package, but several narrowly focused applications will be used. Roughly this list might look like this:

  • video capture;
  • video editing;
  • work with graphics;
  • sound processing;
  • imposing effects;
  • adding titles;
  • Encoding the final video.

As is already clear from the points included in the list of the main stages of creating a full-fledged clip, video or movie, you will have to install a lot of special applications to perform each action. For home users, this option, of course, is not suitable. Therefore, we will consider programs for video processing in Windows (or on mobile systems), which can conditionally be classified as "all-in-one".

Another important point is the computer configuration. Actually, the programs themselves for processing video on a computer are very demanding on hardware. For maximum performance, your PC or laptop must beequipped with a powerful processor, a sufficiently large amount of RAM, as well as graphics and sound cards. In other words, devices directly mounted on the motherboard and belonging to the Sound-on-Board or Video-on-Board class are not recommended (this is confirmed by the reviews of most professionals). You can use them only in the case of working with the simplest programs for processing photos and videos. Finally, special attention should be paid to the choice of hard drive. Preference should be given to faster SSDs, rather than aging conventional hard drives. In addition, the amount of available free space must be appropriate. Why? Yes, only because despite the small size of the final encoded (compressed) video, in the process of creating a video, one way or another, temporary files will be saved in the system. And their size can be quite impressive.

Best Video Editing Programs

We figured out the preparatory stages. Now is the time to start choosing software. To do this, it is desirable to have at least an initial understanding of the main features of the respective applications.

Let's take a quick look at the most popular and sought-after Windows video processing software by users, including the following software packages in the list:

  • Windows Movie Maker;
  • Movavi Video Editor;
  • Camtasia Studio;
  • Video MONTAGE;
  • Avidemux;
  • Pinnacle Studio;
  • VirtualDub;
  • Lightworks;
  • Ulead MediaStudio Pro;
  • CyberLink PowerDirector 16 Ultra;
  • Adobe Premiere Pro;
  • Sony Vegas Pro;
  • Corel VideoStudio Pro X10.

We will consider each application very briefly and solely for the purpose of getting acquainted with the main features, tools, pros and cons, since a detailed description can take a lot of time. But one can immediately note the fact that the tools for editing, processing the source material or the final video of each individual program can be completely different, but the mixing principles for most applications are the same and in the simplest case they usually come down to dragging or placing fragments of video, audio, graphics or applied effects on a special scale, which is usually located at the bottom of the main window.

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is an application built into the operating system, many know it as the Movie Maker video processing program, which was present in system modifications below the seventh. Users of newer operating systems have at their disposal a fairly simple, but at the same time an interesting tool, with which creating a video from photos and video fragments is quite elementary.

Windows Movie Maker
Windows Movie Maker

True, both applets do not have as many features and tools as we would like, however, for primitive video editing with rotations, cropping and overlaying effects from a template set, as well as adding soundpaths they fit. In addition, it is recommended to start mastering the creation and editing of video with such programs, and after learning the basic basics, it will be possible to move on to higher-level applications. The inconvenience is that applications can only save video in one format (WMV) and have a minimal toolkit.

Note: Please note that Windows 10 has another program called "Photos" that can not only edit graphic files, but also quickly create amateur videos. Based on user feedback, this applet is preferred by many.

Movavi Video Editor

Here we have another simple program for video editing at home. Compared to previous applications, it has a few more features, although it does not even reach the semi-professional level.

Movavi Video Editor
Movavi Video Editor

The most important thing that attracts novice users is a completely simple and not overloaded with unnecessary elements interface and support for almost all known video formats, including standards used in mobile systems. To all those who want to learn how to create and edit videos professionally, the pros recommend paying special attention to the tools for capturing video and audio from any source (monitor screen, Skype video conference, camera, TV tuner, etc.).

Camtasia Studio

This simple program for processing videos in Russian is not officiallyis being released, however, even with an English-language interface, most users will understand. It is very similar to the previous utilities, but has some interesting features.

Camtasia Studio
Camtasia Studio

For example, you can apply sound or an effect selected from a set only in a separate part of the frame. For finished material, there is a quick publishing tool on the popular YouTube video hosting.


Now a few words about one of the most popular video processing software in Russian, which, thanks to its simplicity and the ability to quickly create videos, has won a whole army of fans who now and then leave laudatory posts on various forums.

VideoMONTAZH program
VideoMONTAZH program

Despite the fact that this application is positioned as a program aimed at beginners, it has its advantages. The whole process of creating an amateur video can be reduced to a few simple steps:

  • add video;
  • dot frame editing;
  • overlay sound and special effects;
  • publication of finished material.

The only negative is that the application is paid (the price is a little less than 1000 rubles), in the free version, when saving, the logo of the program developer is installed on the background of the video, and the trial period is unreasonably short - only 10 days.


This video processing program is in a sense a transitional application between the simplest applets and packagessemi-professional level.

Avidemux program
Avidemux program

It has enough tools for all occasions. Particularly pleased with the support of almost all known codecs (Xvid, x264, LAME, etc.), as well as the ability to quickly interact with mobile and gaming devices. Another plus is open source code and cross-platform support.

Pinnacle Studio

Here we have another video editing program, familiar to many in the form of a tool for quickly creating collages from user photos. But not all users imagine what this application can do in terms of video processing. But if you look at the comments of those who dug deeper into the program, it becomes clear that there are much more tools in it than it might seem at first glance.

Pinnacle Studio
Pinnacle Studio

As for the most interesting tools, it is worth noting right away that this particular package can be used as a program for processing video from cameras, and not from one, but from two at once, with the possibility of subsequent merging or overlaying video from one to another. True, to use the built-in sets of effects (adding video layers and filters), you must have a fairly powerful computer configuration. On low-power machines, image optimization can be completely deactivated.

And one more thing: many people know that there is a video processing program of the same name on Android. So, through the use of two applications at the same time, you can get quick synchronization between your computer andmobile device with the possibility of parallel processing of the material.


This application is quite simple and combines the features of a video editor and encoder.

VirtualDub program
VirtualDub program

It contains almost all the tools for capturing and editing material, but the main advantages of this program are its free distribution and incredibly low system resource requirements. This editor works even on many outdated machines without any problems.


Finally, moving on to higher-level software packages. All of them are paid, which is not surprising. The first video editing software was Lightworks.

Lightworks program
Lightworks program

The application is positioned as a powerful tool for non-linear editing, which has about one hundred and fifty professional-level effects, many tools for capturing, cutting and editing video, and allows you to import video and audio as source material in any known format. True, the saving of finished projects is carried out exclusively in JPEG-4 format with a resolution limit of 720p. In principle, if we are talking about home use, this quality is enough, as they say, with a head.

Ulead MediaStudio Pro

This is one of the most advanced packages of the past, which, alas, is not released today. At one time it was a semi-professional level program. The eighth version is considered the last released version. After her releasethis development was purchased by Corel, renamed and modernized.

Ulead MediaStudio Pro
Ulead MediaStudio Pro

Nevertheless, you can still find an installation distribution kit on the Internet. The application can be used by both entry-level users and professionals. But it can only work in Windows XP and partially in Vista. In addition, there is no question of any support for HD video standards. But judging by the comments of professionals who worked with this application before its sale, the package can be used very successfully for training.

CyberLink PowerDirector 16 Ultra

Another powerful software development focused on the rapid creation of videos and even collages is next.

CyberLink PowerDirector 16 Ultra
CyberLink PowerDirector 16 Ultra

A distinctive feature of this package is the ability to create and edit a 360-degree video, to which you can apply a rich arsenal of various effects and filters. A dedicated Storyboard Mode lets you quickly create short stories for friends and family.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Now a few words about the giants of video editing, equal to which there are practically no equals in the world of computer programs for editing any multimedia format. This package is intended exclusively for professional users. And not only because it has the widest range of tools and effects. An ordinary user who does not know the basics of working with audio and video will have to deal with the applicationproblematic. The interface alone is loaded to such an extent that many simply run their eyes wide.

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro

If you approach the program from a practical point of view, it can be called one of the best. And if you use packages like Adobe After Effects in parallel with it, the possibilities increase simply incredibly. However, to use all the features in the application, you need a powerful computer with graphics adapters that have been specifically certified by Adobe (for example, some models of the GeForce GTX, Quadro FX or CX lines).

Sony Vegas Pro

This package is one of the most revered by professionals and is very widely used in the Hollywood film industry. True, some users note the unusual organization of the interface, which differs from most well-known applications. However, if you deal with it, you will get so many opportunities that you never dreamed of.

Sony Vegas Pro Software
Sony Vegas Pro Software

As additional tools that increase the already huge functionality, you can use Sony Sound Forge and Vegas Movie Studio. The first program is designed for professional audio editing (although it also has the simplest tools for importing and processing video). The second is a kind of lightweight package with a somewhat truncated, but no less interesting set of tools. To fully appreciate all the features of this package, just watch the film "The Matrix". It was mounted in this editor.

Corel VideoStudio Pro X10

Finally, let's look at another powerful editor, which is considered by many experts in the field of video editing and processing to be the best.

Corel VideoStudio Pro X10
Corel VideoStudio Pro X10

Tool set is amazing. Along with the standard features that can be found in most editors of any level, this package includes a tool for creating and processing frame-by-frame animation (Stop Motion) and a special motion tracking tool (Motion Tracking).

There are so many things in this program that it is better to get acquainted with all the possibilities on your own. By the way, the developers claim that despite the professional orientation and thanks to the intuitive interface, even completely unprepared beginners and amateurs can use the package.

Additional tools

Now a few words about additional tools. Despite the fact that most of the described programs can work with almost all video and audio formats, the use of special converters that allow you to not only convert the same type of formats between themselves (video / video or audio / audio), but also cross-convert (video /audio and vice versa). In addition, it is desirable to have a complete set of various codecs and decoders in the system. In this regard, the best option would be to install the most advanced K-Lite Mega Codec Pack.

A final word

It remains to be added that video processing programs for iPhone or devices withAndroid support can also be installed. But these will be the simplest utilities and it is unlikely that it will be possible to achieve some kind of professional quality. Some of the programs listed above have both stationary and mobile versions. But in terms of the convenience of synchronizing mobile devices with computers or laptops, using the Pinnacle Studio utility is the most preferable.

If, however, to summarize and name the best software product designed to carry out all possible operations, of course, professional programs from Adobe, Sony and Corel should be preferred, but first you need to study at least the simplest applications in order to master the basics (especially since the mixing of video and audio in almost all programs is done on a timeline where the necessary fragments are placed).

Finally, repeating what has already been said, special attention should be paid to computer configurations, since even with their minimal compliance with the requirements of programs or additional modules connected to them, it will not be possible to achieve normal video or audio processing speed (and some tools may not be available in general).

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