The best content management systems for sites. CMS rating

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The best content management systems for sites. CMS rating
The best content management systems for sites. CMS rating

Thanks to today's web technologies, almost anyone can create a website. Knowledge in the field of programming and hypertext markup is not required at all. In this article, we will take a closer look at the concept of a site content management system and give a rating of CMS, which are the most profitable of all the sites that exist today.

CMS concept

Site content management system is a specialized software that is designed to quickly modify site news and manage other elements of its content. Such a system can be released as a desktop client or as an Internet application.

cms rating
cms rating

CMS allows the site administrator not only to edit news automatically, but also to create new content, add elements of stylistic design and user functionality. The main functions and features that all content management systems have:

  1. The ability to manage content without the use of hypertext markup language and cascading style sheets.
  2. Storing data, providing access to site databases,document flow management.
  3. Publish content.
  4. Providing a convenient search subsystem for the content of the site.

Free CMS rating

Free versions of the CMS have much less functionality than the paid options, however they provide the basic set of features you need for basic management of all your website content.

rating of free cms
rating of free cms

Rating of CMS that do not have a trial period and are distributed exclusively on a free basis:

  1. Data Life Engine (Malware Free). This system is in most cases used for news portals, because the functionality is minimal. However, this does not prevent this system from creating sites with convenient user navigation. All documentation is distributed free of charge. The client application is available for download for anyone who wants to create their own blog or news portal. This CMS gives site owners the opportunity to connect advertising and other monetization systems. The function of storing information in the database is supported.
  2. WordPress is one of the most popular and in-demand systems today. It is also included in the CMS rating with the most convenient distribution of functions. WordPress requires a pre-installed client. Such a system is used, as a rule, to create complex information resources that require a complex organization of constant support for a large number of administrators.
  3. Typo3. This CMS variant is used to create corporate websites. The system coversfree and open source. The availability of high-quality documentation translated into different languages allows developers to maintain the site and implement advanced technologies in the field of web programming into its functionality.

Rating CMS-online stores

  1. Magento. This system has a very flexible logic that allows you to meet all the needs of the site visitor.
  2. VirtueMart. Lightweight and simple engine, suitable for beginners. The system has an intuitive interface. Of the pluses, one can note the step-by-step installation and the presence of the Russian language, which is rare for most CMS.
  3. WooCommerce. Available in both paid and free versions. In Russia, this control system is not very popular, because the engine is focused on the Western market and foreign consumers.
  4. cms rating for website
    cms rating for website
  5. PrestaShop. This engine was developed in 2009. Even now it is popular, because it allows you to create your own online store for free. This opportunity is perfect for aspiring entrepreneurs who are just learning all aspects of online trading.

Most performing CMS

The ranking of CMS for the site that have the highest performance is as follows:

  1. Opencart. After personal optimization, the system will be able to spend a minimum of resources and allow the site to work much faster.
  2. "1C Bitrix". The engine allows you to manage an online store withmore than a hundred thousand products of different categories. This does not affect the overall performance of the site.
  3. Magento. This engine is stable. The risk of permanent freezes or system crashes is minimal.

Web Journal Management System

These engine options are perfect for beginner bloggers or for those who decide to start their own online magazine without knowledge of web development.

online shopping cms rating
online shopping cms rating

CMS-magazine rating:

  1. +Web. Refers to the number of individual content management systems for the site. Allows you to create an individual design for your blog.
  2. Treegraph. It is suitable for the development of any Internet projects, in particular blogs. Supports Apache and mySQL database.
  3. WordPress. A convenient engine that is included in the overall CMS rating.
  4. Drupal. Allows you to build absolutely any subspecies of online magazines, regardless of their level of complexity.

Paid content management systems for sites. Should I use them?

Before choosing a paid engine, try its free version for at least one month. So you will understand if this system is right for you. The paid version of the engine provides an order of magnitude more functions, for example, third-party advertising will be disabled, and henceforth only the administrator will be able to connect advertising banners that will bring money to the site owner.

cms magazine rating
cms magazine rating

Paid systems have an increased level of security, which is an extremely important criterion,if you are planning to create a serious web resource. When choosing an engine, be guided not by generally accepted stereotypes, but by your experience in using the free version of a particular product.

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