How to clear the cache on a computer for a novice user

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How to clear the cache on a computer for a novice user
How to clear the cache on a computer for a novice user

During the long-term operation of a computer or laptop, most users always have a question: how to clear the cache on a computer? At first, there are no memory problems. There is a lot of free space, and you don’t have to think about its availability. But then, after some time, this question becomes very relevant. The main problem in this case is the accumulation of information, due to which the computer starts to work more slowly. To avoid such a problem, you need to periodically clear the cache. This operation can be done in two ways: using built-in tools and using specialized utilities. Each of them will be considered within the framework of this material.

How to clear the cache on a computer?
How to clear the cache on a computer?


Each browser can clear the cache manually. Mozilla, Opera, Chrome and Yandex are built on the same engine. Therefore, they use the same algorithm for performing this procedure. First, hold down Ctrl + Shift and, without releasing them, press Del. The Clear History window will appear. In it, select the time interval for which you want to perform this operation. This is done in the top drop down list. Then set the required checkboxes and press the button with the inscription"Clear History".

Slightly more complicated, this operation is performed in Internet Explorer. We go to the "Service" menu. In it, select "Internet Options". Then go to the "General" tab. On it we find the "Delete" button in the "Browsing History" section. Do a right click on it. Next, a window will open in which we check the boxes at our discretion, and click "Delete". When finished, close all open windows and continue working in Internet Explorer.

Hard drive

Now let's figure out how to clear the cache on your computer using Explorer. To get started, launch it by pressing the Win + R combination. In the window that opens, right-click on the shortcut of the first logical volume (usually this is the "C:" section). In the list that appears, select "Properties". Then we find the button that says "Disk Cleanup" and click on it. We only check the box "Temporary Internet files". The rest should be inactive. Thenclick "OK". We are waiting for the end of cleaning and close all previously opened windows. Similarly, we clean all other physical and logical volumes on the computer.

Clear cache
Clear cache

Specialized software

The easiest way to clear the cache memory is with the help of specialized utilities. The most popular product of this class is Ccleaner, developed by Piriform. It can also optimize the operating system's registry and uninstall programs. Another plus of this utility is that it is absolutely free. The procedure for working with it is as follows. Download itinstallation version from the official website of the developer. Then install it following the instructions of the wizard. Launch by double-clicking on the shortcut located on the desktop. In the window that opens, go to the "Cleaning" tab (located in the upper right part of the screen). A window will open with two tabs: Windows and Applications. On each of them, set the necessary checkboxes, then click the "Analysis" button. We wait for it to finish and click "Cleaning". After completion, you can close the program. This is the easiest way to clear the cache on your computer. There is only one downside to this solution - the need to install additional software.


Clear cache memory
Clear cache memory

As part of this material, various ways were described on how to clear the cache on a computer. System tools can be used for these purposes, but it is not very convenient in practice. Therefore, it is better to install a specialized utility and use it. It does not take up much space, but it is much easier to perform this operation using it.

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