Bloodborne Game: Complete Story

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Bloodborne Game: Complete Story
Bloodborne Game: Complete Story

Plot and story Bloodborne is a huge universe filled with incredible adventures in a cruel and depressing world created by brilliant developers. The game was released on March 24, 2015, which made a huge splash in the ranks of the already existing fan base of the famous studio. Bloodborne is a classic RPG slasher made in the best traditions of the Japanese gaming industry. The game has a lot of similarities with the previously released Dark Souls series, which to a large extent allowed it to gain cult status.

Dive in Bloodborne


The plot of the game has a lot of similarities with the previously mentioned Dark Souls series. According to most critics, this is still the same series, but already made in the Victorian style, that is, in the future. There are a lot of ambiguous allusions to the connection of the two universes.

The backstory and plot of Bloodborne tells the story of a fictional universe affected by a hitherto unknown disease, which everyone simply calls the plague. The city called Yharnam suffered the most from the scourge. The appearance of the place resembles old LondonVictorian era, which gives a special charm to the whole environment.

One of those who was struck by the disease was a nameless pilgrim seeking to be cured of a terrible disease that perverts the soul and body. To do this, he needed to regularly perform rituals, as well as relentlessly hunt until he turned into an evil and unconscious monster. The plot of Bloodborne does not directly explain how the game universe works, how the plague affects people and animals, and therefore one of the main tasks of the player is to study history.

What is interesting about the game?

Weapon modes
Weapon modes

Bloodborne is a quirky third-person action RPG. In addition to a well-crafted story and an atmosphere created with special love by Hidetaka Miyazaki, the game has a lot of differences from the classic representatives of the genre. First of all, we can highlight the incredible complexity of the gameplay, a classic feature of all the games of this developer. But the benefits of Bloodborne don't end there. The unique interface, combat system and pumping are intelligently intertwined with the plot of the Bloodborne game.

The story the developer wanted to tell can only be discovered by the player if they explore every aspect of the game. Level design, few metaphorical dialogues, environment design - from all this, the player collects the plot of the game bit by bit. Bloodborne allows you to draw your own conclusions and form a personal view of history.

Bloodborne gameplay

At first glance, the essence of the game is impossibly simple. Gamercontrols a monster hunter who gains more and more power with each killed enemy. All this can be observed in the previous series of Dark Souls and Demons souls. The system of combat battles is practically no different: the player must learn every move and ability of all enemies. The high level of difficulty makes the gamer notably sweat in new attempts to defeat the ill-fated enemy. Each defeat deprives the player of the possibility of pumping. Accumulated Blood Echoes, used as both Money and Experience, are lost upon death.

The first innovation of the game universe is the replacement of classic bows with firearms, which participate as support along with melee weapons. Another interesting innovation is connected with the latter. According to the story of Bloodborne, all weapons created by local blacksmiths are alive and have multiple release forms.

Neutral territories

The hunter's dream
The hunter's dream

Like many large and well-developed game universes, Bloodborne's story contains classic locations. Two can be distinguished: the city itself, in which the character appears from the beginning of the game, and the "Hunter's Dream". These two places do a lot to help ease the already difficult gameplay. Through the location of the main city, the player has the ability to quickly move between stages. In the "Hunter's Dream" you can relax, improve your weapons and armor, and increase the level of pumping with the help of collected blood vials. In this peaceful corner, the player can move to a randomly generated dungeon. Pass thethe full plot of Bloodborne is extremely difficult without visiting the dungeons, since it is there that you can get the best and most unique equipment.

First steps in Yharnam

So, having familiarized with the main points, and possibly having passed the previous versions of the developer, the player finds himself in a completely new, hostile and unknown world. Fate has taken the nameless wanderer to one of the most advanced cities in the fictional world. As the story goes, Yharnam is the capital of medicine of the state, and local doctors have mastered the art of blood transfusion. This attracted a huge number of citizens to move into the once calm grotesque and gloomy buildings. The protagonist was also among those who sought salvation from an unknown plague. But bad luck haunted the traveler and all the places where his foot stepped. Shortly before the arrival of the wanderer, the city was also engulfed in an epidemic of "pale blood". This corruption threatened everyone it touched with transformation into a terrible creature.

Salvation from the plague is "signing a contract". This is a medical ritual with elements of mysticism, the essence of which is the transfusion of special blood. It is after this moment that the player receives the title of "hunter". His whole life should be filled with the killing of terrible "pale-blooded" creatures. The explanation for the plot of Bloodborne states that the appearance of beasts is directly related to "The Hunt", some attempt by higher order beings to cleanse the world of filth.

Hunter's dream

Hunter's Nightmare
Hunter's Nightmare

SigningThe contract gives the main character the opportunity to move to a territory that is outside of space and time, that is, in the "Hunter's Dream". Once in this haven, the player is faced with a long-forgotten old man who did great things in the distant past. He is a kind of elder of the Hunters and guides each of them in every possible way. At this point in the game, there is only one explanation for the plot of Bloodborne, located at the blood transfusion station. She settled in the location "Josefka's Asylum". There you can find a note with the words: "To overcome the hunt, you need to look for pale blood."

After the first operation to obtain fresh blood, the hero falls into a kind of dream. It is located on an island floating in the sky. The hero finds himself in the "Hunter's Dream", the very haven to which the wanderer will return more than once throughout his adventures.

First hunt

Having received parting words from an ancient mentor, the main character goes to a harsh and cruel world, starting his journey from the main city. From this moment on, the foggy history and plot of Bloodborne becomes relevant. According to the instructions of the chief hunter, the hero begins his hunt for pale blood. After the first victories over the lesser corrupted undead, the wanderer learns the cause of the terrible epidemic. An unknown healer, and concurrently the main antagonist of the Bloodborne storyline, is to blame for everything. This plague doctor defiled an ancient ritual of blood transfusion, which started the epidemic in Yharnam.

When collecting notes and communicating with simplethe inhabitants are informed that they worship certain deities called the Great. To gain access to this information, you need to complete several quests, as people who are closed in houses are in no hurry to share their secrets. Most of the NPCs are simply not shown to the main character due to the fear of the plague.

History of blood transfusion

The main boss of the expansion
The main boss of the expansion

After completing a few side quests, ordinary people still decide to leave their homes. From them you can find out where the ritual of blood transfusion came from. Those same ancient gods, which were mentioned earlier, bestowed this ability on mortals, which allowed them to cure any disease. The medicine donated by the Great Ones caused the death of the place. The ritual, designed to help people, also ruined them. The dark healer used a dark transfusion to accelerate the growth of the Great Infant, a mysterious entity whose origins can only be guessed at.

Second phase of the hunt

As you progress through the game and kill countless hordes of monsters, you can detect some changes in the environment. So, due to the killing of bosses, the moon in the sky constantly changes its position. An explanation for this phenomenon is given to the player in the rest location "Hunter's Dream". Upon discovering that the moon is turning red as it travels to the hunter's hideout, the player notices that the floating island is gradually being destroyed.

After asking a few questions to the leader of the hunters, the player receives an answer that the Great Hunt is coming to an end, and after it comes the long-awaited dawn andthe birth of the Great Baby.

Last phase of the hunt

First Hunt Boss
First Hunt Boss

After killing some more bosses and completing all the quests from the inhabitants of Yharnam, the player discovers that the moon in the sky has become completely red. To see the local miracle, you need to defeat all the main bosses of the main locations and collect their special blood clots. It is also recommended to take all three parts of the umbilical cord, which in the future will allow you to choose any of the possible endings. After completing the necessary conditions, you need to return to the "Hunter's Dream" and talk with the great mentor, after which it will be possible to see the end of the Bloodborne storyline. In total, the game provides two main endings:

  1. The player decides to leave the Hunter's Dream and return to the real world. In this case, the mentor cuts off the head of the player, after which he wakes up in Yharnam and watches a beautiful dawn.
  2. The player refuses to leave the "Hunter's Dream" location, which provokes a fight between him and the main hunter. After defeating the latter, the Great Presence of the Moon appears, devouring the protagonist. After some time, he wakes up in a wheelchair, which leads to the idea that he will now become the main mentor of the Hunters.

Secret ending

During the passage of the Bloodborne storyline, the main character has the opportunity to find an item called an umbilical cord. In total, there are 4 of them scattered around Yharnam, but three will be enough to gain access to the secret ending. These artifacts can be found inlocations:

  • Rescue the woman named Ariana by sending her to the "Cathedral" location. After defeating the boss Nurse Mergo, you must return to a safe place and ask the girl to kill the child, which will give the player an umbilical cord.
  • Go to Josefka's Clinic and visit the secret room. Kill the Idle Spider and the woman in there. Looking through her inventory, you can find the umbilical cord. If you do not kill the spider, then instead of the umbilical cord, the main character will find a rune.
  • Get what you need when killing Mergo's Nurse.
  • The last umbilical cord is located in the Abandoned Workshop, which can be accessed through the "Cathedral District".

When collecting all the artifacts, as in previous cases, you should go to the "Hunter's Dream". Next, the main character must refuse the mentor's offer and fight him. If the umbilical cords are present, the Presence of the Moon will not be able to absorb the character, because of which he will become the baby of the Great One. This means that now the main character will take the role not of the guardian of the "Hunter's Dream", but of the Presence of the Moon itself.

Bloodborne: The old hunters plot

last phase of the moon
last phase of the moon

To activate the quest of the only addition, you need to approach the corpse near the Cathedral District. Having tried to explore it, the hero finds himself in an alternate reality where he will find bloody rivers, monsters and a bloody moon. Almost immediately, you can encounter a single NPC. He says that those hunters who are consumed by madness get here. goingalong a bloody river, the player encounters and defeats a monster that was once a great hunter.

As it turns out later, the whole place is controlled by Maria, one of the first hunters, whose goal is to give birth to a dark baby (Orphan of Kos). After defeating her, the hero receives a key leading to the "Secret Village of Fishermen". Having made his way through the hordes of monsters, the wanderer kills the baby, which becomes the end of the story and plot of the game Bloodborne.

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