Graphic editors in two main versions

Graphic editors in two main versions
Graphic editors in two main versions

Modern graphic editors allow you to create all kinds of images and drawings, as well as edit and view them. To be able to perform any actions with the picture, it must be represented in digital form. There are two main ways to carry out this process. The simplest of them implies that each pixel is described separately. That is, each point is given a specific color. Images processed in this way are called bitmaps. In this form, as a rule, photographs, pictures with a large number of colors and paintings are presented. Many operating systems contain free image editors of this type.

Graphic editor
Graphic editor

An illustrative example of bitmap graphics is the Paint application in the Windows operating system. As for paid analogs, there is no equal to Adobe Photoshop yet. Raster graphic editors are considered the best tool for successfully working with scanned images and digital photographs. It is connected infirst of all with the fact that it is quite possible to achieve better picture quality by changing the color palette. If necessary, you can increase the contrast and brightness, eliminate minor image defects. The user is given complete creative freedom using all kinds of effects.

Free graphic editors
Free graphic editors

However, drawing from scratch is not easy. Therefore, over time, vector graphics editors have been developed that use objects in the form of various lines and shapes as their main elements. The description is due to mathematical formulas. For example, to display a straight line segment, you only need to specify the coordinates of the start and end points, as well as the color and thickness. In the case of raster graphics, you would have to specify all the points to one, and with a greater thickness, the number of pixels would increase significantly. From all this it follows that raster graphic editors have a fairly voluminous general description, which in some situations is completely unnecessary.

Vector graphics editors
Vector graphics editors

Creating pictures from scratch is much more convenient in vector graphics applications when you need to depict a drawing, diagram or drawing without smooth color transitions. However, working with photographs or paintings in this case is still not worth it. Scaling has practically no negative effect on the quality of a vector image. Thus, vector graphics editors are able to create images that are undemanding tozoom.

The leading positions among such developments belong to the program CorelDRAW, although at present there are a large number of other software tools of this type. The choice of a suitable editor should be carried out depending on the task, then serious difficulties in the work should not arise.

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