What is Flash Player: general concepts and features

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What is Flash Player: general concepts and features
What is Flash Player: general concepts and features

Apparently, most users don't need to explain what Flash Player is. They are well aware that without this applet, playback of any multimedia content posted on the Internet is not possible. However, for those users who are just learning the basics of working with operating systems and web browsers, we can provide some tips for using this extension. But first, let's dwell on what it is.

What is Flash Player?

This applet was originally developed by Sun Microsystems Corporation. It was only much later that a similar software product from Macromedia appeared. Ultimately, seeing such popularity of the program, the IT giant Adobe took advantage of the purchase of everything related to developments in the field of multimedia, including the consolidation of subsidiaries under its wing.

what is flash player
what is flash player

But what isFlash Player in the original sense? At the dawn of the development of flash-technologies, the player was created in the form of a separately installed player for playing animation clips in this particular format. Over time, Flash Player for Windows has undergone a qualitative change, becoming exclusively a plug-in for browsers installed on systems.

flash player for windows
flash player for windows

But Apple decided not to stop there, releasing a universal player and a plug-in in one package called QuickTime. It is to him that today in most cases the SWF extension is associated, as well as additional formats like FLA or image objects.

What is this extension for?

Speaking about what Flash Player is, one cannot ignore the question of how this player became a browser add-on. The fact is that with the development of Internet technologies with the possibility of publishing multimedia content on websites, no one really thought about it, preferring to use only the text part. And when the understanding came that the user entering the page wants not only to read the text, but also to watch a video or listen to music, the attitude towards this plugin changed dramatically.

How does Flash Player for Windows work?

Now the main applet began to work exclusively as an extension installed for web browsers. It is quite problematic to find it today as an independent player.

flash player 10
flash player 10

Sometimes manual activation may be requiredinstalled plugin, if it didn't happen automatically.

But it is precisely when integrating into browsers (moreover, automatically and into all), you don't have to worry about content playback. Even the player itself does not need to be launched manually, since playback starts with the usual pressing of the corresponding button or without it, and the plug-in is loaded in accordance with the content being played. This add-on does not have its own interface, although on the sites themselves, when playing audio or video, a completely different graphical shell, developed directly by the creators of the Internet resource, may be displayed.

In Windows 10, Flash Player works the same way on all other systems. In this case, neither the browser used nor the operating system matters. Only the architecture is taken into account during the installation or upgrade process. If you look at the development of systems of this type, specialists from Microsoft could long ago create such a tool and include it in regular tools, however, apparently, they are in no hurry to engage in such developments. And really, why, if there is a ready-made solution nearby? Another thing is that the corporation could buy this development, and then establish its own copyright for it. But Microsoft cannot compete with Adobe.

Plugin installation questions

But we digress a little. Let's see how to install Flash Player in Windows 10, since it is not included in the initial package after the first installation of the system.

First of all, you need to download the installation distribution kit from the officialsite and in no case use third-party resources where the most recent version of the player can be posted. You can easily pick up viruses there.

flash player for windows 7
flash player for windows 7

Actually, whether you install Flash Player for Windows 7 or for another system is not so important. The fact is, already at the entrance to the developer's resource, the architecture and type of the operating system will be determined automatically. The main thing here is to pay attention to the fact that when going through several steps, one of them may give a recommendation to install additional software. Here you just need to uncheck the corresponding item. If this is not done, then you should not be surprised that some kind of antivirus or something else will appear on your system.

Further, when the main file is downloaded, in Windows 7 Adobe Flash Player may require permission to install correctly. Therefore, the installation package must be initially run as administrator, and then simply wait for the installation to complete. All browsers and programs that can use this applet (like the sidebar) should be completely disabled for now.


As for updates, when installing the player itself, a special service is integrated into the system that monitors the release of fresh updates. It merges into the startup section and starts with the system.

Some people disable this service. Nothing wrong with that. It will be quite elementary to detect that the plugin is outdated, when on a certainwebsite, when trying to play media or execute scripts, the resource will display an error message and the need to install the latest version of the player.

adobe flash player 7
adobe flash player 7

Again, redirection will be made to the official website of the developer. But here's what's interesting. There is no automatic update. Roughly speaking, you need to download the distribution kit again and install the plugin yourself, having previously refused to install additional partner software.

What else can I use?

This concludes the consideration of the question of what Flash Player is. However, if you do not like this plugin, you can use a similar development from Macromedia in the form of an extension Shockwave Flash, which is in no way inferior to the original player.

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