How to edit video: the best programs

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How to edit video: the best programs
How to edit video: the best programs

Any person who has even the simplest camera in his hands, be it a smartphone or a camera, can shoot a video. But only an intelligent typesetter can make a real masterpiece out of it. Special programs for editing video help the latter in this matter.

On the net you can find a lot of software of this kind, but not every application has a quality component and ease of use in general. Therefore, for many beginners in this business, the question of where to mount the video remains unresolved and relevant. The choice is further complicated by the fact that each user has some specific requests. And if some are quite satisfied with one group of applications, then for others it is too simple and of little functionality, or, on the contrary, it is complex and confusing.

We will try to figure out which program is best for editing video in this or that case, what to look for when choosing such software, and also identify some of the most intelligent applications.

Difficulties in choosing

On the World Wide Web, you can find quite a few video layout solutions. Some programs allow you to edit video for free, but havesome critical restrictions. Others are more functional, well localized, but you will have to pay a lot of money for a license.

Of course, editing videos in Russian with convenient and advanced functionality that can perform layout of any complexity is a pleasure. But if you need a simple installation of an avatar, so that you can later post it on a social network, then it is not necessary to spend money on an expensive license for a powerful product.

installation program
installation program

To learn how to edit videos of this kind, just some free version or a trial version of more advanced software is enough. That is, it all depends on your needs and preferences. If there are a lot of them, and you are a rather demanding user, then your option is a paid license, and in other cases it is better to limit yourself to simple and free applications and not study multi-volume installation manuals.

Next, let's look at specific video layout products that can be found on the web. It should be noted right away that there will be no programs for editing video on the phone, only personal computers and serious software.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere is the best this segment has to offer. This software is a whole complex for processing any video sequence. If you ask any professional layout designer where to edit the video, he will certainly point to Adobe products and Premiere in particular.

premiere program
premiere program

It would also be useful to note that the product is usedrespect among Hollywood filmmakers, and what happens at the output we have seen more than once in cinemas. So this software can be safely attributed to professional software.

Soft features

The possibilities of Premiere are almost endless. Here you can edit video in real time and apply a lot of effects to it, not to mention simple titles and transitions. Moreover, at the output you can get a track in any popular format - from mobile 3GP to professional 4K for Blu-ray.

The software has an amazing library and a huge number of ready-made templates and presets. Both simple bloggers who need to edit videos for YouTube and seasoned professionals with claims to a great movie will be satisfied.

Program features

Perhaps the only fly in the ointment that can leave beginner layout designers is a high entry threshold. Yes, Premiere is an excellent and multifunctional program for editing video on a computer, but it is very difficult to understand it and master at least the basic tools, especially for users inexperienced in these matters.

video editing software
video editing software

And if video layout gurus easily get involved in Premiere and master all its main features in the shortest possible time, then beginners will have to study multi-volume manuals and study many hours of video tutorials. If you sit down with this software, then the desire to make something up will fall in the first ten minutes. So lovers of simple avatars or gifs are betteredit video in another program, where the tools are more loyal to new users.

The software is distributed under a paid license, has a full and sensible localization into Russian, and is also demanding on the technical component of the computer. It makes no sense to run the program on weak machines, because you will spend most of the time watching rendering and lags.

Sony Vegas Pro

Another powerful and professional video editing software. "Vegas" can also be called a complex that will satisfy the needs of almost any layout designer. The product is used by many web developers, bloggers on YouTube, as well as creators of series and short films.

installation vegas
installation vegas

You can edit videos in Vegas in real time and apply just a huge number of effects. There are more than enough of the latter in the local library, so the layout designer has plenty to choose from without regard to the direction.

Program features

Just like with Premiere, Vegas is able to produce video in any popular format, from the range for mobile gadgets to ultra-high 4K resolution for DVD and Blu-ray. The software is a complete product, so any third-party auxiliary tools for editing are not needed here.

vegas editor
vegas editor

The program is more loyal to beginners and the local entry threshold is noticeably lower than that of the same Premiere. But nevertheless look through the manuals and see a few tutorialsvideo tutorials will obviously be superfluous. In addition, in the help section you can find a smart assistant who will guide you through all the haunts of Vegas and tell you both about the basic set of tools and provide more advanced educational program.

Soft Features

The version with the prefix "Pro" has advanced functionality, is more versatile and is suitable mainly for professionals. Here you can arrange a video sequence, as they say, from and to. The license will cost quite a tidy sum, but for those who need beautiful video posts on social networks and ordinary processing of files from the smartphone camera, we can advise more modest modifications. The functionality of the latter is only partially cut, it has the same high-quality localization, and the total amount that you will need to pay for the license is noticeably less.

As for the technical component, for normal rendering and real-time operation, you need a system unit with a good "stuffing". Otherwise, editing, for example, a five-minute video may take several hours.

Windows Live Movie Maker

This is an absolutely free product from Microsoft, but on the condition that you have purchased a licensed version of Windows in a modification other than the initial one. The developer positions his software as a product for beginners, but with advanced functionality.

windows video editor
windows video editor

Professional layout designers have nothing to do here, but for amateurs, editing a video received from a phone or making an animated avatar with a-g.webp" />

The software does an excellent job of creating and editing presentations, making slideshows from photos, and also allows you to apply effects to an existing video sequence. There are not so many of the latter in the local library, but if you wish, you can always look at specialized forums dedicated to this program and look for interesting options. Fortunately, there are enough enthusiasts and creators of templates and presets, so there is any exotic.

At the output, and with due diligence, you can get quite an adequate video sequence and fix it in any popular format, ranging from mobile 3GP to regular AVI and MP4. The program is absolutely free, simple, understandable and well localized, so it is perfect for beginners and those who are just taking their first steps in video editing and layout.

Movavi Video Editor

This is a semi-professional software that is often used to create sub titles for TV shows. The program has made notable progress in this area. In addition, the application allows you to compose any video sequence quite adequately by applying some effects from the set presented on it. The latter, in fairly large quantities, can be found in the local library.

movavi editor
movavi editor

Ordinary users use the program mainly for pre-editing video andsubsequent posting to social networks, as well as for the publication of creations in the YouTube service. One of the notable features of the software is the work with 3D visualization. Any video sequence can be presented in three planes and some changes can be made in each.

As for the entry threshold, everything is fine here. Even a beginner in this business will understand the program interface and the basic tools. In addition, the help section has detailed instructions, as well as links to video tutorials. But even if you skip all the instructions, it will not be difficult to figure out the controls.

At the output, you can get quite an adequate video sequence and choose one of several popular formats for both mobile gadgets and computers. It is also possible to publish your creation immediately after the installation is completed in social networks.

Software Features

The program comes with a shareware license, where the user is given a trial period, during which the functionality is noticeably limited, and all videos are branded with the product developer's logo. If you like the software, you can activate the key and get access to all the features without any restrictions.

It is also worth noting that the software is quite demanding on the technical component of the computer, so it is very difficult to work with weak machines. There are no lags as such, but the layout itself with rendering will take a lot of time.

VSDC Free Video Editor

All of the above products have a lot of advantages, but how do youwhatever you say, it's proprietary software. The developer constantly makes itself felt if you suddenly forgot to purchase a license or stuffs a lot of advertising into your brainchild in other cases.

free editing software
free editing software

This product is absolutely free and in no way dependent on any particular platform. In addition, a group of enthusiastic developers did not include advertising banners or other code that always pops up out of place.

Despite the lack of a license as such and the distribution of the product "as is", the program turned out to be surprisingly high-quality, efficient and intuitive. Here you can easily edit any video sequence: apply filters, transitions, arrange transformation, color correction, and also play around with 3D animation.

The output is quite a worthy video sequence, which you are not ashamed to show to your friends on social networks, and you can also brag on YouTube. The project can be saved in all currently popular formats for both mobile gadgets and personal computers.

Distinctive features of the program

For greater convenience, the developer has provided for combining all or some specific objects into groups, which greatly facilitates the installation process. The program also provides a smart service for converting one format to another, and at a fairly fast pace.

Perhaps the only fly in the ointment of this software is code optimization. Software sometimes without seemingly visible reasons can think for a long time and wake up onlyin the event that he is reminded of himself through the task manager. But such moments are the exception rather than the rule, so for the same test of the pen, and even for some serious undertakings, the program is quite capable. Besides, how much do you have to ask for a completely free product.

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