Protection from ads in the browser

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Protection from ads in the browser
Protection from ads in the browser

Advertising companies have been using Internet resources for their own purposes for a long time. Sometimes the information offered to us from monitors is useful and interesting. But most often Internet traffic is spent on downloading unnecessary banners and advertising links. And if a harmless text ad or a static image is perceived quite calmly, then annoying banners offering pornography viewing or recommending getting rich in one click are insanely annoying. Unwanted commercials are especially unpleasant when a child has access to a computer who does not yet fully understand the danger behind such banners.

ad protection software
ad protection software

What are pop-ups

Pop-ups are a very intrusive type of advertising that forcefully irritates the eyes with absolutely unnecessary information. Inexperienced users often click on the cross, which, in theory, should have removed this muck from the screen. But everything happens exactly the opposite: the user follows the very link that he was trying to avoid. The real cross covering the banner may be invisible or appear in a minute. Everything is done to ensure that the user follows the link, because it is the frequency of clicks that determines the success andadvertising banner effectiveness. Such deception allows you to promote websites and products in a very annoying way.

ad protection
ad protection

In order for ad protection to be effective, users use quite a lot of programs and scripts that more or less successfully block unwanted banners and stop viral links from working. The most effective methods for blocking unwanted ads are described below.

General purpose anti-banners

Ad Muncher is used as the most effective ad protection available today. Works with all popular browsers. When immersed in the Internet environment, the program prevents pop-ups, banners and other unwanted advertisements from appearing on websites. The most popular features that install Ad Muncher are:

- prohibition of the appearance on the monitors of any kind of advertising images, links and pop-ups;

- removing ads in software products such as Morpheus, PalTalk, ICQ, LimeWire, Bearshare and others;

- significant acceleration of work in Internet applications, instant loading of sites by blocking external elements, which, as a rule, are of a temporary advertising nature;

- blocking unnecessary changes in selected sites, namely, the elimination of hidden elements, the detection and blocking of malicious scripts, spyware and other unwanted developments of "geniuses" of Internet advertising;

- a constantly updated filtering system, in the updating of which they are directly involvedusers who have already installed Ad Muncher.

For more information about this product, please visit the manufacturer's website.

Adguard is a stable anti-banner, very popular among users. This effective ad protection program works with all popular browsers. Automatically detects pop-ups and eliminates them from monitors. This software product was developed on the principle of an anti-virus program, therefore it requires daily updates. Runs immediately when you turn on your computer. This pop-up ad protection successfully blocks phishing attacks that steal sensitive data, social media and email passwords. Very well complements anti-virus utilities. This ad protection works confidently even on weak computers.

pop-up ad protection
pop-up ad protection

Anti-banners for Mozilla Firefox

One of the most popular programs among users of the well-known fox browser is called NoScript. This extension was invented by the developers of Firefox. It blocks the execution of Java Flash Javascript scripts and other potentially threatening components of HTML pages. The user can automatically allow the use of the script on a particular page in the settings. Thus, the user makes "white lists" of those pages on which pop-up advertising is allowed. Another very useful feature of the NoScript script is to protect your computer from XSS attacks. This browser ad protection is one of the most popular Firefox extensions.

install ad protection
install ad protection

Another firefox program that blocks pop-ups is called Adblock Plus. The program is configured by the user independently. When an unwanted banner appears, the user just needs to right-click on it, select the Adblock Plus option, and the ad will disappear from the computer monitor forever. You can also score parts of the Internet address of unwanted advertising with asterisks - then any banner leading to this site is automatically blocked. When using Adblock Plus for the first time, you can add a subscription to the filter list, and most of the ad garbage will never appear on the monitor.

Official site offers free installation of a program that is regularly updated by Mozilla Firefox developers.

Anti-banners for Opera

Protection from ads in the Opera browser comes with Anti-banner for Opera.

This is a free program created by the developers of Opera. Its main functions are as follows:

- three ways to protect against pop-up ads on various sites, at the user's choice;

- the ability to create your own filters;

- increase the speed of downloading files on some file hosting;

- fast download of video and audio files on popular Internet resources.

Using an anti-banner reduces traffic usage and speeds up the loading of required pages and databases.

Anti-banners for Internet Explorer

Pop-up Blocker Free was designed for Windows XP version andlater. The advantages of this plugin is that you can install ad protection using 4 modes of operation: absolute blocking of pop-up banners, removal of ads in the list, prohibition of clicking on a link with keywords in the address of the advertising site, the allowed number of open banners in one period of time. Pop-up Blocker blocks such products as Background sounds, Inline videos, Flash Ads, JAVA Applets. The program is supplemented with all modern means of protecting confidential data, saving proxy server settings and other useful features.

browser ad protection
browser ad protection

Free PopUp Blocker by CleanMyPC is a free popup ad blocker. After installation, the program shortcut appears on the toolbar of the Internet Explorer browser, and then this plugin automatically blocks pop-up ads and ads that the user does not need.

Anti-banners for the Google Chrome family of browsers

ad protection for your computer
ad protection for your computer

Google Toolbar, in addition to other tools of interest to the user, also contains the function of blocking unwanted sites and banners. A significant disadvantage of this method of protection is that, along with the blocker, the user has to install a whole list of various options that may not be needed to work in this browser. But when configured correctly, the Google Toolbar performs browser security functions perfectly.

Ad blocking by OS internal resources

put up a defensefrom advertising
put up a defensefrom advertising

Advanced users can block banner ads and viral ads by setting Windows OS. Protecting your computer from ads is possible with the appropriate registry settings, as well as when managing the security policy of this OS. Detailed information on how to protect the browser using internal Windows resources can be seen on the official user support website. Windows developers give detailed instructions on how to install ad protection.

System security checks

After choosing and installing a program that protects the browser from pop-up windows, you should restart your computer. A detailed test of the effectiveness of anti-advertising products can be checked on sites that test programs. If ad protection has proven its effectiveness, then you can be sure that pop-up windows and annoying information will no longer irritate, and now nothing can interfere with the user to relax and work on the Internet.

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