"Remote Computer". Remote access to a computer via the Internet

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"Remote Computer". Remote access to a computer via the Internet
"Remote Computer". Remote access to a computer via the Internet

Remote access applications allow you to solve a variety of tasks. Previously, such products were used exclusively in corporate networks, but recently they have become quite widespread among non-professionals. An overview of programs for remote access to a computer is presented in the article.

General information

You can compare the remote connection with the remote control. That is, to administer a PC, you do not have to leave your apartment. Large firms save money in this case, since IT employees in the vast majority of cases do not need to be sent on business trips.

remote computer
remote computer

Ordinary users also need such tools from time to time. For example, if a relative or friend who is not computer savvy asks for help, it is enough to ask him to run a small program on his machine, which is very convenient.

When you go on a trip, you can install the application on your PC or laptop,to be able to copy important documents from it even from afar.

Anyplace Control

This utility has two modes of operation - administration and viewing. The first is designed to take control of the PC, it allows you to get full remote access to the client computer. The second only displays what is happening on the screen, and surveillance can be carried out covertly.

remote computer control over the Internet
remote computer control over the Internet

The undoubted advantage of this tool is the ability to simultaneously administer two or more computers. In this case, one operation can send a shutdown or reboot command to several machines at once.

Another interesting feature is the shared buffer implementation. After copying the file on the remote PC, you can paste it on the administrative one, and vice versa. Working with text and graphic elements is carried out in a similar way. In addition, a message can be sent to a remote computer at any time.

Connection Methods

How to establish a connection between machines? Anyplace Control offers the following three options:

  • IP connection. Classic way. For administration, the client PC must be part of the same local network as the administrator or have an external static IP address.
  • Account-connection. To implement it, you need to register on the official website of the software manufacturer. After that, you should add all PCs to the account. The main advantage of this approach is the ability to perform remote control of a computer throughInternet, even if its IP address is dynamic.
  • Connection by ID does not require the user to install the utility. After downloading the installation package, check the box next to the "Start" item in it. A window with "ID" and "Password" columns will appear on the screen. All data from them should be transferred to the administrator, he should also select the "Connect by ID" item in the application menu and enter the information that he received.
  • remote computer is like
    remote computer is like

Ammyy Admin

Ammyy Admin can work without installation. The utility combines great functionality and a clear interface. For home use, the tool is absolutely free. Supported operating systems include Windows, BSD and Linux.

The main window consists of two modules - client and operator. The connection is made by a randomly generated ID, but there is also the possibility to use an IP address. The client part can be completed at any time. This will set a ban on remote control of the computer via the Internet.

The application has an address book. Computers that can be connected to are added to it. For ease of navigation, the user is provided with the functions of combining PCs into groups, changing the order of addresses, adding new contacts manually. At the same time, it is impossible to track whether the user is online.

Basic operating modes

Ammyy Admin has several connection modes:

  • Desktop - full control over desktoptable.
  • File manager. Transfer files between computers.
  • Microsoft RDP. Launching Windows built-in remote administration tools.
  • Voice chat.
  • Speed Test. Network speed test.

As far as RDP is concerned, the settings are not made using the standard Windows dialog, but the tools built into the utility. At the same time, the "Network" tab allows you to select codecs and color resolution, which is useful if the remote computer is connected to the Internet at a low speed.

overview of programs for remote access to a computer
overview of programs for remote access to a computer

Supremo Remote Desktop

Supremo Remote Desktop is a handy portable utility specially designed to provide remote assistance to users. The program works only under operating systems of the Windows family.

The application does not require installation. You can download it absolutely free from the developer's website. Before you start, the program must be running on both computers. Traditionally, there are two modes: server and client. To start the first option, you need to click on the "Start" button. The "Your credentials" field contains information that the administrator needs to connect: ID number and password. These values are randomly generated at the start of each session.

If the user has enabled the Ask authorization function, it will be impossible to log in to the remote computer without his consent. This is the best way to protect against unauthorized access. To connect to the host on the administrative PC, enterID in the column under the heading "Your partner". In addition, you can select a contact in the address book.

Available in Supremo Remote Desktop and file manager. It is similar to the classic TotalCommander with two panels. Both downloading documents to the client machine and transferring them to the server are available. Watch mode and voice chat are not provided.

why you need remote access to a computer
why you need remote access to a computer


Describing the best programs for remote access to a computer, TeamViewer cannot be ignored. For non-corporate use, this tool is completely free. The program works not only under popular operating systems, it can also be installed on a phone or tablet running iOS and Android. Separately, we should highlight the QuickSupport solution, which does not require installation and is great for performing urgent tasks.

The full version of the utility provides both client and operator parts. The interface is designed as a single window with two tabs - "Conference" and "Remote control".

remote access to a computer via the Internet
remote access to a computer via the Internet

Remote control

A unique ID-number is provided to the user (it is necessary to identify the PC) and a password (which can be randomly generated or set independently). The administrator, knowing both of these values, can remotely access the computer via the Internet.

Multiple modes availableconnections:

  • Control: total takeover of control. However, the user is not blocked at this time, which can create inconvenience. All operations are performed in a single window. At the same time, you can change the resolution, scale, switch between monitors in it.
  • File transfer. Like many other programs of this type, TeamViewer uses a classic two-pane manager. All standard actions are available in it: delete, copy, move, create folders, rename.
  • VPN. This mode was created to organize a virtual local area network. It can be used to browse shared directories or access devices.


This tab provides tools for organizing blitz conferences or connecting to an already created one. The free version has a limit of 25 participants. It is worth noting the possibility of using voice and video communications, screen sharing, recording sessions in AVI format. The Whiteboard function resembles a blackboard and is used for drawing.

To make access to devices quick and easy, the "Contacts" module has been added to TeamViewer. In addition, it can be used to send a message to a remote computer, create a personal or group chat.

All incoming and outgoing traffic is encrypted by the utility. Documents transferred from one PC to another are digitally signed. The file cannot be transferred unless the end user has given consent.

full remote access to the computer
full remote access to the computer


The main advantage of this program is that it is absolutely free even for commercial use. At the same time, many paid analogues are inferior to it in terms of functionality.

The settings of the server part of the utility are very interesting. If you want to hide its presence on the PC, you can call up the configuration dialog and limit the user's permissions. At the same time, he will not be able not only to close the program or change its parameters, but also to check if it is running.

I must say that the administration tools implemented in UltraVNC allow you to take control of a remote PC without any questions, even if the end user does not want it. Why you need remote access to a computer at this level in a home network is hard to come up with, but for system administrators who monitor the performance of dozens of machines, UltraVNC is indispensable. In addition to the features described above, the application has the function of blocking the keyboard and mouse immediately after connecting to the client PC. If it is activated, no one will be able to interfere with the operator in the process of work.

There is also a View Only mode in the utility. When enabled, the administrator only monitors the screen. In this case, detection of one's presence is excluded.

All the main server PC controls are located at the top of the viewport. With their help, you can easily send information to a remote computer using the CTRL + ALT + DEL key combination, switch between full screen and windowed mode, open the Start menu, refresh data if the picture is on the screen"hung", open personal correspondence with the client or start the file manager.

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