What is information? An engine of progress or a destructive weapon?

What is information? An engine of progress or a destructive weapon?
What is information? An engine of progress or a destructive weapon?

In today's world, information has become the most destructive weapon. It is difficult even to imagine what power the media have over the people. But no one even thinks about what information is. What role does it play in our lives and what impact can it have on each of us?

What is information
What is information

K. Shannon and N. Wiener were the first to try to figure out what information is. According to them, it has a volume, even invented a method in order to calculate the amount of data loss during transmission. On the other hand, even the same information will have absolutely different meaning and value for different people. For example, data on the operation of a process unit is absolutely not interesting and useless for a lawyer, but is of great value to the operator of the same unit. Due to different perceptions of what information is, it will never be possible to fit different types of it under one definition. Not now, not in the future. Information and its properties should be measured not by various formulas and definitions, but by the person himself.

Discrete Information
Discrete Information

There are many ways to get information. Various information can be obtained from colleagues at work, teachers at the university, and the media. A huge amount of data enters our brain through the senses. Each source of information has its own level of complexity and is perceived differently. There is analog and discrete information. Analog comes in a continuous stream, receiving and processing it is very tiring for the brain. Therefore, we are more tired of monotonous and boring work. An example of this type of information acquisition is driving. At this time, the brain continuously receives data on the state of the roadway, engine noise, weather conditions and makes appropriate decisions depending on the situation. At this time, only short-term memory works.

In order to remember any moment, you will have to pay special attention to it, i.e. separate it from the general data stream. The discrete way of receiving information allows the brain to process more complex data that comes to the brain in batches, which simplifies the way it is processed. An example of discrete information can be seen even in the division of text into paragraphs. Split text is much easier to read and remember than solid text.

information and its properties
information and its properties

But what is information? A clear answer to this question can only be obtained from oneself. Every person is a source of information. The ability to acquire knowledge and share it, use it in everyday life is the main difference between man and animals.

Man has becomereasonable not at the moment when he picked up a stick to crack a nut, but when he taught his neighbors how to do it. That is, he exchanged information. Man and information are two inseparable concepts. One creates the other. People during communication receive information, respectively, draw conclusions from this, which means they develop. On the other hand, information is born from the actions and deeds of other people. In conclusion, I would like to add: communication is the best way to develop. Communicating with each other and with the outside world, people develop, which means that information is the engine of progress.

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