How to make tabs in Yandex. Visual tabs "Yandex". How to remove tabs in Yandex

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How to make tabs in Yandex. Visual tabs "Yandex". How to remove tabs in Yandex
How to make tabs in Yandex. Visual tabs "Yandex". How to remove tabs in Yandex

Probably, each of us is familiar with such a service as "Yandex Bookmarks". With this add-on, you can quickly create any directory of your favorite sites and go to them without entering the address into the browser line. Moreover, you can use the Yandex Visual Tabs service not only on a computer, but also on a laptop or even a smartphone. What is special about this add-on, how to use it and how to install it? You will learn all this in our today's article.

yandex tabs
yandex tabs

What are Yandex Visual Tabs for?

Purely for ease of use. This small but very useful add-on makes your browser more functional and easier to use. Agree, it is much better to open a new tab and click on the icon with your favorite site on it than to enter its full name in the address bar or constantlysearch through a search engine. You can go to any bookmark you like in one click. Also, one of the main advantages, due to which Internet users install the Yandex Visual Tabs add-on on their browser, is the ability to save up to 24 bookmarks. Thus, you can go to any of these 24 sites in one click without opening a search engine or typing anything in the address bar.


The main competitor of the "Yandex Visual Tabs" service is the "Speed Dial" add-on. In fact, these two extensions practically do not differ from each other, the only thing in Yandex when opening a new tab is its search (at the very top above the bookmarks). That is, if necessary, you do not need to go to Yandex, since it is already present in a new tab. The function is very convenient and does not interfere with working with bookmarks at all. This is probably why the "Yandex Visual Tabs" extension is more popular in RuNet than "Speed Dial".

yandex visual tabs
yandex visual tabs

How to install this add-on?

Note that visual tabs are available on several browsers at once:

  • "Google Chrome";
  • "Firefox";
  • "Yandex browser".

In the case of the latter, this function is already present, but for the other two, such an addition would not hurt.

How to set visual bookmarks in "Google Chrome"? First you need to click on the "lattice", whichlocated in the upper right corner of the browser. After that, go to "Tools" - "Extensions". Further in the window you will see all those extensions that have already been installed in "Google Chrome". We do not touch them, but go to the very bottom of the page. Here you will see the "More extensions" button. Clicking it will take you to the Google Chrome Web Store. Now in the search engine, which is located in the upper left corner, you should enter the query "Yandex visual bookmarks". Then you will be taken to a page where the most detailed description of this extension. We find the "Install" button, click "Add" and wait until the application is downloaded to the computer. The download process can be seen from the bottom left corner. As a rule, the download time is no more than 10 seconds (even with the slowest Internet, no more than a minute), since the extension "weighs" about one megabyte. After downloading, you need to install the add-on. There is nothing complicated here, and the installation itself does not take very much time. That's all, you just have to restart your browser and open a new tab to make sure it works.

how to delete tabs in yandex
how to delete tabs in yandex

How to install an extension in "Firefox"?

The installation of this add-on in this browser is similar to the previous case. In "Firefox" you need to go to the extensions and type the query "Visual bookmarks". After you find a suitable application, download it and install it. Don't forget to restart your browser asoften in such cases the tabs may not appear immediately, you need to close and reopen the program.

Easier way to install tabs from "Yandex"

There is another method for downloading the add-on, which can be suitable for both Mozilla and Google Chrome. After entering the query "Download visual bookmarks from Yandex" in the search box, we go to the plugin's official website. Here the site will automatically detect your browser and download the appropriate version of the extension for you.

How to use it? How to make tabs in Yandex?

Using this extension is very easy. If you want to add any site you like to the tab, you need to move the mouse cursor over any of the 24 tabs (by the way, at any time you can move it to another place or replace it) and move the mouse cursor over the icon. After that, you will see three gray editing icons. When you hover over them, hints appear. We need to select the "Settings" button. It is on the left, looks like a gear. We click on it with the right mouse button, and a window appears in front of us with the address bar and the name of the site (if it is saved there). Enter the address of the site you like and click "OK". The name of the application itself determines, so you can leave this line blank. The same thing happens with the icon. It is sometimes not displayed immediately, so here you also need to restart the browser (although the bookmarks themselves can be used immediately after the settings, without restarting).

how to make yandex a new tab
how to make yandex a new tab

How to make "Yandex" a new tab?

Similarly to the above steps, open the settings and enter "Yandex official site" in the address bar. Click "OK" and check the functionality of the bookmark. Usually, this application already includes such a tab as "VKontakte" and "Yandex News". But that's not all. You can go to its official website by clicking the "Yandex" button at the top of the search bar. Everything is very simple and convenient.

How to make new Yandex tabs, we have already figured out, now let's talk about how to delete this or that bookmark. This is done even faster than adding. When hovering the mouse over the icon with the site you want to delete, select the gray cross and click the mouse button. After that, the bookmark itself will be removed from the panel. In its place, you can install a new one or move any icon to another place. You can move tabs in any direction, just hold down the image with the tab and drag it to the desired location in the window.

how to remove tabs in yandex
how to remove tabs in yandex

Additional application settings

It is worth noting that the "Settings" button is highlighted not only when you hover over the icon. There are two in total. One of them is located in the lower right corner of the page. After clicking it, you can choose a background for bookmarks (by the way, there are very interesting images there) and select the number of tabs. In earlier versions, you could choose up to 48, now only 24. However, this number is quite enough forin order to save all your favorite sites in one page.

How to remove tabs in Yandex?

If you no longer wish to use the visual bookmarking service, you can remove this application from your browser. But it’s best not to uninstall, but to disable the extension so that you don’t re-install it on your computer or laptop later. It is worth noting that there is no general rule for disabling tabs on all browsers, so the options for deleting bookmarks are different for everyone.

How to delete tabs in Yandex? If you use the Google Chrome application, go to the main menu under the "bar" next to the address bar. Next, find "Settings" and right-click. On the left you will see a menu in which there is an item "Extensions". Go into it. Here, as in the installation, you will see a list of add-ons you have installed. Find "Visual Bookmarks" in the list. Next to them will be visible icon in the form of a basket. After clicking on it, all the bookmarks you set earlier are automatically deleted.

how to make tabs in yandex
how to make tabs in yandex

And now how to disable the tabs option in Mozilla. To do this, you need to open a browser window, find the "Tools" section at the top, select the "Add-ons" item. After that, you will see a panel that concerns visual bookmarks (usually it is located in the settings for Yandex Bar). Opposite this item, you need to uncheck or click the "Disable" button (depending on the version of the browser).

howmake new yandex tabs
howmake new yandex tabs

Next to this value is the "Delete" button. You should not press it, because when you uninstall visual bookmarks, you will need to download them again. And since this extension weighs very little and does not take up much memory on the hard drive, it is enough to disable this rather useful and convenient addition from the Yandex developers and surf the Internet further. Anyway, you can turn it on and use it again at any time.


So, we have found out all the features and nuances of installing an extension called "Visual bookmarks from Yandex" for the most popular Internet browsers.

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