"Icons of style": fashion designer or detective?

"Icons of style": fashion designer or detective?
"Icons of style": fashion designer or detective?

2008 was a unique year for little girls in its own way. And all because the organization Ubisoft Entertainment presented them with a new, exciting toy called "Style Icons". It is a colorful logic game, perfectly rendered in 3D. Here, little fashionistas will have to show all their abilities in such a capricious environment as fashion. In addition to your character, there are others in the game whose respect must also be won. And for each period of time, you will be presented with tips that will help you correctly determine the colors, styles and shape of clothes, as well as makeup with hair.

podium style icon walkthrough
podium style icon walkthrough

Of course, for the most part, "Style Icons" is aimed at little girls, but their mothers may also like it. The game can not be called difficult, but it is not easy either. Its essence lies in the fact that you get a job in a very large corporation of the modeling business. Day after day, you will need to improve your stylistic and design skills, as each new task will be an order of magnitude more difficult. Seems like a pretty boring story.select clothes and apply makeup to models. However, not everything is so simple.

Passage of the game "Podium. Style icon” is based not only on fashion. After you get a new job, you will immediately forget about what a quiet life is. As in any other business, here you will meet competitors who are ready to do anything to ruin your plans. Various kinds of mysterious events cause a lot of inconvenience. All problems, of course, are blamed on your character. That is why, in addition to mastering outfits and cosmetics, young women of fashion will have to show the qualities of a detective and a detective. During the game, you will meet different personalities, each of which has a special flavor. Some acquaintances will be the most successful, because thanks to them influential people will patronize you.

walkthrough game podium style icon
walkthrough game podium style icon

You can complete Icons of Style in two game modes. Most choose a career, because it contains the storyline. However, if you get tired of constant investigations, you can start free play. In it, your character will become the owner of a virtual studio of models and deal exclusively with outfits, design and makeup. Particularly selective and ingenious players launch this mode in order to hone their stylistic skills. And then they start their careers.

New "Style Icons" allow you to upload your own personal drawings. These images are subsequently used to create an exclusive manicure, superimpose a picture on a T-shirt or use it inapplying makeup. It is worth noting that all models, their outfits, cosmetics and everything else are animated so realistically that it gives the impression of a real person.

style icons
style icons

In a word, the best game for girls is Runway. Style icon". The passage may, of course, not be of interest to their adult mothers, however, they are unlikely to be able to refuse to try on all the dresses and use the proposed makeup and manicures. Because you can't resist believable models that you want to make even more beautiful.

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