Complex automation: reviews. Means of complex automation

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Complex automation: reviews. Means of complex automation
Complex automation: reviews. Means of complex automation

Humanity is constantly moving forward. We are creating new and more versatile tools that allow us to increase the effectiveness of the efforts of each individual. The next step, actively implemented today, was automation. Comprehensive, partial, complete - what's the difference between them? We will talk about this with an emphasis on the first type. The fact is that the topic is quite large, and this process will be considered precisely on this part of it.

What is automation?

complex automation
complex automation

This is the name of the set of tools and methods necessary to implement a system that can control the technological process without the participation of a person (or if he makes only the most responsible decisions).

This provision is based on the redistribution of energy, information and material flows in accordance with pre-provided management criteria. The end result is called an automated control system (ACS). Now let's take a quick look at her typology.

What is partial automation?

This is when the process has affected individual devices, machines or technological operations. Maybebe done when the performance of the necessary functions is not available to a person or the actions occur too often. As an example, we can cite food industry enterprises that prepare products for sale (pouring water into containers, packing peas according to their color, and so on). This also includes the automation of administrative work. The greatest effect can be obtained when the transfer of functions to machines is envisaged already at the project stage.

What is complex automation?

complex automation
complex automation

This is when the presence of a person is not needed all the time. Integrated automation provides for the creation of a technological site or even an enterprise that will function as one mechanism. An example is power plants. In such cases, production functions are transferred to technology. But complex automation can be used only if there is a highly developed production.

The technology must also be refined and progressive management methods applied. Special requirements are put forward for the reliability of technology, as well as the quality level of writing software that is installed on it. All human functions in this case are reduced to control and general management of the complex. At the moment, this is the most promising automation that will not lose significant leadership on an enterprise scale for at least another decade. And the next species has not yet been fully implemented anywhere in the world.

What is full automation?

comprehensiveenterprise automation
comprehensiveenterprise automation

This is the highest level of transfer of process control to technology. All management and control functions are transferred to her. In the modern world, such automation of the enterprise is still not done. At least the function of control remains behind the person. But if you want to know what they are, then nuclear power plants can be considered close to this. That is, full automation of the enterprise is carried out in cases where production is stable, cost-effective, modes do not change (almost), and all possible problems and deviations are taken into account in advance. The performance of one person becomes as important as that of a whole team of people in an ordinary company.

Goals of end-to-end automation

Here is what happens when this process starts:

  • improve product quality;
  • reducing the number of service personnel;
  • increasing the efficiency of production processes;
  • increasing output;
  • reduce waste of raw materials;
  • improving security;
  • growing environmental compliance;
  • more economical.

Complex automation tasks

integrated production automation
integrated production automation

What should be the final result? And the result is:

  1. The quality of regulation is improving.
  2. The level of ergonomics of the work of process operators is increasing.
  3. Increasing equipment availability.
  4. The reliability of information aboutmaterial components that are used in production.
  5. Data is stored about the technological process, as well as about emergency situations, which subsequently allows them to be avoided.

To achieve them, methods and means of complex automation are used. What does this mean in practice? And the fact that different technological processes are used:

  • continuous;
  • discrete;
  • hybrid.

This means that at the heart of each process is something different. Moreover, it is necessary to approach the definition not from the side of ordinary "everyday" experience, but from the position of mathematical and technical modeling.

Principles of complex automation

In this direction, three components are used, which should be in any system for its full operation:

  1. The principle of consistency. In this case, it is understood that the actions in the process that is being automated must be coordinated with its technical-cybernetic inputs and outputs. If this is not the case, then system malfunctions will occur.
  2. The principle of integration. The automated process is considered as part of the organization's overall environment. In different cases, complex mechanization and automation have different levels of integration, as well as distinct ways of bringing it to life. In other words, there must be a relationship with the external environment.
  3. The principle of independent execution. The necessary processes must be performed without human intervention (in extreme cases, minimal human control is allowed). If things go like this,as it should be, there should be no interference.

Layers of complex automation

Integrated mechanization and automation
Integrated mechanization and automation

They cover different areas of work. So, the transition to complex automation involves working out:

  1. Lower level. It is designed to automate processes that are regularly performed. First of all, interest is provided by operational tasks, maintaining a certain mode of operation and maintaining the set parameters.
  2. Production management level. In this case, the distribution of tasks for execution between different processes of the previous paragraph is provided. Examples include planning and managing resources, documents, maintenance, production, and so on.
  3. Enterprise management level. Here, the solution of predictive and analytical problems is provided. This level is used to support the work of the top management of the organization. He deals with financial, economic and strategic tasks.

What types of systems can be in complex automation?

means of complex automation
means of complex automation

They can be:

  1. Unchangeable. Integrated business automation pays considerable attention to production processes (a certain sequence of actions) that do not change during the operation of the equipment. An example is the food industry.
  2. Programmable. In systems of this type, the sequence of actions can bechange by adjusting the program and process configuration. This is possible thanks to a recognizable set of instructions that are given in an appropriate way and thus can be interpreted by the system.
  3. Flexible. This type of system can make a choice among all possible actions in such a way that the goal is achieved. All changes and decisions are made based on the information received.


Let's take a look at a real case where integrated production automation is used. As an object, we will study the software component of this area of process improvement. The subject will be a product of the Russian company "1C", which is called "Integrated Automation".

This software allows you to take care of quick workflow and reporting on any issues. It also allows you to monitor the state of the enterprise in real time. To help you understand the possibilities of such programs, let's explain this phenomenon a little differently.

As soon as someone takes a blank to make a part, information about this is immediately entered into the database. If the processing was unsuccessful, it is written off as waste, and a certain amount is allocated for this operation (or for processing). As soon as the part is made, information about it is entered into the company's database.

The owner or director can contact her at any time to see what is in stock and provide information to customers about the execution of their orders. Accountant, thanks to the database andadditional tools, can quickly create the necessary reports for internal use and the tax service. As a result, there is no need to distract people, and at the same time, the goals set are successfully achieved. And all this allows you to get complex automation.


complex business automation
complex business automation

To understand what these improvements are, we suggest that you read the words of experts who deal with such systems.

Initially, you need to understand that the transition to integrated enterprise automation is not cheap and not easy. Therefore, it requires careful preparation and good planning. But all costs will more than pay off as soon as the equipment is put into operation and starts working. True, there are requirements for the qualification component of the employee who will work with the system. The fact is that the more complex the mechanism, the more experienced personnel must interact with it. Therefore, if low-skilled workers are recruited, the system can quickly fail, which will entail losses and additional spending of money.

Complex automation can also be used everywhere, but here there is a question of rationality. So, it makes no sense to develop and implement an expensive system if it will only work half an hour a day (although it depends on the case). In addition, complex automation of an enterprise is always a risk. After all, it is not known whether investments will ruin you.


go tocomplex automation
go tocomplex automation

Now you have a good idea of what automation brings to humanity. Of course, there are still decades (or even centuries) before machines can completely replace human labor, but let's hope that we can successfully live up to this moment and enjoy its fruits.

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