Best Summoning Technique

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Best Summoning Technique
Best Summoning Technique

As a rule, in the cycle "Naruto" you can find a wide variety of phenomena and techniques used by all Shinobi ninja. Today we decided to talk about "Kuchiese-no-Jutsu", or in another way - about the Summoning Technique. Surely many fans are familiar with this technique, even if the name may seem unfamiliar. What is it? With the help of the Summoning Technique, heroes summon special animals; they can all speak human language and differ from each other in appearance and size.

How is this happening?

Let's start our explanation, perhaps, with the fact that every person in the Naruto universe can be compatible with a certain animal. Summoning different species is possible only if the hero has several bodies. To perform the technique, it is necessary to conclude a contract with a suitable animal, after which a strong bond is established between the two parties. The caller must mark the special scroll with their own bloody imprint.

Naruto Summoning Technique
Naruto Summoning Technique

Summon technique from"Naruto" works only after the conclusion of the contract - this is important to remember. Its implementation involves the use of special seals tattooed on the hands. Their addition requires a certain synchronous position, which is done with both hands. The number of seals in the Summoning Technique is twelve, and each of them corresponds to one animal from the Chinese horoscope.

Only a few seconds are given for the call. As soon as the hero has laid down all the seals, the next step awaits him - the position of the left hand on the ground. At the point of contact, an outline of an ink mark will appear, which will become the final touch in the summoning process. As a rule, the appearance of animals is accompanied by thick smoke.

There is another way to perform the Summoning Technique. A shinobi can also take advantage of the very contract that he entered into with his animal. All seals must be prepared in advance and written on the surface of the scroll. Further, everything is done very simply: the caller takes out a drop of blood (usually a bite of his own finger is enough) and touches the contract.

A little higher, we talked more than once about how important the contract is. If the hero tries to perform the Summoning Technique without him, he himself will be transferred to the place where the animals live.

The Appearance of the Beast

Seal Summoning Technique
Seal Summoning Technique

The summoned animal is not a slave or pet for the Shinobi. This rule should be well understood by any hero who wants to master the Summoning Technique. Some animals may require a lot of respect, and also see something worthy in the verydefiant. Otherwise, they may refuse to help and even begin to behave aggressively towards absolutely any hero from Naruto.

Seals Summoning techniques play the role of a kind of teleporter. The animal should move directly to the center of the marker, however, if it is smaller than the caller's size, it will materialize next to it.

For experienced ninja, it is very important to always stay in touch with your assistant from another world. Large and gigantic animals usually take the hero on their body, allowing him to control the course of the battle from an advantageous vantage point. Maintaining balance requires great skill. Those Shinobi who were able to reach it do not fly off the body of the animal, but remain on it absolutely under any conditions.

Great Gamabunta

At one time this contract belonged to the sannin Jeraiya - Naruto's teacher. The toad summoning technique allows you to summon the real toad king named Gamabunta. He reaches truly gigantic proportions, carries a katana, and never partes with his smoking pipe, even during combat. By the way, due to its size, Gamabunta is usually called upon to fight with the same large and strong opponents.

Toad Summoning Technique
Toad Summoning Technique

The Toad King had great respect for Jiraiya, so he almost always answered his call. When the name Uzumaki was added to the contract, smaller toads appeared instead of Gamabunta, but only at first. Naruto put a lot of time and effort into building up the right amount of chakra and gaining respect.king. As soon as he reached his goal, Gamabunta himself began to respond to the challenge. By the way, before Jiraiya, the Toad Summoning Technique contract belonged to the Fourth Hokage himself. Gamabunta has two sons who sometimes answer Naruto's call.

The toad king is distinguished by its truly royal character. He is rather lazy and mischievous, does not allow anyone to push him around, often gets irritated and shows apathy. Very loyal to those who managed to conquer him with their talent.

Snake King

The next Summoning Technique, which deserves the title of the best, was performed by the sannin Orochimaru. During the battle, he often summoned the giant snakes of Kedai to his side, among which was the snake king himself. Manda was not only bigger and stronger than the other relatives, but also distinguished by particular cruelty. At the end of each call, Orochimaru had to pay with human sacrifices, the total number of which was always one hundred.

Naruto Seal Summoning Technique
Naruto Seal Summoning Technique

Manda is not distinguished by any loy alty or devotion to the owner of the contract. As soon as he smells even a hint of a mismatch in strength, he can easily attack the performer of the Summoning Technique. Sasuke Uchiha later gained the ability to summon Manda instead of Orochimaru.

The Serpent King has lightning speed and can shed his skin.

Queen Katsuya

The third Summoning Technique on our list belongs to contract owner Tsunade. She has the ability to summon a huge slug, also known as Queen Katsuya. The animal is very different from Gamabunta and Manda, not only incharacter, but also in terms of the methods used. For example, Katsuya is able to break his body into many small slugs and spit a particularly corrosive acid. Also has healing abilities and can restore chakra.


Throughout almost all the events in "Naruto" Kakashi used the Ninken Technique more than once. Thanks to her, he could call for help eight dogs who were engaged in surveillance and detection. Among the entire team, Pakkun stands out - a small dog that differs from its relatives in its special intelligence and ability to talk to a person.

Naruto Toad Summoning Technique
Naruto Toad Summoning Technique

The first time viewers are introduced to Pakkun and other dogs is when they are called in to search for Sasuke.

Monkey King

Continuing the theme of the best Summoning Techniques, it is impossible not to tell about who the Third Hokage once concluded a contract with. Monkey King Emma boasts not only her status, but also her amazing physical strength, which more than once helped him win in battle. He also has the ability to take the form of a staff, achieving a similar transformation using the Transformation technique. This was used by Emma during the confrontation between the Third Hokage and Orochimaru.

The staff gains diamond strength and can easily pierce its opponent. A special plus of this form is that Emma does not lose the ability to move and can move independently. If the course of the battle requires it, then the monkey king uses the cloning technique - with the help ofmultiplied staves creates a Diamond Cage, capable of holding even the most powerful opponent.

Shiki Fujin

The Technique for Summoning the God of Death, better known as Shinigami, also deserves special attention. The seal with which the ritual is performed is called Shiki Fujin. A similar Technique was shown in the third season of the animated series "Naruto", during the battle of the Third Hokage with Orochimaru.

Sasuke summoning technique
Sasuke summoning technique

The Seal allows you to awaken the Shinigami and use his help for your own purposes, however, this can only be done if the summoner is ready to commit an act of self-sacrifice. The god of death always appears behind his back and appears in the form of a giant humanoid creature, dressed in a white robe, who holds a traditional short Japanese sword in his teeth. Only the one who performed the Summoning Technique can feel his presence, while for everyone else the Shinigami remains completely invisible.

Summoning the god of death is a voluntary suicide, so the ninja resorts to it only in the most serious cases. According to the contract, the Shinigami receives two souls at once - the summoner and any enemy chosen by him. They are placed in his stomach, doomed to fight each other for all eternity.

By the way, besides the Third Hokage, Naruto's father also once used the Shiki Fujin Technique.

Interesting references

Kedaigumo is a giant spider bound by a contract with Kidōmaru. His main ability is to create a kind of Spider Rain that will attackthe enemy and envelops him in a thick layer of cobwebs. Smaller individuals, of which this very rain consists, Kedaigumo creates from itself

Death God Summoning Technique
Death God Summoning Technique

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