My email address - how to find out or create

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My email address - how to find out or create
My email address - how to find out or create

What is an email address? In different systems and services, this concept can mean different things. On the one hand, when learning your email address, a person may want to know your mail in order to send some data. On the other hand, especially in social networks, an email address can mean a link to a user's page. So, how to answer the question: "How do I find out my email address?".

my e-mail address
my e-mail address

First step

The biggest challenge is usually creating your first mailbox. This question was relevant when personal computers were only part of residential buildings and were rare. If you belong to the older generation that knows nothing about computers, then ask the question: "What is my email address?" you need a programmer who installs your computer.

Now the firms that sell computers are exclusively engaged in the distribution of technology. Having bought a computer and brought it home, you can call a "master" programmer for its initial setup. Usually students with computer speci alties in universities earn extra money. When he arrives, youyou can ask him: "Tell me my email address." For a small fee, he will help you set up a mailbox or create a page on a social network.


If you are an advanced user, and all of the above does not apply to you, then let's try to deal with your problem. Have you forgotten your mailbox? No problem. Go online on any of the forums where you have been registered.

my e-mail
my e-mail

In most cases, you will need a username and password to enter the forum. Some use a mailbox to sign in, and some use a fictitious name. If you remember it, you can log into your own account. In its settings, the mail with which you registered is always indicated. In addition, you always send an email to the forum administrator asking: "I forgot my email address. Can you tell me/remind me?".


If you constantly forget your mail, use the browser's services to save passwords. It will automatically fill in the fields when entering a particular resource, and then problems and questions about "how to remember my email address?" will not occur.

In cases where a "kind soul", in the form of your relative or a programmer at work, will clean up the computer and delete all browser data about the pages viewed, you can use its "internal memory". Go to "settings" - "passwords and forms". Any browser will display foryou a table with sites and the data necessary to enter them - mail and password. So you can remember the data you need.

Social networks

Let's say you were asked to give your email address on a social network. Instead of worrying about asking all your friends the question: "What is my email address?", go to the start page of the social network. In most of these resources, you will have your photo, brief data and news feed in front of you. To share your email address, copy the content of your browser's address bar and send it to the person. You can send either a personal identifier, or, if you do not understand what it is about, the entire contents of the address bar. This will be the answer to the question: "What is my email address?".

how to find my email address
how to find my email address

If you are asked for mail, then indicate the one that you visit at least periodically. By the way, a little advice. To avoid being hacked into your social network account, use two email accounts - one for registration, the other for exchanging mail.


In general, there are a lot of e-mail addresses. These are a variety of mail services, social networks, agents, programs, even account information on some forum. An email address can be any method by which you can be contacted.

Have you heard the expression "forewarned is forearmed"? This is the best way to fight your forgetfulness. In order not to contact programmers with requests:"I forgot my email address. How can I find out?", take care of all your data in advance. Get yourself a notebook and write down all your data, passwords and resources on which you use them. Then you will never forget anything. There are only a few rules to follow.

find out my email address
find out my email address
  • Do not write service data in the book. You will be fired from your job if you endanger company secrets.
  • Keep the book out of reach. Using passwords and mail every day, you are unlikely to forget your email address. Take out the book only in exceptional cases and keep it away from the computer.
  • Don't tell anyone about her existence. If someone needs to hack into your personal correspondence or page, he should not know that there is an easy way - to find your notebook.

That's it. Following these simple rules, you will never wonder: "I forgot my email address. What should I do?".

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