How to install "Yandex. Zen" on your computer and phone

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How to install "Yandex. Zen" on your computer and phone
How to install "Yandex. Zen" on your computer and phone

Yandex specialists have released a new product called Zen. What is it, how to install "Yandex. Zen, how to use it, you can learn from this article.

What is Yandex. Zen"

"Zen" is a special service that offers the user exactly those articles and publications in which he is interested. Every time you are interested in something on the Internet, Zen algorithms remember your preferences, and publications on these topics appear in the feed.

Now users do not need to search for interesting sites on their own, it is enough to put a "like" under the article they like, and there will be more such publications in the feed. In the event that the user is not interested in the provided topic, he can click on the “thumbs down” icon or even block the channel. Thus, similar posts will disappear from the feed.

how to set up yandex zen
how to set up yandex zen

Zen Benefits

What is the advantage of the service, that many Internet users want to install Yandex. Zen" on all your devices? First, it is very convenient, no needlooking for something to read or watch on your own. Dozens of cards with interesting content right on the home page of the browser, that is, constantly in front of your eyes, and the cards change very often, and you will not be bored.

You can earn money on "Zen" yourself. Not everyone knows that Yandex allows you to start your own channel and earn money from it. Your articles, narratives and short video will also be shown to people who are interested in this topic, and you will be rewarded for this.

yandex zen on phone
yandex zen on phone

How to enable "Yandex. Zen"

In order to start using the service, no third-party extensions or installations are required. If you have Yandex. Browser" of the latest version, "Zen" works by default. You just need to scroll down the page and you will be given cards (short announcements) of publications. Just right-click and the full version will open in a new tab.

Sometimes, immediately after installing the browser, the Zen feed does not appear, this may be due to the fact that the algorithms do not yet know about your preferences. As soon as the necessary base is collected, the tape will be restored automatically.

Let's say more than a week of using the browser has passed, and the recommendations feed does not appear. Most likely, it is simply not enabled. Here is a small manual on how to enable Yandex. Zen":

  1. In the upper right corner of the browser you will notice an icon in the form of three horizontal stripes. Click on it.

  2. Woin the pop-up menu window, select "Settings", and then - "Appearance settings".

  3. It remains only to put a tick next to the item "Show in a new tab Zen - a feed of personal recommendations".

That's it. As you can see, install "Yandex. Zen" in the browser is not difficult. If you didn't find item 3 in the settings, you may first need to enable the "New interface" in the "Appearance settings".

zen yandex how to enable
zen yandex how to enable

"Yandex. Zen" on the phone

Today, when smartphones and tablets have become an integral part of everyday life, it is not surprising that many users want to see the news feed in their gadgets. Install "Yandex. Zen" on a smartphone is not difficult. Moreover, it was initially available in the mobile version of the browser.

If you don't want to download and install anything additional on your tablet or phone, the browser from Yandex is enough for you. Here everything is exactly the same as on the computer. Immediately below the scoreboard with your favorite sites, the Zen tape begins. Just scroll down and you will always find something to read and watch.

yandex zen on computer
yandex zen on computer

Zen App

For those users who often pay attention to the feed and constantly monitor updates, the Yandex. Zen. Users with both Android and iOS gadgets can install it.

All you need to do is download the application from the "Market". After installation on the main screenA widget will automatically appear on your phone, making it much easier to browse the feed. Further, interesting articles, videos, short posts will be available to you. The application will send you automatic notifications, if you wish, you can always turn them off in the settings.

Unfortunately, editing and publishing materials through the mobile versions of Zen is not yet available to the authors, but the developers promised to fix the situation soon.

yandex zen install
yandex zen install

How do I customize my feed?

It doesn't matter where Yandex. Zen" - on your computer or on your phone, you can always customize it to your own priorities. As we wrote above, the news is presented in the feed in the format of cards. Each such card consists of a title and a small passage of text, with the help of which the reader guesses what will be discussed.

If you click on a card of interest, it will open in a new tab, and Yandex robots will take into account your interest in this topic. In general, all your actions on the Internet are taken into account, that is, your search queries, articles read, videos watched - this must be understood before setting up Yandex. Zen.”

There are two thumbs down and thumbs up icons at the bottom of each news item. If you like the topic and would like to see more similar news in your feed, just click on the "thumbs up". In other words, when you "like", for example, fishing and hunting topics, your feed becomes even more like this content.

And if you didn't like the news, oryou are not interested in the topic - feel free to click "dislike" and the algorithm will take into account your signal. Therefore, set up Yandex. Zen" is possible for any of your requests. And if you do not want to receive content from a particular channel or site, you have the right to block the source. If desired, you can restore blocked channels.

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