Wolfenstein 2 walkthrough, review, system requirements

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Wolfenstein 2 walkthrough, review, system requirements
Wolfenstein 2 walkthrough, review, system requirements

It is not so easy for novelties in the gaming industry to capture the attention of the audience. To do this, developers can go to any lengths, even use ste alth and marketing. But in reality, gamers need very little: a good story, thoughtful gameplay and originality. The passage of Wolfenstein 2 fully meets these criteria, which is probably why the game was able to get good ratings, becoming a worthy sequel.


So, before us is a new project of the MachineGames team, which is being published by the even more eminent company Bethesda Softworks. This computer game appeared just a couple of weeks ago. On October 27, 2017, players around the world could try out a new first-person shooter. The project became available immediately on PC and popular game consoles.

walkthrough wolfenstein 2
walkthrough wolfenstein 2

As the name suggests, Wolfenstein 2 is a sequel to the previous game. It was called Wolfenstein: The New Order and appeared in 2014.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus was announced at a presentation last year. But he was inferior, and the developers showed only a teaser. But at the beginning of 2017, there was more information at the E3 exhibition.

The creative director of the developer company spoke there, warning that this part, most likely, will not be the last. It has previously been announced that the series is planned as a trilogy.

What do you need?

As always, the developers have unveiled the minimum and recommended system requirements for Wolfenstein 2. The first configuration has already been amusingly nicknamed “Daddy, can I play?”, while the second has become ominously called “I am death incarnate.”

So, in order to somehow enjoy the game, you need an Intel Core i7-3770 or AMD FX-8350 processor. RAM will have to stock up from 8 GB, on the drive you need to free 55 GB. A video card from Nvidia should not be weaker than the GeForce GTX 770, and from AMD - not weaker than the Radeon R9 290.

The recommended system requirements for Wolfenstein 2 will allow you to use high quality settings at 1080p at 60 fps. To do this, the processor must not be weaker than Intel Core i7-4770 or AMD FX-9370, and the video card must be Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon RX 470. At least 16 GB of RAM.

In both cases, the Windows operating system from version 7 is suitable. Otherwise, you can try to use a PC with the worst system performance. You may be able to set it up so that the gameplay is comfortable. To do this, the developers made it possible to fine-tune the graphic parameters,set special modes for high-quality pictures.


When reviewing Wolfenstein 2, it's pretty hard to avoid spoilers. Therefore, readers need to be prepared for the disclosure of some secrets. It is not interesting to tell the whole story, but you will have to go through the plot in order to understand in general terms what this game is about.

wolfenstein 2 system requirements
wolfenstein 2 system requirements

So, the main events take the gamer to 1961, to America. It becomes clear that the Nazis won the Second World War.

Here we have to remember how the previous part ended. In the last battle, the protagonist receives critical wounds and in his dying state gives the order for a nuclear strike on the Strasse fortress.

Allies of the protagonist Blaskowitz save him by transferring him to a submarine. Here he is operated on. In the moments when he loses consciousness, events of the past pop up in his memory. All these painful memories awaken him.


So, finally, we got to the main topic of the article - the passage of Wolfenstein 2. There will not be a step-by-step description of the action, but only a superficial help on the main events. This will be useful for experienced players who may get stuck at certain points.

So, as we remember, the game starts with an introductory video. There we are reminded of the events of the previous part. In addition, you can quickly live through some past decisions and re-make them.


If you are familiar with the previous part, then do not be surprised that in the new one youoffer to sacrifice their ally again. The developers return us to the choice between Wyatt or Fergus. Some of them will be killed by General Skull, the rest will stay with you.

If you leave Wyatt alive in the passage of Wolfenstein 2, then you will have an assistant in breaking mechanical locks. If Ferguson survives, then it will not be difficult for you to close the electrical circuits of electronic locks.

game wolfenstein 2
game wolfenstein 2

Firstly, this choice will affect the collection of things. Secondly, the paths will depend on it. In some cases the chapters will be different.

We chose Wyatt for this playthrough. This will be followed by a cut-scene in which you will need to make decisions. But the result will not change.


Review of Wolfenstein 2 forces us to return to history again. It all starts with the capture of a submarine. What do you need to know to pass? The hero gets into a wheelchair, rolls out on opponents and shoots at them. There are additional tasks. They give you information about what you need to do specifically. For example, kill a certain number of enemies or aim only at the head.

Check the area carefully each time so you don't miss collectibles.

Next, a cut-scene awaits you again. After it, you need to continue moving along the corridor, activating the traps. This must be done to kill enemies. But do not forget to deactivate them so as not to get caught yourself. To deactivate, just shoot the lever.

Next you will have to get acquainted with the techniquesilent killing. To do this, you will have to get close to the enemies from the back and click on the mouse wheel.

After there will be a long journey through pipes and conveyors. Here you can independently figure out what's what. There will be traps along the way. If you look carefully at the details, you will understand how to get around them. After a few puzzles, you will find yourself on the upper deck.


Once again we are watching the cut-scene of the game Wolfenstein 2. We see weapons: you can pick up two machine guns at once. To break the grate on the floor, you need to jump up and press Ctrl. The same combination can attack opponents.

wolfenstein 2 release date
wolfenstein 2 release date

Don't forget to check your lockers all the time. In them you will find useful tools for passing. Then you will enter a room with a large number of enemies. First you need to kill the officers silently. When you kill them, you will receive Enigma codes.

Further on the way you will meet a soldier in an armored suit. He is harder to fight than regular enemies. In combat, he uses dashes and laser weapons. To defeat him, you must avoid all his tricks. And then you can take away the weapon and pave the way with it.

In this chapter, you are waiting for a couple more battles with ordinary soldiers and officers. Turn on your wits and cunning, and then cross with Wyatt and Zingur to the boat.

Secret Compartment

At the beginning of this chapter, you will receive a Dieselkraftwerk. This weapon will help you blow up doors. Therefore, immediately go to hack everything. Don't forget on one of the shelvespick up the soldier's diary, then find Fritz's letter. Again several battles with a group of enemies.

Find Franka's postcard, move through pipes and stairs again. We find the officer, break open the door and destroy the radio transmitter. Use the turret at the end of the mission.


This chapter in the passage of Wolfenstein 2 will force the player to communicate with everyone who meets on his way. Here you will learn a lot of things along the storyline and draw up a general picture of events. After that, you will watch another cut-scene and be transported to Manhattan.

wolfenstein 2 review
wolfenstein 2 review


There are several missions to complete again in this area. First, meet a couple of enemies on the streets, then go down to the subway and deal with rivals there. Remember that you need to always pick up everything that is possible and collect. You will definitely need all the elements in the game.

Next, you will find yourself on the street again. It will lead you to the right building. Rising to the very top, you will find a huge robot. Don't even try to beat him right away. You need to find sketches of weapons in the wreckage. After finding the elevator.

Next you will be taken to the Penthouse. Here again, do your usual thing: kill enemies and look for useful items.

After you will have the opportunity to plunge into the plot again and learn something new.


Here the hero enters a cafe, then descends into the underground station. After all the obstacles, you will have to be a train explorer. As you move through the car, you will kill enemies and find sketches.

Once in the reactor, you can choose several paths of passage: either slow and ste althy, or active and noisy. In the latter case, you will have to kill a lot and solve problems quickly.

Meet the monster

This is a flashback chapter that I don't really want to talk about because there are a lot of spoilers. The main thing - you need to remember, in order not to leave the level prematurely, it is better to leave the parent's bedroom in the end. This is the place to come when you have explored the whole house and collected all the cards and sketches.

After some events, you will find yourself in court, where you will be found guilty. At the end of this mission, you will be given a choice of new equipment. See all the features and decide for yourself what will be useful for you.

We will skip the mission with side quests, because, firstly, it is not so difficult, and secondly, it is not of particular importance. Although the stilts you get after it will be needed in the final game.

wolfenstein 2 won't start
wolfenstein 2 won't start

Because you have a lot of communication with other characters, you may be disappointed by the Russian voice acting of Wolfenstein 2. She sometimes puts her into a stupor with her objectively unsuccessful intonations and voices.

New Orleans

On the way to the desired goal, you will again have to destroy and collect. This is probably your main task. When you get to New Orleans, you will need to carefully inspect all the buildings. You will find cards, sketches, letters, etc. As practice shows, it is best to conduct battles silently.

In this location you will move through the rooms. Allthis will take you to the depot. Here you will need to look for star cards again. At the end of the mission, as always, a whole gang of enemies awaits you. Then you can get to Horton.

The story doesn't end there. You are waiting for the control of a robotic dog and a walk on the Panzerhound. After the massacre, it will be possible to return to the submarine.


Venus will be the culminating point in history. Here you can do whatever you want, but periodically save and follow the main story. If you want to earn all the achievements, you can try to kick Hitler, but then you will be killed. So don't forget to save earlier.

Moving around Venus, you need to collect code, sketches and cards. Also, do not forget about additional tools that will help in the current passage. All this is easy to do, since the Russian voice acting of Wolfenstein 2 is, albeit not ideal.

After you have to wander on the surface of Venus in a spacesuit. The essence of the gameplay, of course, has not changed. The only thing, now you need to monitor the freon. We again need to move through the corridors, kill opponents, look for sketches.

At the end, you have to destroy a large ball, get into the room through the pipe. To do this, use stilts. If you don't have them, you'll have to go back and replay the game.

wolfenstein 2 russian voice acting
wolfenstein 2 russian voice acting


The last mission is no less interesting. At first it will seem to you some kind of ridiculous continuation of the story, but after that you will understand what's what. Just follow the familiar gameplay,complete quests.


As it turned out, nothing has passed since the release date of Wolfenstein 2, and dissatisfied players have already begun to appear on the forums, who complain about errors and other problems. Most likely, this is due precisely to the fact that the project is new, they have not yet released any updates for it that would fix all the bugs. But experienced gamers have already found a solution to some problems, so next we will look at what to do in different cases.

No answer

So Wolfenstein 2 won't launch. So you bought and installed the game, click on the shortcut and do not see any reaction. First, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling it. Perhaps there were some system failures, and it was not saved correctly to your PC. It is important that absolutely every game file is installed on the system.

It's possible that Wolfenstein 2 won't start because the antivirus has decided to block some necessary files. Therefore, during the re-installation, it is better to disable it. We also check the integrity of the cache in Steam. Trying to run the project as administrator. Please note that your system must be 64-bit to run.

Comfortable game

Everyone dreams of her, but not everyone has her. With the release of the project, many players began to complain that Wolfenstein 2 freezes. This problem includes braking, low fps, and lags. All this is sometimes really fixable, and sometimes you have to put up with it.

wolfenstein 2 freezes
wolfenstein 2 freezes

As you already understood, the game is very demanding on the PC. Even an entry-level gaming PC might not be able to handle it. Therefore, immediately look at the capabilities of your hardware. Video card updates, lowering graphics settings, and freeing the system from all processes can affect the improvement of the situation. If you have a gaming PC, then try connecting a special game mode.


But the problems with Wolfenstein 2, unfortunately, do not end there. For example, sometimes a black screen may appear. If you encounter it, be patient and wait a bit. The game may need time to load. Then try switching the game to windowed mode and back. Some advise again to update the "firewood" to the video card. If all else fails, then most likely your processor is outdated and cannot handle such a project.

Sometimes Wolfenstein 2 has bugs that cause the game to crash. This usually indicates that there are not enough system resources to keep it active. You can try disabling all processes to free up RAM. If you have less than 8 GB, then this is not surprising at all. You need to buy a couple more modules so that the amount of RAM is at least the minimum recommended.


Wolfenstein 2 release date is October 27, 2017. In just 2 weeks, players have already been able to find a bunch of bugs and issues related to this game. Nevertheless, most often these discontents are associated with weak hardware. Some gamers simply turn a blind eye to the recommendations of the developer, buy the game and install it on a weak computer.

wolfenstein 2 problems
wolfenstein 2 problems

If you do not look at the technical problems, then this project turned out well. It has already earned a lot of good reviews. Well-known gaming publications have passed it and expressed their opinion.

Everyone liked the plot, which is also not without sin. Even with a sense of humor was not a problem. The action itself turned out to be active and dynamic. Many people liked the opportunity to tirelessly kill enemies. Well, no compromises can be expected from the game itself.

But many were upset that the story somehow ended abruptly. Perhaps it will be supplemented and continued in the third part. Skirmishes at the end are noticeably tiring, and you already want a peaceful passage. There are mechanical slips that have raised questions from the most experienced.

As a result, Wolfenstein 2 on PC is a solid project that definitely deserves the attention of shooter fans. Some cut scenes even make you think about the meaning of life. After passing, you will definitely have something to remember and something to spoil your friends.

A brave decision by the developers: to leave alone all modern fashionable things like loot boxes, multiplayer and open world - played into their hands. You can't give a game a ten, but it definitely deserves a solid nine.

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