Lock screen on Android: using standard methods and applications from the Play Market

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Lock screen on Android: using standard methods and applications from the Play Market
Lock screen on Android: using standard methods and applications from the Play Market

Many owners of smartphones running on the Android operating system use the standard display lock method - touch unlock. And they are not even aware of one of the most important advantages of this system. This is a multi-stage screen lock on Android. You can change and supplement protection endlessly. There are several standard lock methods and hundreds of applications that will add personality to your smartphone.

Why do I need a screen lock on Android?

First you need to understand why you need a touchscreen lock on your smartphone. This feature not only protects against accidental presses when the phone is in your pocket or bag, but also helps prevent personal information from being stolen.

In cases where the smartphone is stolen, the criminal will have to reset the phone to factory settings in order to unlock the screen on Android. And this will entail a complete formatting of the data on the device.

screen lock for android
screen lock for android

But screen lockon "Android" - this is not only protection against thieves. This feature is great for those who do not like unauthorized "intrusions" of acquaintances. Some people like to take someone else's phone lying on the table without asking and see how a person lives. A screen lock will prevent such creeps.

Also, setting an unlock password is a lifesaver for new parents. Modern children quickly learn how to manage smartphones and, while the parent is distracted for a moment, they can delete important information. Blocking will help to avoid such situations.

How to set the function?

Setting up a lock on Android-based smartphones is quite simple. Some manufacturers add their own types of blocking to the gadget. But absolutely on all smartphones, three screen lock methods are pre-installed:

  • Pattern.
  • Digital PIN.
  • Password.
  • Swipe.
how to remove screen lock
how to remove screen lock

Finger Method - A standard locking method that involves simply swiping right or left to unlock. Pattern allows the user to draw a shape to unlock the screen. It includes four to nine control points. The numeric PIN prompts the user to enter a combination of numbers (from four to seventeen characters) that unlocks the screen. The password is similar to the previous screen lock method. Only in this case, alphabetic characters can be added to the numbers. The maximum number of characters available is seventeen.

To installscreen lock, you need to go to the "Settings" menu and select the "Protection" item. Next, click on the inscription "Lock screen". After that, the user will be prompted to select a lock, enter a new code twice and save the changes. In the Security menu, you can also change the auto-lock time from five seconds to 30 minutes.

Disable screen lock

After installing a new protection, many users do not know how to remove the screen lock. You can do this in a few simple steps. First you need to go to the "Settings" - "Protection" item. Next, select "Screen Lock". The user will need to enter a valid security code. After confirmation, select the "Swipe" method from the list.

lock screen software for android
lock screen software for android

Also in the same list there is a concise item "No". Selecting it will not set the screen lock to "Android". After pressing the unlock button, you can immediately start working.

Lock screen software

For those users who want to diversify their protection methods, screen lock programs for Android have been created. Applications can be found in the Play Store by typing the word Lockscreen into the search bar. Some programs use arbitrary shapes as blocking - heart, flower, cross. You can also install a program that, when unlocked, will require you to enter the correct answer to the question. In this way, you can educate yourself all day long.

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