BlueScreen (error): how to fix?

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BlueScreen (error): how to fix?
BlueScreen (error): how to fix?

The Blue Screen of Death, or as BSOD experts call it, is a computer's defensive reaction that suspends system work in front of potential failures or damage. In certain situations, BlueScreen (error) appears due to driver problems. In such cases, a simple restart of the computer helps a lot. But often there are situations when it is already impossible to solve the problem without additional actions and special programs. One of these popular applications is BlueScreen Viewer, which will be discussed later.

It should be understood that the "blue screen" is not as scary as they say, but it is very unpleasant when it appears. To remove it, you need to have certain knowledge in computer technology and, of course, to know the reasons for its appearance.

Event (problem) name - BlueScreen. Causes

The reasons for the appearance of such a problem on a computer are very different: from a virus and a drop in electricity to the deletion of operating system files and improper installation of software. In most cases, you can deal with this problem without leaving your home. But for this, it is necessary to at least approximately determine the reasons that led to the “blue color”.screen." These reasons can be summarized as follows:

  • severe overheating of the motherboard or video card;
  • driver damage;
  • attempt to overclock the video card;
  • violation in RAM;
  • lack of power in the power supply;
  • breakdown of the device itself.

Most of the causes of the "blue screen" lies in the computer's video card. For example, a common problem such as BlueScreen (code 1049) means that the video card is not working.

bluescreen error
bluescreen error

Diagnose an emerging problem

The most common reason for a blue screen problem is recent activities to replace or install new components on your computer. And this means that either there are no drivers for new components, or they are "crooked" installed.

Sometimes a BlueScreen event occurs because the computer's internal parts are not properly connected to the motherboard or other components. In order to check all the details, you should open the system unit and examine the cables, RAM and video card for correct connection. This check is harder to do on a laptop. The only thing you can do is open the back cover of the laptop and check the connections between the hard drive and RAM.

Due to severe overheating of the video card and the central processor, system failures can often also occur. To find out if the processor and video card are overheating, you can look at the "BIOS" menu, which indicates the internal temperaturecomputer, or use a special program that measures the temperature of internal components and assemblies.

The next reason why the name of the BlueScreen problem event is displayed on the screen is a broken RAM bar. The operation of the RAM can be tested with the Memtest program, which will scan the memory within a few minutes and show whether the system is really failing due to the RAM.

Also, the BlueScreen problem may appear due to hard drive malfunctions. To check this option, you can use special programs to fix errors and failures in the hard drive or the chkdsk system function, which can be found in Windows, in the Tools tab. When you run it, it will start checking your computer for errors.

And the last common option is to check your computer for viruses. Common anti-virus programs such as Avast, Doctor Web, Norton, Kaspersky and others are suitable for this.

bluescreen problem event name
bluescreen problem event name

If BlueScreen (1049) still appears, error, how to fix it?

Sometimes, system failures that cause a blue screen effect are caused by more serious problems than the reasons described above. Therefore, more radical means of correcting this error should be used.

If all of the above methods of system recovery did not help, and the "screen of death" constantly appears on the monitor at startup or during computer operation, then the mostAn effective way to restore everything to working condition is to return the PC to basic configurations and parameters, i.e., reinstall the system. Programmers often joke that this is the only effective way of all computer system problems, including BlueScreen (1049). Indeed, this method can solve almost all computer problems related to system failures, violations or virus infections. However, this option has a serious drawback - it is the loss of all saved information on the hard drive during the reinstallation of Windows. Therefore, this is the most extreme way to restore your computer.

There is another way to eradicate BSOD, which can allow the user not to resort to radical methods such as reinstalling the operating system - special recovery programs.

bluescreen problem
bluescreen problem

Using auxiliary programs

First of all, I would like to name such a program as BlueScreen Viewer, which deserves the first place among computer users when you need to clean your PC or fix system errors. This program can be downloaded in Russian for free and installed on your device. It has a number of advantages and benefits compared to other similar programs:

  • scans minidump files created during a system crash that resulted in a blue screen;
  • provides detailed information in a pivot table;
  • shows the date/time the problem occurred;
  • shows error code;
  • displays minidump filenames;
  • provides information about modules and drivers that may have caused the system to crash.
bluescreen viewer
bluescreen viewer

Pros of the BlueScreen Viewer app

Besides this, the program has the following advantages:

  • it's free;
  • does not require it to be installed on a PC;
  • there is a crack in the file folder;
  • light and easy to use.

How the program works

When a system failure occurs, the program looks for files and drivers that could cause such a malfunction in the computer. When it finds them, it generates a report in the form of a table describing the driver and its location.

Also, the program can find the real cause of the system crash and display a full description of this problem with the date of its occurrence.

In addition to the above program, BlueScreen (error) can be diagnosed by such applications as WhoCrashed and WhatIsHang. These are free programs that detect faulty drivers that crash the operating system.

Computer Blue Screen - Please Help

Many people refer to this problem as the "death" of the PC, when in fact, the "screen of death" is a cry for help to the user. When a person has something in pain, he can complain to his relatives or doctor about this pain, tell about the symptoms, and so on. And what should a smart, but so far silent device do, when in its "organism"Is there a serious problem we call BlueScreen (bug)? All he can do is show us a "blue screen" on the monitor, on which the computer's "complaints" to the user will be written in white letters and symbols with a brief description of the problem, containing only a few numbers.

These "complaints" are known as BlueScreen codes. The description of these codes can be easily found. Each code is specifically responsible for a particular error and the cause of the violation in the system. If you do not understand the code description language, then it is better to turn to some well-known programmer forum, where experts can explain the system error and advise how to fix it.

If you have already tried everything, and the "blue screen" still appears, then even then you should contact the service center for the repair of personal computers and laptops.

blue screen 1049
blue screen 1049

Features and nuances of self-restoring the system

The following are some suggestions for fixing BSOD:

  • If you have recently updated your video driver, you should try to "roll back" it or restore the system to an earlier date. To do this, in the system options of the computer, you must set the function to automatically fix the restore point when installing new software.
  • BlueScreen (error) may appear due to an attempt to overclock the processor, video card or RAM - these processes must be stopped.
  • If this problem occurs during games, you need to lower the screen resolution and set the graphics tominimum performance.
  • The Direct file needs to be updated.

Expert Tips

There are different techniques for dealing with the "screen of death" problem. Professionals recommend using them in turn, not rushing to take drastic measures, such as reinstalling the system, resetting Windows to basic settings, or sending the computer in for repair at service centers.

Here's another OS recovery option.

If the "blue screen" does not allow the system to boot, then you should go into safe mode on your PC. To do this, press F8 while the computer is booting. After that, a boot menu will appear on a black screen, in which you can select the mode we need. The difference between safe mode and other downloads is that it boots without using network drivers.

In this mode, you can check your computer for viruses, because they also often display the name of the event - BlueScreen. To do this, use anti-virus programs with an updated version of the database.

Also, in safe mode, you can try to restore the system without reinstalling it. In this case, insert the disk with "Windows", select the "Restore system" function and click "OK". Thanks to this choice, old system files are erased, and new ones are installed without losing personal information.

In the same mode, you can "roll back" the drivers. Incorrectly installed drivers can cause system failure.

bluescreen event name
bluescreen event name

Secrets of programmers

There is one morethe secret that reveals the cause of the BSOD is the lack of free space on the hard drive. Many do not know about this, but if there is less than 15% of free space left on the hard drive, then this also often causes this problem. It is necessary to clean the "hard drive" from old and unnecessary files using special programs or a function of the system itself.

On some motherboards, there is a special button located near the processor, which, when pressed, resets all late system installations and updates. Therefore, as one of the options, you should open the computer unit and see if this button is there. If there is, then you should use it, holding for 15 seconds, which will return the system to its initial state.

bluescreen code 1049
bluescreen code 1049


Don't immediately grab your head because BlueScreen (1049) has appeared, an error. How to fix the blue screen problem at home, while having basic knowledge of computer use, can be seen from the above information. And it's still too early to run to the nearest PC repair center, you need to try to restore the "fallen" system on your own, which will save you a lot of money and give you confidence in your abilities and capabilities. And only if all methods have failed, you can take the computer for repair.

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