Computer shutdown program: types, ranking of the best, installation, setup features and ease of use

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Computer shutdown program: types, ranking of the best, installation, setup features and ease of use
Computer shutdown program: types, ranking of the best, installation, setup features and ease of use

Perhaps, each user at one time or another has a need to automatically turn off the PC after a certain time. Of course, this operation can also be configured using the standard tools of the operating system, but it is much more convenient to use special utilities for these purposes.

This article will discuss the best programs to turn off your computer. Here, both simple timers and multifunctional complexes with a wide variety of settings will be given. In general, each user, depending on their needs, will be able to choose the ideal utility for themselves.


So, the first on the list is one of the most popular programs for turning the computer on and off. The developers approached the creation of thisutilities are very responsible and have added a huge number of different functions to it. So, for example, with PowerOff you can:

  • Create a schedule for shutting down and restarting your PC.
  • Turn off by timer both individual applications and the computer completely.
  • Cut off Internet connection at the specified time.
  • Turn off PC after movie or music ends.

And this, I must say, is not a complete list of utility features. However, the remaining functions serve, rather, to improve computer performance and do not relate to the topic of this article.

Program to turn off the computer PowerOff
Program to turn off the computer PowerOff

Unfortunately, PowerOff also has disadvantages. First of all, the program significantly loads the processor. For powerful computers, this will not be a problem, but on weak PCs it can lead to “brakes”. Well, yes, not all users will want to deal with the confusing interface of the utility, so this should also be attributed to its shortcomings.

Airytec Switch Off

And this program for turning off the computer at a given time is already a little simpler. However, it also has a large list of features. In particular, Airytec Switch Off allows:

  • Turn off, lock and restart the computer on a timer.
  • Control Windows accounts.
  • Turn off the computer remotely.

The advantages of the program include the fact that it is free. Simply put, you do not risk wasting money if the utility does not work for it. In addition, Airytec Switch Off has excellent compatibility, so it can be used even on low-end computers.

Program to turn off the computer Airytec Switch Off
Program to turn off the computer Airytec Switch Off

As for the shortcomings, the program also has them. So far, the utility behaves inappropriately when the PC goes into hibernation mode, but the developers promise to fix this in one of the next updates.


A simple program to turn off the computer on time. OFFTimer consists of only one file, the archive with which you need to download and then unpack. At the same time, the utility does not require installation and can be launched on any PC by double-clicking.

Computer shutdown program OFFTimer
Computer shutdown program OFFTimer

As you probably guessed, the program can not boast of extensive features. Its main and only function is to turn off the computer. To do this, you need to go to the main menu of the utility, set the shutdown time, and then click on the "Enable timer" button. After that, the utility can be minimized.

The disadvantage of OFFTimer is obvious. So, you will not be able to create a schedule and you will have to set the time to turn off the PC manually each time. However, if you rarely have such a need, this should not be a serious problem.


Another little program to automatically shut down your computer. As in the case of OFFTimer, you just need to download the archive with the utility and then unpack it. After that, Xtime will be completely ready for use.

Program to turn off the computer xTime
Program to turn off the computer xTime

The main menu of the program is made in the style of minimalism. The time after which you want to turn off the computer is set using the drop-down list located on the left side of the window. The timer itself is started by the "Activate" button. In this case, the maximum time for which you can postpone turning off the PC is 360 minutes (6 hours). In principle, this should be sufficient in most cases.

Unfortunately, Xtime does not allow you to schedule PC shutdown, which is a significant disadvantage for some users. Otherwise, the utility does its job perfectly.

Time PC

Program to turn off the computer and turn it on automatically. Time PC has a handy scheduler that lets you plan your schedule for the week ahead. In addition, there is an opportunity not to turn off the PC, but to put it into "Hibernation" mode. At the same time, the utility supports the Russian language, so you should not have any problems using it.

At the same time, Time PC implements the ability to automatically launch programs when you turn on the computer. So, for example, using this feature, you can download files from a torrent even when you are not at home.

The disadvantages of the utility include the lack of automatic updates. You will have to manually download the latest version of the program every time if you want to keep it up to date.

uSleep Timer

Another simple program to turn off the computer. Likemost analogues, uSleep Timer does not require installation and is completely ready for use after extraction from the archive. Here's what the utility can do:

  • Turn off, restart and put the computer to sleep after the specified time.
  • Forcibly terminate selected processes by timer.
  • Reduce the volume of the track being played at the specified time.

As you can see, although uSleep Timer belongs to the category of relatively primitive utilities, it has quite a lot of functions. In principle, this should be enough for most users.

By the way, uSleep Timer is a great program for shutting down your computer on Windows 7 and earlier versions of the operating system from Microsoft. This utility has excellent compatibility, so you can run it even on an old computer.

SM Timer

In this program, the user can choose only two tasks: complete shutdown of the computer or the end of the current session. On the one hand, such a small number of functions is a significant drawback of the utility, but on the other hand, it greatly simplifies its use. In other words, even an inexperienced user will never get confused in the SM Timer interface.

Program to turn off the computer SM Timer
Program to turn off the computer SM Timer

In addition, the advantages of the utility include support for the Russian language and a free form of distribution. As for the shortcomings, this is the lack of a support service and an automatic update system.


Free program to turn off your computer. ATStopPC implemented four functions:

  • Turn off PC.
  • Reboot.
  • Disabling a specific program.
  • Disconnecting from the Internet.

In addition, the utility has a so-called hidden mode that allows it to disappear from the monitor and start working offline. The advantages of StopPC include a Russian-language interface, a free license, and no need to install the program. In addition, the utility practically does not consume system resources, so it can be used even on weak computers.

The main disadvantage of StopPC is the small size of the window, which cannot be changed in any way. It is not very convenient to use the program on large monitors.

Off timer

Despite its apparent simplicity, this utility has a complete set of functions necessary to manage the power of your computer. At the same time, there are no extra settings that could confuse inexperienced users.

Off timer program
Off timer program

It is worth noting that turning off the computer through the program in the utility is tied not only to the timer, but also to certain actions or events. For example, you can make your PC turn off when the user is idle or when you close an application that you have selected in advance. In addition, the program has a Russian-language interface and is distributed free of charge. These are two more huge pluses in her treasury of virtues.

Wise Auto Shutdown

With this handy utility, you can set up automaticshutdown, restart, sleep mode and other actions necessary to control the power of the computer. Wise Auto Shutdown has a beautiful and, more importantly, intuitive interface, which is also fully translated into Russian. In addition, you can always contact support if you have any questions.

Computer Shutdown Software Wise Auto Shutdown
Computer Shutdown Software Wise Auto Shutdown

Also, the advantages of the program include the presence of an automatic update system, a free distribution model, and the absence of any extra features. The downside is that support representatives only communicate in English.

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